How To Find The Right Asian Eyeglasses Frames

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to eyewear. They may all look the same from a distance, but eyeglasses come in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t only protect your eyes from harmful elements, but donning a pair also enhances your vision.

Right Asian Glasses Frames

Being a functional accessory, your eyeglasses should be comfortable, allowing you to see better while expressing your personality. A pair should also complement your face shape, so finding the right fit for you is crucial. If you’ve been suffering from ill-fitting eyewear, don’t despair. This article shows a rundown of things you need to do in choosing the best eyeglasses, especially for people of Asian descent.

Best Eyeglasses For Asian Face Shape

Have you ever tried wearing a pair of eyeglasses that just don’t fit no matter what you do? If you’ve let one sit comfortably on your nose bridge and it just slips and touches your cheeks, it might be more than just a bad fit. Asians whose nose bridge is lower than their Western counterparts need a pair structured differently.

Hence, some eyewear manufacturers have decided to create a special line of eyeglasses tailored to fit the typical Asian face. Apart from calling it ‘Asian fit,’ the customized eyewear is known for other names such as omni fit, universal fit, global fit, alternative fit, or low bridge fit. If you see or read these terminologies, it means you can buy Asian eyeglass frames at the said store.

Differences Between Average Fit And Asian Fit 

Asians typically have problems wearing the average fit because of the disparities in nose bridges and cheekbones. After studying the most common Asian facial structure, eyewear companies developed eyeglasses with the following features:

  • Narrower and deeper nose bridge so it stays in place
  • A thinner top expanding toward the bottom to fit well with the cheekbones
  • Higher cheekbones or slightly longer temples
  • Larger and thicker nose pads to avoid frames from hitting the cheeks
  • A wrap angle to make it slip-resistant
  • Reduced frame curvature so it won’t touch your temples
  • A flatter base to further ensure a snug fit

All of these design revisions allow eye wear to stay in place in users with higher cheekbones and shallower noses.

Considerations In Choosing The Appropriate Eyeglass 

A pair of eye wear should fit more than just your nose bridge, temples, and cheekbones.

Below are the main areas to take note of in choosing the best pair for you:

1. Your Face Shape:

The secret to finding the best pair of eyeglasses is to know the frames ideal for your face shape. Knowing what complements your face can quickly turn your essential accessory into a fashion statement. To do this, look at yourself in the mirror and make an outline. Your face will either be shaped like a diamond, round, oval, square, or heart-shaped.

The trick is to accentuate your looks by avoiding the frames shaped similar to your face. For instance, round-faced individuals should choose frames with a square or rectangle build to make the appearance slimmer and less round.

2. Know The Colors Complementing Your Skin:

After choosing your ideal shape, consider your skin tone in choosing the right colors complementing you. It can either be cool or warm based on the undertones. Asians typically have warm-toned skin which is characterized by a yellowish tinge. Caucasians, meanwhile, typically have cool-toned skin with pink or blue undertones.Warm-toned skin should choose brown, gold, beige, tan, rust, and other earth-based hues. Cool-toned complexions will benefit from opting for black, blue, silver, pink, gray, and pastel colors.

3. Your Lifestyle:

Choosing the right eyeglass frames also involves considering your way of life. For active individuals, it’s as important as snagging the right set of outdoor gears.

For those who now know their face shape and skin tone, it’s easy to integrate function, style, and comfort. For individuals who want more, the right kind of frames should also adapt to their needs. Athletes, for instance, need durable eyeglasses not falling or breaking with moderate to high-level impact. Asians may also consider buying eyeglass frames resistant to humidity and the hot, tropical weather.

If you want, you can also buy a pair for specific activities. You can have one evoking a fancy and fun vibe for the summer or buy a stylish yet professional-looking pair to wear while at work.

4. Your Personality:

It may not look like it, but your eyeglass frames can also reflect your personality. Remember the iconic squarish and thick-rimmed eyeglasses Clark Kent wears? It looks nerdy and it eerily depicts his personality.

The frames you choose and wear can convey your persona. Whether you want to look serious and strong for a business meeting or cool and fun during a weekend getaway, there’s a pair working best based on your preference.

5. Measurements Of Your Eyeglasses:

If you’re buying your pair online, look for photos showing the inside of the eyeglasses’ arm to learn its measurements. The numbers represent the measurement in millimeters, and it’s usually shown in three sets. The first number represents the lens width, the second number is the bridge width, while the third set shows the length of the temple and arm. Here are the specifications:

  • Lens width: The lens width refers to the side-to-side size of the lens. Measure it from end to end without including the frame to get the right size.
  • Lens height: The vertical lens height refers to the vertical measurement of the lens.
  • Frame dimensions: This describes the horizontal distance between the opposite corners of the eyeglasses.
  • Temple arms: They’re typically curved, so they need to be measured in two sections to get the right figure.

To Wrap Things Up

Whether you’re of Asian descent or simply having a shallow nose bridge and high cheekbones, look for eyewear stating it’s omni, universal, global, or low bridge fit to know you’re getting the right fit. But before this, check your face shape, skin tone, lifestyle, and personality to ensure you’re making a worthwhile purchase.

No matter which design and color you choose, make sure it works as intended and stays in place without touching your cheeks or folding your eyelashes.

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