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Avon is one of the leading beauty brands in the world. Avon is a successful company with 130 years of experience. Their products are very popular in the beauty industry. Hollywood celebrities love Avon Beauty Products. Even incorporates its products in their everyday skincare and makeup routine. You can easily find Avon Products online as well as in stores. They have spread their product selling in more than 100 countries. The products are quite inexpensive yet provide wonderful results. The secret of their success is incorporating botanical extracts to their products. Also, they make sure to avoid harmful chemicals for skin irritations. Recently they started selling Baby skincare Products too. As the baby’s skin is sensitive, they are hypoallergenic and tested by a Pediatrician.

Primarily, the Avon Company started with selling exquisite perfumes. They become very popular due to their wonderful perfume fragrances. This huge success led to start off selling more beauty products. Slowly, they started having few sub-brands under Avon too. Avon products range from skincare to haircare. Also, they have gorgeous varieties of makeup products. For men, they have an additional range of skincare items too. This includes shaving gel, perfumes, etc. Also in recent years, they have started their jewelry collection too.

The best thing about Avon products is that they provide product catalogs. This is very convenient to know about the product’s prices, quantity, and benefits. Both hard and online copy of the catalog is available every two weeks with new campaigns of Avon. You can also check out Avon Flyer

There are basically four categories of Avon Beauty products:

  • Avon Make up
  • Avon Skincare
  • Avon Fragrances
  • Avon Bath and Body

So there are many of Avon you can buy. Have you used any Avon products? Want to try the amazing beauty products? But this might be a difficult job to choose which one to buy. But to simplify your job, I chose the 10 best Avon Products you need to buy.

Scroll down to know about this Top 10 Avon Products.

1. Anew Power Serum:

Serums are the most effective skincare products. In Avon’s Anew Power Serum, anti-aging properties are present. So the combination of the serum and anti-aging is going to work wonder in the skin. Serums are small molecules, so it penetrates deep into the skin to work more effectively. These days as pollution has increased a lot. People tend to age a lot faster. So anti-aging serum will help to fight back the sign of aging. Specially serum is loaded with active ingredients in high concentration. Also, natural ingredients like algae fatty acid extract and soybean seed extract are also present. These ingredients are a great source of antioxidant to treat the wrinkles of the skin. Moreover, Avon has designed the serum in such a way that, it treats the specific skin concerns only. This is very beneficial as a sign of aging may differ from person to person. Like if someone starts having pigmentation due to aging, then the Anti-aging serum will penetrate deep into the skin layers. This will treat the pigmentation problem very easily. This is like a traditional water-based serum, so it won’t give an oily or greasy feeling to the face. Therefore all skin types can use this serum. Especially this serum is great for oily to combination skin.

2. Avon True Color Matte Lipstick:

Who does not love that comfortable matte lipstick? Matte lipstick is ruling the beauty industry. So usually matte lipstick ends up making lips dry. But Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick is going to save us from those dry chapped lips. Being a matte lipstick, it formulated so well that it provides enough hydration. For which the lips feel well moisturizer too. This is very suitable for long wear too as is settles very well in cracks of the lips. Even there are to crease lines and does not become cakey. Even after having lunch, the lipstick stays as it is. But if you have oily foods, then they fade out a little.

This Lipstick is of a kind of velvety matte finish due to the presence of glycerin. Glycerin keeps the lips well hydrated throughout the day. But it’s advisable is apply a lip balm underneath the lipstick. So you can comfortably wear it all day. The staying power is also great, so no fear of lipstick touch-ups. Lipsticks are well pigmented and provide an opaque finish in just two swipes. But this does not mean it will leave a stain in your lips. This lipstick can easily be wiped off using a makeup remover. This lipstick is available in 20 shades. The best part is, there are 8 nude shades to choose from. Every skin tone is going to find their choice of nude shade for daily wear. Also, corals, red, pink and mauve colors are available in this range. The fragrance of lipstick is very sweet. Even the price is kept affordable with luxurious packaging. Especially the shade Ruby kiss the most unique red shade, one must try.

