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Gone are the days when advertisements on hoardings would catch the eye of your potential clients. In this digital world, you need to keep up with the pace of technology. Did you know that you can bring in abundant revenue through your products if you advertise them correctly?

Companies spend a great deal of money to promote and advertise their products. Needless to say, when you pump in your resources, you would definitely wish to see a tangible output too.

If you are looking for a website that can effectively host your advertisement, then you have come to the right place! We are the one-stop destination for anything related to women. Be it health and fitness or beauty and makeup, OnlyWomenStuff is a dependable source of information for many women all over the world. It is a brand that women can blindly trust. So, if you are targeting women, then this is the best place to advertise your goods. We have carved out a niche in web domain especially in topics related to Fashion, Beauty, Women’s Health, Makeup, Women’s Personal Products and every other thing which in only made for women. We really know how to treat our visitors like the queens that they are.

If the Above Reasons are not Enough, Here’s Why you Should be Advertising With Us.

  • On a monthly basis, our website is visited by 200k to 300k people, mostly women, of course. Imagine the client base that you can appeal to! For a nascent blog, which started off in 2016, those numbers are pretty impressive.
  • We rack up a monthly Page View of 400k to 500k views. Talk about popularity.
  • Our Domain Authority lies at 56 and Page Authority at 46; clearly, we would make great platforms for you to display your brand.

With such great performance, you can be rest assured that your ad is in safe hands.

We offer a range of Advertising Services. These include:

  • Banner Ads
  • Sponsored Articles
  • Sponsored Product Reviews
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Sponsored Giveaways
  • Customised ads

Before we get to the meat of the things, let’s first understand what they are and how we do it.

Banner Ads

As the name suggests, OnlyWomenStuff will host your advertisement as a banner. The featured banners will attract attention, thus, giving visitors access to your products and website. To keep things transparent, the following are banner sizes and placements currently available on our website:

  • Ad Space [300x250px] – Square Banner on the Sidebar
  • Ad Space [300x600px] – Large Rectangle Banner on the Sidebar
  • Ad Space [468x60px] – Large Rectangle Banner at the header

Sponsored Articles

In the field of advertisement, this tactic is known as Influencer Marketing. It will work well to promote your company or brand image amongst our viewers. We will offer you promotion in such a manner that will be unlike the other aggressive campaigns adopted by others. We understand how these methods generally backfire and are off-putting to visitors. Instead, our promotion will be subtle and natural. We will have the readers hooked to our post and then ease your product into the article without making it sound synthetic. Sounds great, right?

Sponsored Product Reviews

We do a range of product reviews, whether it is on clothing and fashion items, beauty and makeup products, or even reviews of personal articles that women generally use. If you feel that your brand can feature on our page, we will definitely churn out a post reviewing your products in an ethical and professional manner. The reviews will be genuine and also reliable. Once again, the promotional value will not be loud and obvious, but emphasising on the features that set you apart will definitely tip the scales in your favour.

Social Media Promotions

We are capable of running advertising campaigns on our social media handles. We all know that social media is a game changer for many companies and brands. But at the same time, running successful social media promotions take a lot of strategy and expertise. We are the masters of this trade and we are capable of creating a social media frenzy for all that you have to offer.

Sponsored Giveaways

Let’s face it: there is nothing in this world that a woman loves and admires more than a free giveaway. If you have some surplus items in stock and wish to utilise them in promoting yourself, then all you have to do is contact us. In fact, giveaways have such a grand reputation that companies set out a certain portion of their stock just for the giveaways. So, if you haven’t tried a giveaway, now is a good time as any to sponsor one. We shall create great hype about the giveaways items that you wish to sponsor, and this will ultimately highlight your brand even more.

Customized Ads

Have something more than what we have outlined? We are always game for new ideas that are out-of-the-box. If you have an idea, we have the space. Speak to us and we will lend you a patient ear. We can discuss the nitty grities and the blueprint of your idea to figure out how you wish to implement it. The more challenging the better! You will be left astounded by our execution of your idea.

We offer all these services at very competitive prices. The advertising costs will clearly be outweighed by visibility given by these advertisements. Truly, it would be a wise investment by getting your product noticed on the global map! A wonderful quote captures the essence of the importance of advertising:

“If you stop advertising to save money, it is as useless as stopping your clock to save time. The time will still pass, and this time, you would be unconscious of it.”

Need we convince you any longer?

So, go ahead, contact us and we will offer you a quote that best fits your pocket and skyrockets your brand.