10 Best Elliptical Machine for Weight Loss

Are you searching for an elliptical machine? I am sure that you are being confused to get the best one from the significant amount of elliptical machine. Yes, it is an everyday affair for them who are searching for the best elliptical machine.

After a mega research, we have collected ten best elliptical machines for you with an ultimate buying guide. This article will help you to get the best one spending a short time. All of our selected elliptical machines are best and perfect for you. All these are well researched and have a vast amount of positive customer review.

elliptical workouts machine for weight loss elliptical machine weight loss elliptical weight loss results elliptical 30 minutes a day weight loss how long should you run on an elliptical to lose weight best home elliptical machineLet’s see the 8 Buying Guide First:

Try Before you Buy:

This is the first consideration before purchasing an elliptical machine. If you can try your targeted elliptical machine, then it will be better for you to use it and there will not be any confusion too.

Safety Features:

Safety features are the second consideration before buying an elliptical machine. An elliptical machine must have some safety features which will make your use secure.


Size is critical to consider before buying an elliptical machine. Generally, an elliptical machine is about 6 feet long and 2.5 feet. The range in length should be from 50 to 84 inches. So try to select one which is matches with this size.


Consider your budget before buying an elliptical machine. There are several types of elliptical machines with a reasonable price which is reasonable for you. If you want a costly elliptical machine, then you can.


the elliptical machine you are targeting must contain enough programs to enhance your exercise.


Design is also a must consider before buying an elliptical machine. If you are not aware of the plan, then you may be lost your interest to use it for long. Try to select one which will match with you.

Customizable Options:

Your targeted elliptical machine must have some customizable options that you can add or remove any features of your choice. It is easy to say that, you will want to customize it after use for some months. So an elliptical machine will give you the best test if it contains customizable options.


It is another must consider before buying an elliptical machine. The elliptical machine which you are going to buy must have a reasonable period of warranty from the manufacturer and must be risk-free.

Here are the 10 Best Elliptical Machine along with Reviews

1. Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine:

This is our first pick and the best elliptical machine ever. This elliptical machine will provide you a challenging cardio workout. It comes with a 7.5 inch blue backlit LDC display. This elliptical machine features adjustable 15-inch pedals which will give you the ultimate comfort of use. It has six standard programs for you. Also, two heart rate programs are available. This elliptical machine features a sound system to enhance your exercise. Again, a water bottle holder is also included on it to give you easy access to water. This Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine measures 27 by 58 by 83 inches.  Its weight is 230 pounds, and this elliptical machine has a 375-pound weight limit. You will get a manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and craft. Frame warranty is for a lifetime. You will get five years warranty on electronics and parts and two years labor warranty.


  • It has 25-pound flywheel
  • Features heart rate control
  • Comes with very quiet operation
  • Has ergonomic 20-inch stride
  • Have ten programs
  • Long time warranty
  • Have Bluetooth connection
  • It is iPod compatible


  • You cannot download any new workout
  • Its stride length is not adjustable

2. Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine is our second pick. This is also an excellent elliptical machine to use. This elliptical machine comes with dual track two LCD window systems which will allow you to screen up to 13 distinctive show inputs. This elliptical machine features a Schwinn connect goal to track. Its data export keeps you advance and up to date to reach your targeted goal. It comes with 22 programs, and two settings to make you motivated. Again, this elliptical machine features a charging USB port by which you can exchange your data. Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine comes with 20 levels of resistance aligned. It has a high-speed, high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel which makes every workout smooth and quiet for you. It is very comfortable to use, and you will never face any trouble in your exercise time.


  • 10-year warranty
  • It is smooth & quiet
  • It has low set pedals
  • Two users can use it
  • Features 22 workout programs
  • This elliptical machine is user-friendly
  • It has MyFitnessPal or Schwinn Connect apps to track your progress


  • Little bit noisy
  • You have to adjust the incline manually

3. Universal E40 Elliptical

It is one of the best elliptical machines we have seen on Amazon. So, we have given the third place this elliptical machine in our review. There is a considerable amount of positive customer reviews and a high rating of this elliptical machine. This elliptical machine comes with an easy to read large LCD window which tracks your speed, time, distance, calories, and much. It features a grip heart rate monitor. Also, it has eight levels of magnetic resistance for you. You will get seven workout programs on it to keep you inspired. This Universal E40 Elliptical manufactured to give you comfort and a tensionless workout. You will feel free to use it as this one is easy to use. You will not face any trouble using it for a long time as it is manufactured with the best materials.


