10 Best Hair Straightening Brushes with Reviews

Who does not dream of having straight silky smooth hair but without causing any damage? The answer is almost every girl who has not been blessed with that straight hair to flaunt. With technology as our best friend, this is not a big trouble nowadays. There are styling tools available in the markets which allow you to style your hair the way you like.

With increasing concern about hair damage caused by different styling tools, new innovations are happening every day that focus on minimizing damage and improving results. One such innovative product is hair straightening brush which is so much like your normal hairbrush in appearance but works in an entirely different way. It works miracles on your hair.

Hair straightening brush Hairbrush straightener Hair straightener brush reviewsWhat is a Straightening Brush?

It is a kind of heated straightener comb which gives you silky smooth hair in just a few strokes. There are ceramic surface and rubber coated bristles which allow minimizing heat damage and also serving as a protection for you when you are using the straightening brush. This splendid product allows you to straighten your hair effortlessly within seconds.

How Does a Hair Straightening Brush Works?

You should not confuse this straightening brush with your age-old hair straightening rods. Though they perform almost the same function the way they work is quite different. With this comb-like a brush in your hand, you can detangle, straighten and improve the shine of your hair, all at once.

These straightening brushes are pretty much like your usual hair comb but with a cord attached. Follow the below-listed steps to get the best results:

  • You can use it on wet and dry both types of hair. However, you get better results on dry hair.
  • Apply a heat protection spray. Do not even think of skipping this step!
  • Divide your hair into two parts and make them ready for straightening.
  • Simply plug in the straightening brush
  • Wait for it to heat a bit (usually takes seconds)
  • After you reach the right temperature, start brushing your hair strand by strand.
  • Starting from down, start detangling your hair the way you do with your hair comb.
  • Within just a few strokes you would see that your hair has become smoother and silkier.

Is it less Damaging than Straightening Rods?

This is one of the most argued about the question. Some people believe that straightening brushes are less effective while some are of the opinion that they can be easily used to replace straightening rods. However, let’s not begin this argument as both of these styling tools have their own pros and cons.

But when we talk about which of them is more damaging, the answer would be straightening rods simply because they have higher heating temperatures compared to straightening brushes. The brushes are good for daily use while the rods are better for occasional styling purposes. The ceramic heating surface of the straightening brush makes it less damaging to your beautiful hair.

Safety Measures While using Hair Straightening Brushes

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Keeping in mind the quoted proverb, below listed are a few points you should take care of while using this amazing product:

  1. Ensure that temperature is kept moderate. If your device reaches a very high temperature make sure you let it cool. This would prevent the melting down of your hair strands.
  2. Take proper care of your straightening brush to prevent any mechanical damage from happening. Since its an electrical appliance it is easily prone to spoilage because of damage.
  3. Don’t use the product continuously on the same portion of your hair in one single use. This would not only make your hair prone to damage but also cause damage to your straightening

Keeping these simple tips mind, you are all ready for a good hairstyling experience.

Buying Guide To the Top Hair Straightening Brushes

If you are a big fan of those straight silky fine looking hair, then straightening brush is a must-have product for you. Though straightening is not a kind of rocket science, you need to be very careful while choosing your straightening tool. Below listed are some buying guidelines you need to keep in mind while you are taking the decision of buying this splendid hair styling tool:

  1. Since a bad hair straightening brush is capable of causing undeniable damage to your hair, trust only good branded products that ensure safety.
  2. Always buy the product with a ceramic coating as it prevents heat damage and also gives your hair extra shine.
  3. Choose the right size of the product based on your hair type.
  4. Check for warranty information.
  5. Try finding the products which have temperature display and auto-cut features.

On the Above Basis, we have Listed 10 Best Hair Straightening Brushes Below

1. Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush by MiroPure:

This amazing product will make your curly hair straight just within minutes. Not just that, it will also give your hair a silky smooth touch with a natural shiny look by sealing the hair cuticles and hence your split end also gets sealed up. This hair brush is very easy to operate and its 360-degree swivel cord makes it travel-friendly as well. Apart from that the brush has an auto cut mechanism, so no worries about burning down your hair with excess heat. The brush has new MCH technology, which imparts even heating within a temperature range of 150°C to 230°C. Hence, get your hair styled in any way, curl, straight or wavy within a few minutes.