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3. Glow Bronzing Pearls:

Bronzing is a great technique to add a sun-kissed effect to any makeup look. Especially bronzers are applied in the high points of the cheeks, nose bridge. There is a darker pigment present in bronzers that enhances the tan and glow of the skin. This is a new form of contouring is very popular in the beauty industry these days. Celebrities enjoy bronzing their body parts when they go for parties and beaches. So Sometimes celebrity makeup artist bronzes the face to make the face look a bit thinner. These bronzing pearls can be used in the face and other body parts too. The best part is that they are not of shimmery finish. For which this is a radiant glow from within effect in the product. Also, people of every skin tone can easily pull off this bronzed look.

In this product, a wonderful blend of micro pearl is present which enhances the natural glow of the face. The mica and silica extracts are the main mineral ingredient of the product. It is available in brown and pink shades too. For the pink shades of the glow bronzing pearls, it acts like blusher, highlighters, and bronzers too. One can easily wear these during the day and night too. Also in parties as well as you can add this sheen to our daily makeup routine too. You can apply the bronzing pearls by using a dense fluffy brush for better color pay off. But blending it well with a brush is necessary. You can apply this before applying foundation or after too. This is one of the best bronzers in this budget.

4. Clear Skin Professional Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub:

Scrubs are the most crucial part of the skin care regime. It exfoliates the dead skin layer if the face and body. For which new radiant skin comes up. Especially the pore cleaning skincare products are great to remove the oil and gunk present the pores.

With increasing pollution, our skin tends to get more clogged pores filled with sweat and dirt too. Therefore to maintain the free flow of oxygen in the pores. Avon has come up with the professional style deep pore cleansing scrub. The texture is creamy with tiny particle for exfoliation. This helps to prevent dryness during squeaky cleaning of the face. This scrub has exclusive power of  Oil control. Here, the ingredient to deep cleanse the pores is salicylic acid. Salicylic acid controls the overproduction of oil and sebum. Also glycolic acid is present to make better exfoliation of the skin. The minty fragrance of the scrub smells very fresh. After washing the skin feels very clean yet soft. Due to the presence of menthol extract, it leaves a refreshingly cool sensation after washing the face. The srub’s formula is non-comedogenic and dermatologically tested. Moreover, none comedogenic nature is useful for every skin type. Therefore this face scrub is great for acne prone skin.

5. Planet Spa Heavenly Hydration Sheet Mask:

Sheets masks are the king of all the masks in the market. Avon’s sheet masks are loaded with lots of serums. This helps to provide instant hydration in just 15 minutes. Even after a tiring day, this mask makes you glow from within. This hydration sheet is made of the cotton sheet which does not irritate the skin. The key ingredient in the Sheet mask is Mediterranean olive oil. This olive oil is loaded with natural. For which the again is the skin is treated. Even the oil contains vitamin A, D, E and K which is beneficial for the skin. Also, Mediterranean olive oil has great antibacterial properties and quite lightweight, so won’t clog the mask for oily skin people can use this sheet mask for that instant hydration. The glycerin is great skin hydration which reduces the water loss by evaporation from the skin. Make sure to massage the serum inside the skin for inserting the serum in the deep player of the skin. This also makes a relation due to blood circulation in the face. As it sheet mask comes with lots of serum of Mediterranean olive oil. Use the extra leftover serum in the neck and hand. Also, make sure not to keep the sheet mask on more than 150 minutes.

6. Imari Elixir Eau de Toilette:

Fragrance Imari is one of the best selling perfume collection of Avon. The Avon company is famous for it’s wonderful to concoctions of wonderful fragrances. This fragrance line was created 30 years ago. Imari Elixir is the newest addition to the Imari Family. This Imari family was well known for its wonderful floral fragrance of Rose. In this new Imari Elixir, Avon created it with the most rich aromas. This has exotic floral fragrance infused with fruity smells too. Addition of extracts of vanilla, blackberry, and the usual lovely rose fragrance.  The red roses always did its magic. Then the incorporation of Blackberry with warm vanilla extract flourishes the fruity smell of the fragrance. In total the smell of the fragrance is hypnotizing. The staying power is commendable. So you can easily wear it daily in workplaces too, due to its well-balanced fragrance.  Therefore this Fragrance is absolutely value for money and a must-have for the vanity. Women, as well as Men, can easily carry off this perfume fragrance.