  • It has an elegant design-line
  • It is perfectly smooth
  • You will get a sound system
  • A bottle and tablet holder is included
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Deficient maintenance required
  • Good warranty period
  • It features an LCD console with a backlit display with significant digits which is easy to read for you


  • If you keep a tablet or magazine on the media tray, then it will partially cover the console display

4. Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer System

Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer System is our fourth pick. Like the previous three elliptical machines, this one also outstanding and perfect. It is reviewed as the best buy in its price. There is a lack of elliptical machines in Amazon in such a reasonable amount. If you need a heavy-duty and long-lasting elliptical machine then I highly recommended this one for you. We have seen an enormous amount of positive customer reviews on Amazon of this elliptical machine. This elliptical machine includes a Bluetooth function that allows you to transfer workout data from other fitness equipment. This elliptical machine is a smooth resistance coupled with an incline. Also, it has a dual-wheel to give you a comfortable workout. You will get a significant 10.1 inch TFT LCD screen with it. This is the best one with its price which you will feel if you use it.


  • It has a 30-pound flywheel
  • Comes with ten workout programs
  • Large screen
  • Features heart rate control
  • Focused warranty
  • It has a cooling fan and water bottle holder
  • Option to move armbars
  • It features an MP3 player and has speakers
  • You can pedal it forward and backward


  • It is not compact
  • You cannot download new workouts
  • It has just ten exercise programs

5. Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

This is our fifth pick for you from Schwinn. It is a well known and popular company of innovation from America.  Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine has dual track two LCD window system for you which allows you to see 13 different display feedbacks. This elliptical machine has 29 programs and four user settings to serve you. It will help you to track your goal, and it will make you much motivated which you even do not think. This elliptical machine comes with a USB charging port and data exchange. Its 25 levels of resistance aligned with a high-speed, high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel make every workout smooth and quiet. It will make you up to date with your situation that you can reach your goal correctly and on time. It has a significant positive customer review with the best rating. So this will be your best choice.


  • Huge stability
  • It is easy to use
  • Comes with sturdy base
  • Smooth and quiet
  • Very easy to assemble
  • It is durable
  • It is backlit console
  • Comes with a long 20-inch stride
  • Has articulating foot pedals
  • You can charge your electronic device
  • Four user profiles which are customizable


  • Little bit noisy
  • A little bit hard to store
  • This one does not include a chest strap

6. Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Machine

If you are searching for the best comfortable and stylish elliptical machine, then Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Machine is for you. This elliptical machine provides you a challenging cardio workout. This one comes with an LDC blue back light screen. It is just 189-pound weight and has a 350-pound weight limit. It has 20-to-22-inch maximum stride length and has a power an adjustable stride. This elliptical machine has six standard and two custom programs. It has two heart rate programs for you. You will be happy to know that, this elliptical machine has a built-in fan for you to give you a super comfortable workout. Its 15-inch pedals also give you much comfort to use it. It has a sound system which will make your workout more funny and accessible.


  • Come with a low price
  • Comes from a reputable brand
  • You will get a quiet operation
  • Comes with adjustable pedal
  • Has Bluetooth connection
  • It is iPod compatible
  • Cooling fan included
  • Tablet holder
  • Have ten programs
  • Walter bottle holder


  • Its stride length isn’t adjustable
  • You cannot download new workouts from it

7. Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer

It is our seventh pick and one of the best elliptical machines ever. This elliptical machine comes with a Chain which drives fan quietly and smoothly. It has a patented oval motion design. This one has a dual-action handlebar which allows you an upper also a lower body workout. This elliptical machine includes a workout video to guide its user correctly, so you will not face any difficulty to run it. This elliptical machine features a multi-function console-level. You can see time, distance, speed and calories burned at your all workout. It is a lightweight elliptical machine; its weight is just 58 pounds. So if you want to bring it from one place to another, then it will be effortless for you. Again, this elliptical machine is made of durable steel.


  • It is effortless to use
  • In a low budget
  • Small in size
  • Have dual-action handlebars
  • No electricity required for operation
  • It is very smooth and quiet resistance
  • It has oversized pedals
  • You will get extra-durable chain drive
  • Has adjustable resistance
  • Low maintenance required
  • Easy to assembly


  • May wobble under use
  • Its chain drive system may be a bit noisy
  • Its stride is a little short

8. ProForm Hybrid Trainer

This elliptical machine is the best choice, and it is one of the best elliptical machines out of all the elliptical machine. This one has a vast customer rating, and this one contains substantial positive reviews. If you are searching for an elliptical machine for professional use, then I highly recommend this one most. ProForm Hybrid Trainer provides all the considerations I have shared above. This elliptical machine comes with a large LCD window. It has 16 digital resistance levels and super soft grips for upper body workout of the arm. It comes with a 15-inch elliptical stride. It comes with a water bottle holder and oversized as well as adjustable pedals. You will be happy to know that, this elliptical machine has 350 lb. Weight capacity which is not available on every machine. It comes with five years frame warranty, and you will get 90 days parts and labor warranty.


  • It has 16 resistance levels
  • This elliptical machine features 16 workout apps
  • It is iPod compatible
  • It has an adjustable seat
  • Comes with a tablet holder
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Perfectly durable
  • easy to carry


  • It has no cooling fan
  • Its flywheel is a little bit light

9. NordicTrack E 7.0 Z Elliptical Trainer

It is our ninth pick. It is effortless to use, and for this reason, maximum people who are new to elliptical machine choose it. So if you are new to the elliptical machine, then I recommend this one for you. It is an excellent elliptical machine which comes with 20 workouts apps. Again if you want to use it professionally, then it is also possible. This one comes with 20-inch adjustable stride. This elliptical machine 20 digital resistance levels for you, which adjust the intensity of a workout. It came with 15 lb. Flywheel and engineered for incredibly smooth performance.


