5 Sure Fire Tips on Nail Sports Luxe Style and Trends

The perception of active wear being purely for youths or lazing around at home is well and truly a thing of the past. These days, it’s rare that you can walk down a busy street without spotting someone displaying some sort of sporty ensemble, regardless of if there’s a gym nearby or not. The popularity of the seemingly effortless sport ‘luxe’ style has soared in recent years, however it may not actually be as low maintenance as you might first think. So, we’ve decided to put together a few tips and tricks to help you rock this look in style.

5 Sure Fire Ways Tips on Nail Sports Luxe Style and TrendsBelow are 5 Sure Fire Tips on Nail Sports Luxe Style and Trends

Have A Main Focus:

With this look it’s easy to go overboard and throw on sports gear from head to toe. However, this won’t help you achieve the sports luxe style, and instead you’ll end up looking rather sports lax. To accomplish this style properly you should select one sporty piece of clothing to be Centre stage, and accessories with other minimal styles around it. This will maintain the effortless feel that you’re going for, rather than looking like you’ve tried too hard.

Consider Your Silhouette:

It’s important to keep the shape of your overall silhouette in mind when you’re putting your outfit together. For example, if you have an oversized sweatshirt or bomber jacket on your top half, contrast this with tapered tracksuit bottoms or leggings on your bottom half. This will balance your silhouette out rather than everything looking too baggy and relaxed, or too skin tight and rigid.

Remember The Luxe:

Too much focus on the sports aspect of this style can result in the ‘luxe’ sometimes taking a back seat. It’s important that you don’t forget to merge the sporty pieces with more chic, dainty pieces to balance out your outfit and incorporate both styles. Some easy ways to bring luxe accents into your outfit are with some barely their heels, a satin duster jacket or a classic red lip.

Footwear Is Key:

Shoes can make or break any outfit, and this is especially true for a sports luxe style. In a nutshell; you have two different options, which are either trainers or heels. To maintain the balance, we recommend choosing trainers if your outfit features classic pieces such as a pretty skirt or a dress. On the contrary, heels will add a glamorous edge if you’ve gone for sportier pieces such as skinny joggers. This will help keep your outfit looking fresh and bang on trend.

Make The Most Of Texture:

Similar to any trend, this ever expanding style is still developing. A fun way to make sure that your look is fresh and up to date is to add new features with texture. Integrating different textures such as embellished fabrics, sheer overlays, a fur jacket or a silky blouse will give your outfit an extra edge and make it stand out from the crowd.

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