7. Avon True Color Flawless Liquid Foundation:

Avon has a lot of Foundation in their Makeup range. But the True Color Flawless Liquid Foundation is the best of the lot. Even the makeup artist rave about this masterpiece by Avon. This provides full coverage with a flawless finish. Hence the acne marks, spots can be concealed very well. This oil-free foundation and dermatologically tested. So people with oily and sensitive skin can apply this foundation without any trouble. This range has 11 diverse shades. They even have 3 dark shades with no orange undertone. Also, the lighter ones are not ashy. The color IQ technology works great for finding the perfect match for every skin tone and undertones. Also choosing 1 shade darker or lighter won’t affect much. This is even great when you get a tad bit tan. Even the foundation does not oxidize so it is quite convenient.

The best feature is that it comes with SPF 15 sun protection. Also comes with broad-spectrum protection of UV A and UV B rays. Therefore for working ladies out there, this is going to save you from apply layers in your skin. One foundation will help in concealing all the spots and also provides sun protection to prevent aging. The staying power is great and waterproof too. Even, you don’t need multiple touch-ups. As it is quite lightweight, one can easily wear this foundation daily. Also, the pump packaging is very hygienic and application becomes mess free. This foundation is one of the best selling foundations due to its affordable price range. Such great qualities are rarely found in this price range.

8. Advance Techniques 360 Nourish Leave-In Treatment:

Like skin, hair needs nourishment too. With various hair styling, hair coloring, the hair tends to get rough and damaged. Avon has a wonderful haircare range for the rescue. Out of which, Advance Techniques is the most popular one. Nowadays, leave-in treatment adds that extra protection to hair. This the best possible hair shield to protection from styling and straightening. The key ingredient of this leave-in treatment is Argan Moroccan oil. This is great for making hair healthier, shinner, and frizz-free too. There is also Crambe oil which provides benefits like the argan oil only. Also, proVitamin B5 and Vitamin E are present to provide for nourishment.

After semi-drying the hair, make sure to apply this leave-in treatment. Concentrate more on the rough ends of the hair. Usually, the split ends are present at the end of the hair, so serum nourishes them well. But this does not mean leave treatments weigh down the hair. This is great for styling the hair and acts a heat protectant too.

9. Avon MOISTURE THERAPY Intensive Hand Cream:

Hand cream is one of the daily essential skin care for a person. Our hand tends to dry quicker, as most of the time we work using our hands. Eventually, if we don’t take care of our hands, we end up having very flakes in our hands. Even the skin of the hand is directly getting exposed to harmful sun rays. So a good hand cream is required to repair all the problem. Especially for people with dry skin, this hand cream is a miracle. It works within  2 days of its application. So finally the dryness is gone. The fragrance of the cream is mild so it won’t affect your daily work. The Hand cream is made with Jojoba seed oil extracts which is a great natural ingredient with lots of antioxidants. It repairs the skin and helps in damage control too. Even the jojoba oil penetrates into the deep layers of the skin. It also has Soybean oil, rice bran oil, and glycerin to provide more nourishment.  which help to cure the bruises of the hand. Stearic acid is present to remove all the dirt and excess sebum from the hand.

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10. Avon Supershock Max Waterproof Mascara:

A good quality mascara is very important for your delicate eyes. Also, mascara changes the eye makeup game. Who does not love voluminous eyelashes to pop out? Avon Supershock Mascara is the right choice. This is awesome mascara with a sturdy wand made of plastic. The bristles of the wand are well designed that it easily separated the eyelashes. Even in 1 stroke to mascara, it gives voluminous eyelashes and lengthens them too. But you can try 2-3coats for further volume. This mascara is so lightweight with a watery texture that your eyelashes will not be droopy. Even there is no occurrence of clumps during multiple applications.

After wearing this, you don’t need to worry as it is waterproof. Especially, people who have watery eyes can easily wear this mascara. Therefore no melting of your eye makeup. But this mascara is not that tough to remove. Buy using oil-based makeup remover, you can easily remove the waterproof mascara. Also, it does not dry out the lashes, the bee wax is present to keep the lashes well hydrated.

Hence Avon offers products of luxurious benefits at this affordable price. I hope now you can finally decide which Avon Products to buy. Also, this detailed review will guide you more about the product you want to stock up in your vanity.

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