10 Home Remedies Tips to Get Rid of Blackheads

Blackheads are skin problems that usually happen in puberty; although older people could also be suffering from it. This unattractive bump mostly develops around the cheeks, forehead, and nose. It may be due to a lot of things, like eating habits, stress, hormonal changes, as well as a daily routine.

The blackheads are a very common issue that is infected to people with oily skin. How to get rid of blackheads is not a severe task. Simply get it done. A little study is required initially; you should know the basics of blackheads.

A blackhead usually develops when an oily substance called sebum secretions in your body is blocked in the skin pores. This initially looks white in color. This can be known as a white head. After a while, once the whitehead is exposed to air, it starts transforming black in color – therefore the name is a blackhead.

 Simple Tips to Get Rid of Blackheads



Honey has exceptional antiseptic elements that will help out to remove blackheads from your nose and face. It is necessary that you should make use of natural honey which is fluffy to obtain the highest profit. Honey provides excellent managing work for your skin and is also useful for oily skin and blackheads.

All you have to do is to use organic honey on the part where you see blackheads. Let it be for around 10-20 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water and do the same procedure 3 times weekly to get great results.


The steam may help tremendously to get rid of blackheads on nose and face, although it may not wide open your pores, but can help in reducing the sebum that fills in your skin pores and then leads to blackheads to emerge. This is really a relaxing and simple method of removing blackheads naturally.

For that take a large container and then pour boiling water in it. Allow the water to cool down little. Then, cover your face with a large towel and bend over the container for around 15 minutes. The towel must be covered in such a way that the steam has no opening. Try not to get near to the boiling water as it may burn your skin.

As soon as it is over, wash your face with warm water and pat your face dry with a clean towel. Make sure to add moisture to your skin after the steam therapy. Try this method for a number of weeks to very easily get rid of blackheads naturally in order to have glowing skin.


Cinnamon is an excellent anti-bacterial treatment that is quite effective to stop and remove blackheads.

Mix up a spoon of cinnamon powder and lemon juice with a small sum of turmeric powder. Smoothly massage it in on your entire face and keep it for 10 minutes – 15 minutes before washing your face. On the other hand, you may also apply a bit of honey and cinnamon powder to develop a thick paste and put on the affected areas. Try this before going to bed and then let it sit for the whole night till the daytime. Do this every day for around 10 days.

Baking soda:

Baking soda is likewise an efficient treatment for healing numerous skin problems, like removing blackheads and pimples. Because of its antibiotic quality, it helps cleaning toxins on the skin like dirt and waste particles.

Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with fresh water. Softly apply the mixture on the blackheads and then massage smoothly. Let it stay for around 10-12 minutes before washing it. Make use of this treatment a few times weekly until your skin becomes clean.

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Toothpaste can be good. Rub just a bit on the infected part before going to sleep. Many people use this as a face mask but never do so! It may switch your skin tone thereby making your face dark.

Pore Strips:

Try out pore strips. Effective for many people. Apply soon after the bath or shower so that the skin pores are opened.


A liquid paste made from cornstarch and water is an excellent remedy, it dries the skin layer tending to shed the skin once you clean it.


Acidic factor in tomatoes really helps to dry up the skin. More than just this, tomato possesses vitamins (A, C, and K), which you can find in several blackhead removal treatments. Just cut open and place the slice on the infected parts of your face. You may also crush or smash up the tomatoes into a pulp and use as a face mask, practice the method every day and then notice the improvement.

Lemon juice:

Everyone knows that lemons are rich in acidity. It helps you to dry up the skin and remove blackheads. Lemon juice has been known to give a soothing impact on the skin layers and also vitamin C provides glowing skin.

Lemon and Milk:

For long-lasting results, you must never skip this home remedy to get rid of blackheads quickly. It’s a very simple and easy method.

Take five tablespoons of lemon juice and three tablespoons of milk. Blend it properly. Apply on your nose and infected area of your skin for about 30 minutes. Clean your face with Luke warm water and it’s completed! You will, therefore, see the long-lasting effect to remove blackheads quickly using this home remedy.

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