A Guide to Organizing Your Supplements


As your collection of vitamins and supplements grows, storage can quickly become a problem. The challenge is not so much space those little bottles take up but instead being able to retrieve the right bottle when you need it. The easiest solution would be to pour the pills into a compartmentalized container.

organizing supplements

Still, then you need the labels on the bottles as they contain information like the expiration date. What if there is a way you can keep the bottles but organize them so that retrieval is a breeze? Luckily, there’s not just one way, but several.


The cheapest and most straightforward way to deal with your supplement headache is to separate vitamins by groups you can store in dedicated spaces. Start by taking all your supplements out from the different nooks and crannies. Next, figure out how to group them.

There is no standard way to do this; feel free to categorize your supplements in a way that makes sense to you. You could decide to put all vitamins together, separate from other supplements, then have other groupings for proteins and minerals. You could further subdivide your vitamins into gummy vitamins and the water-soluble kind.

Grouping your supplements and vitamins in this way allows you to see how much space their storage will require so you can envision where to store them. If you are buying containers or baskets for this purpose, you will know what sizes to order. It also helps you see which ones you’re running out of that need to be repurchased.

Pill Sorter

A pill sorter will make it easy for you to retrieve pills and ensure you never miss a dose. These transparent plastic containers are color-coded so that you automatically know which supplement is which. They are labeled with the days and times you need to take your pills.

The beauty of pill sorters is that they’re available in various sizes and designs to suit your storage space. They are perfect for traveling, as they’re easy to grab. They’re also a relatively inexpensive solution to your coordination headache.


After categorizing your supplements, you can store each category in its basket. You can then label each basket so it’s clear which supplements it holds. Place the baskets in a part of the house or room where they will be accessible, don’t look out of place, and don’t take up too much space.

There are baskets made for lazy susan cabinets that fit snugly in shelf corners. These can help you maximize under-utilized space while creating order out of chaos. To be sure of what each basket contains, you can label them.


One key advantage of categorizing and organizing your supplements is that you can easily find those that have expired and need to be scrapped. You can even create a schedule to go through your supplement storage to confirm they are still safe for use. During this regular check of your supplement storage space, you can also assess what you have to see if it’s giving you the intended nutritional value. To maximize the available space, you can opt to go for multivitamins or supplements that combine various nutrients.

As you reevaluate your nutritional needs and the supplements that will best meet them, you should take time to think about which form of vitamin is best for you. You can take vitamins in several forms; traditional pills, liquid concentrate, or powder. They are even available as chewable treats that bring out your inner child while boosting your immunity.

Many will jump at the prospect of building their bank of vitamins while engaging in a childhood pastime. However, a question nags potential buyers of these vitamin-packed treats; are gummy vitamins as effective as pills?

Sure, you’re less likely to miss a dose of vitamins if you’re getting it from something you enjoy consuming. However, you might be concerned about the nutritional benefits of gummy vitamins. It is important to learn what vitamins your body needs before choosing a vitamin. The beauty of gummy vitamins is that they encourage more consistent intake and do still contain essential nutrients.


Protein shakes usually come in powder form, which is easier to deal with in terms of storage. You can transfer the powder into a glass or plastic container and label it clearly. If you consume more than one protein shake flavor, you can have each flavor in a designated jar.

Take Your Time

If you have a treasure trove of nutritional supplements you dumped in the corner of your pantry, you can embark on organizing them as a labor of love. You don’t have to accomplish everything in a day; start by finding a place you can put them for categorization. As you go along, you can find innovative ways to store them that can even help you redecorate your home to a small extent.

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