8 Unique Kandi Mask Patterns

As long as we’re all wearing masks, those masks might as well reflect our personal tastes. Making a mask from kandi beads is a fun way to keep covered up while expressing yourself through the colors and patterns. There is no end to the different patterns that you can make for your masks. From happy to angry from rebellious to cute, you can find patterns that match your moods and give you a way to communicate them. Here are eight of them to get you started.

Kandi Mask Patterns

8 Unique Kandi Mask Patterns

1. Stripes: Having a fun striped mask is a great way to add some color to your look. Making a striped pattern is easier than making a complicated pattern, so it may be good for the beginning mask maker. Having a few masks in differently colored stripes will allow you to match them to your outfits. One striped pattern with bright colors maybe for when you’re cheerful and black and white stripes can be for when you’re in a goth mood.

2. Animals: Everyone has a favorite animal, and you’re no exception. There’s just something about our favorite creatures that capture our imaginations, and all of them can look good on a Kandi mask. The level of complexity that you choose is up to you. There are highly complicated patterns that create a familiar shape, or you can suggest the animal through a simple face pattern with an outline to shape it. Something like a cat or a pig is easy to portray with just a few shapes to build the face and then using the right colors with contrasting background colors.

3. Mouth: Since people can’t see your mouth when you wear a mask, some people like to put the image of a mouth on their masks. This can be a smiling mouth, a pair of lips, a frown, or anything else that is what you want to express. Having different masks with different expressions can help you express your particular mood on any given day. Some people also like to portray monster mouths on their masks. Mouths are pretty simple in design, so making several of these shouldn’t take too long. A mustache is also a way of showing your personality and sense of humor.

4. Rainbows: A rainbow can mean many things, but today it is often used to signify pride in yourself as well as allyship. The entire mask can be made to be a rainbow, or you can have a smaller rainbow against a background that is a neutral color. If you are doing a rainbow against a background, it may be easier to do the rainbow first and then string in the background color around it.

5. Cartoon Characters: Because cartoon characters are already made from simple lines and involve bright colors, they are ideal for making a kandi mask. Whether it’s anime, primetime cartoons, cartoon movies, or something more obscure, you can create the pattern by coming up with the basic lines that it takes to build that character. Something like a Minion or Hello Kitty isn’t overly complicated and will be recognized immediately. Then, pay attention to the colors used by that character. You will have to map out the pattern you create so that you can bead it into the mask.

6. Messages: Making letters can get a bit complicated, so you might want to seek out patterns of masks with letters to help you put everything where it goes. The letters you use can portray a word you like to express, such as “fierce” or “plur.” Or you can create your own name or your initials. Having your first name right there can be a great icebreaker at your next rave.

7. Lightning: Whether you’re a Harry Potter fan, a Thor fan, or just a fan of lightning bolts, having a bolt of lightning across your mask is a way of bringing out your explosive personality. It also helps that this is a simple pattern that looks striking across a dark background. You can make it with just a few yellow or white beads, or you can make it longer and more complex, depending on your tastes.

8. Video Game Imagery: There are thousands of different images from video games that would be fun on a kandi mask. There are props, weapons, vehicles, characters, buildings, and more to choose from. If you have a pattern from your favorite game, this can make it easier to meet people who also love the game. Since these may be a little more complicated, it can be helpful to go online and look for patterns that people have designed and use them to create your own.

Beads and Supplies for Kandi Masks

You can’t make kandi masks without beads and plenty of them. You’ll find beads of every size and color at WomanShopsWorld. The beads are available in many different colors and materials, allowing you to find just the ones you want for your project. You can even choose beads with different shapes to add some texture and shape to your mask. Whatever you pick, just make sure that it expresses who you are.

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