How to Become a Popular Female Influencer on Instagram

Nowadays, women are turning Instagram into an actual job. Everyone wants to be an influencer – and this can now be done by using the right pictures featuring the right Instagram hashtags.

Brands nowadays are spending lots of money on marketing that use influencer – and this is not said lightly. People are traveling all around the world, posting pictures – and earning money from it. And it’s all because an influencer posted a certain picture or story on Instagram.

What Exactly Is an Influencer?

We keep hearing this word: the influencer. But what exactly is an influencer? Well, an influencer is basically a popular Instagram user who has the power to influence their followers into buying a certain product.

Thanks to their trustworthiness and authenticity, these people have gathered followers who look at them as idols. These people can be anything from athletes, celebrities, and experts to bloggers or regular talented Instagram users.

Influencers can influence on a variety of aspects. Some may be fashion influencers, whereas others may teach beauty. In these cases, product promotion may be used – which will encourage the follower into also buying.

Steps to Becoming an Influencer

So, we have established what influencers do – but it’s not like posting a random picture with a hashtag every now and again will make the money flow. You will have to do many other things – and usually, make use of some Instagram tools along with the other steps. Being an influencer is certainly not going to be an easy task – but here’s where you can start to raise your popularity.

1. Find a Niche:

Being an Instagram influencer is not about posting what you had for lunch or what you just bought from a store – not unless it benefits your purpose. If you want to be a popular influencer on Instagram, you will need to have a niche – one that encompasses your passions.

Your posts don’t need to fit into a standard category such as reviews, makeup, travel, and so on. Karina Garcia, for example, is into the gooey green slime thing that we all played with as kids. Now she has millions of followers that she teaches how to make slime like that on their own. The moral here is that you have to tap into your passion.

2. Create a Social Media Strategy:

In this case, “winging it” will simply not cut it. You should plan out your content before you even start posting. What exactly do you want to share over the next few months? How often do you want to share the content? On exactly what day (or days) of the week do you wish to make these posts. They may seem trivial at first, but if you want to be a successful Instagram influencer, you will need to think about these things.

3. Be Unique:

As mentioned, pretty much everyone is on Instagram right now, which is why you need to do something that will make you stand out. Think about why there are so many unsuccessful bloggers on “lifestyle” out there.

Sure, they’re cool, and they may have some interesting pointers to tell – but considering the sheer number of them, it’s fairly difficult to get a decent number of followers. Why? Because they are nothing special; they’re just like everyone else. This is why you need to be unique in your content.

4. Create Quality Content:

Chances are, this is where you’ll be spending most of your time. Being an influencer does not only involve sharing a picture every now and again; it’s about creating engaging content that will attract the followers and, well, influence them.

You shouldn’t be afraid to invest some money in this either. Think about it: when you are starting a business, you are practically investing a sum that will start off your business. So why not do the same with Instagram?

An Instagram bot might be ideal to help you get started – but you might also want to research some good marketing tools that will help you out.

5. Be Consistent:

Think about this scenario: you have a podcast that you actually enjoy, and you know for certain that it comes out every Wednesday at 8 PM. That’s why you are able to watch it. However, if you didn’t know when the podcast came out, you’d just miss it every time – and before long, you’ll even lose interest.

This is why you have to be consistent with your Instagram posts as well. If you have an exact time for posting (for example, Mondays and Thursdays), your followers will know exactly what to expect of you – and will have every reason to hot that “follow” button.

6. Promote:

You did your best to create amazing content – but if nobody reads it, all that work will be virtually for nothing. You need to make sure that your content is actually read, and not just falling into the background.

In order to become a popular influencer, your posts will have to be 80% promoting and 20% content. Why do you think there are so many hashtags and promoting content on posts made by popular influencers? This way, their posts actually become visible.

7. Collab with Someone:

If may seem like an easy way out, but one of the best ways to become a popular influencer on Instagram is to work with someone that is even bigger than you. Bear in mind that since this is more in your benefit that for the other influencer, you have to make it worth their while. Help them out in their campaign – help each other out. This way, you’ll be climbing the ladder to your own popularity.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a female influencer might take quite some time and hard work, which is why you will have to be patient. It’s not as simple as snapping a picture, uploading it, and posting; you’ll have to do a bit more than that.

However, by following these steps, you can create an audience – and eventually become an influencer that others will also look up to.

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