  • It has 20 built-in workout
  • Comes with a tablet holder
  • It has a USB charger
  • It is smooth and quite
  • Totally adjustable
  • Comes with heavy frame
  • It has a sturdy construction
  • It features manual incline with five positions


  • This one has no cooling fan
  • Little bit high weight

10. Precor EFX 5.25 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer

If you are searching for the best elliptical machine, then you can take it. This has a substantial positive customer review and in a high rating. You will get a smooth and natural as well as low impact full body workout. This one comes with eight preset programs. It has an option of monitoring heart rate. The surprising option of this elliptical machine is that this one comes with a lifetime warranty on frame and welds. It comes with ergonomic moving handlebars. It has a full LCD screen. Its weight is only 184 pounds. Features water bottle and tablet holder. So this one can be the best choice.


  • Comes from a great brand
  • Perfect for all peoples
  • It is longlasting
  • Smooth and quiet
  • It is durable
  • Best warranty
  • Easy to use
  • No overextension


  • You have to buy a chest strap for heart rate monitoring

11. Precor EFX 576i Premium Commercial Series Elliptical

This one is the best elliptical machine ever that work’s smooth as without giving any maintenance. It is important to buy something which is easy and comfortable to use. This machine can help you in doing cardio workout effectively. It has movable arms and is designed for rigors of the commercial gym. It can hold up to 350- pound of weight and also gives a warranty for 7 years. Use this cross trainer to burn your calories quickly with no stress on your joints.A ramp angle can be selected between 15 and 40 degrees. This gives you a wide range of option to cross train quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. This comfortable and smooth workout can maintain your heart rate with wireless monitors.There are large audible buttons provided on the machine for easy accessibility.It has 20 levels of resistance; 14 preset programs including 3 cross training, 1 fitness test, 1 custom and 1 manual.


  • Quickstart button for a quick beginning.
  • Movable arms for a simultaneous workout of the upper body part.
  • Fitness tests are also available.
  • Personal viewing screen can be used.
  • User-friendly console.
  • Multiple feedback options.


  • The product is very heavy, so not easy to move.

12. Compact Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer

This one is also an outstanding and perfect. It is compact, portable, quiet and mobile. It provides a consistent flow of workout for upper as well as lower body parts. The lack of elliptical machine on Amazon in such reasonable amount has been overcome by this product. If you need a heavy duty and long lasting elliptical machine then I highly recommended this one for you. The customer review for this product is very positive. It is reviewed as one of the best buys in its price. There is a belt driven flywheel which helps in a smooth and maintenance free workout.


  • LCD monitor displaying time, speed, distance, calories burned, pulse rate and scan.
  • Not slippery foot pads.
  • Convenient wheels to transport.
  • Many levels of magnetic resistance.
  • It is easily fitted and compact.
  • Safer on knees.
  • It is durable and portable.


  • Maximum weight it can hold is just 220 lbs.
  • A Little bit of extra noise.

13. Body Solid E300 Endurance Elliptical Trainer

This product is there to provide you the challenging workout. This is a rare blend of space efficiency and stability with patented center drive design. Endurance Center Drive elliptical trainer is a mix of research engineering performance and technology. It provides a stable space-efficient platform. It also performs rigorous low impact full body workouts. You will be surprised to know that it has a dual track LCD window system; Power coated steel frame and no overlapping pedal. It is very quiet and has an excellent quality. It is so much better than big and huge machines.


  • Comes with low price.
  • Can use more than 20 programmes.
  • Saves measuring time.
  • Dual action plan for upper and lower body.
  • Adjustable pedal.
  • Shipping is easy.


  • Less weight to hold
  • No cooling fan.
  • No sound system for entertainment.

14. Life Fitness X1 Go Cross-Trainer

When you dream for a workout which is consistent with your upper and lower body, then life fitness crosses the mind. It is a cross trainer which is designed to fit into your home environment. It doesn’t have any extra noise which can hamper the surroundings. The stationary handlebars are there to provide stability to your body. It doesn’t bother you with a need for grease. You are at your will to place your mobile phone in the case provided and can listen to your favorite music while you work out. Even if you want to use it at a gym, still it is a good option because it has a heart monitoring system included in it.


  • Wireless monitoring system
  • Fluid motion for an easy workout.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Self-aligning quality
  • Home gym equipment
  • It is quiet and portable.


  • Slightly bigger for less space.
  • Arm movement is little forward.

That’s all for today. Hope all the above elliptical machines are being liked by you and have chosen one of them. If the information helps you, then our research and labor will be successful. Thanks for being with us!

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