  • Very less heating time
  • Even heating mantle
  • Imparts silky touch to the hair


  • Might make your hair feel frizzy

2. Ionic Hair Straightener Brush:

This hair straightener brush comes with five different heat settings to meet the need of every hair kind let it be, bleached, curly knots, or slightly wavy hair. To use this hairbrush as an ionic brush, just press the ionic heating button. This hairbrush works between 110V- 220V and can provide you with frizz-free shiny hair within minutes. It has an MCH heater for even heating and it also offers extended safety with its auto cut off feature which automatically turns the hairbrush off after 30 minutes of no usage. Overall, a great hair straightening brush with advanced heating technology and extended security!


  • Gives your hair a silky, frizz-free look.
  • Extended security with an auto cut feature.


  • A bit higher priced as compared to other hair straightening brushes.

3. INFINITIPRO Hair Straightening Brush BY CONAIR :

This hair straightening brush uses tourmaline ceramic technology. The IR rays the natural luster of your hair giving them a shiny look. Also, this hair styling brush incorporates the Triple action styling system which controls the frizziness making the hair look even smoother. This technologically advanced hair straightening brush is equipped with 2- speed slide switch. It also has a cool shot button to lock in the styles. To offer extra protection from burning, this hair straightener has a foam piece behind the vent.


  • Detangles the hair, and gives then a straight shiny look
  • Can be used both on wet and dry hair


  • The dryer in this hair straightening brush is not very effective and can make the hair frizzy especially if you’ve dense curly hair.

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4. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer Styler:

This combined hair styler and dryer is a great package that works on 1100 Watt of Drying Power to be used on the 120V power supply. This hair straightener brush is highly efficient that detangles, dries, and smoothens the hair in half the time. To control your styling also, it has dual heat and cool settings. The dryer uses ionic conditioning technology wherein, the size of the water molecule is reduced for faster drying. It eliminates the frizz and leaves the hair shiny, silky, and smooth.


  • It is very light in weight and hence travel- friendly
  • Hair straightener brush reviews from the customers are really appealing


  • The sound of this hair straightener is really loud and scary.

5. K-SKIN Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener:

K skin is a renowned name in the fashion industry known for creating innovative beauty tools. This ceramic hair straightener is another great extension to their list of products. It offers you with 6 adjustable temperatures for extensive styling. The heater in this straightening brush is infused with Tourmaline that releases natural ions and IR rays; this combination gives your hair a smooth and shiny appearance. The power of this straightener brush is equivalent to 22 heating rods! So, you can expect a great experience with much fewer efforts and great results.


  • The heating comb can swivel complete 360°, hence great freedom of movement and multiple styling techniques can be tried.


  • The off button is on the handle itself, so you might face difficulties in handling the rod initially.

6. Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush By MicroPure:

This hair straightening brush has advanced MCH heating panel for even heating. The double ionic generator leaves the hair smooth and shiny. The split ends are knotted up and hence a smooth lustrous look on your hair is amazing. It is very simple to operate and quite handy for travel. It also has a massaging effect on the scalp and thus promotes hair growth from the cuticles. Overall, a good product to invest on if you’re looking for a straightening device that can give you a parlor like a look at home itself.


  • Frizz-free straightening experience
  • Less heating time


  • Damaging effect if used on damp hair

7. Hair Straightener Brush by AsaVea:

If you’re a sensitive or maybe be a careless person then you should definitely go for this hair straightening brush. It is equipped with patented CE- and FCC-certified design which will prevent any scalding and burning. It requires 110V circuit and takes less than 90 seconds to heat up. The professional ceramic heating mantle ensures even heating of the hairbrush to give to a professional look. This hair brush is highly convenient for travel as the design is super slim but keeping the slim design has an associated drawback that you can do only very less number of hair at a time but keeping convenient travel in mind, you can definitely handle this.


  • The slim design which is very suitable for travel.
  • Ceramic heating mantle.


  • It takes longer to do complete hairdo as the number of hair bristles is 23.

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8. USpicy Hair Straightening Brush:

Great hairbrush with MCH heating technology with a heat resistant glove for silky and frizz- free hair straightening. The highly efficient ceramic plate can heat up to 450℉/ 230℃ in very less time. There are 7 heating levels for different hair styling. To prevent burning the design of this hair brush is specifically anti-scald. Also, it is handy for traveling as the 360-degree swivel cord won’t entangle and mess your burden.


  • Convenient auto cut off feature and digital temperature reader for added convenience.
  • Silky smooth and shiny hair straightening experience even when using on wet hair.
  • Additional safety glove.


  • Not recommended for short hair

9. Secura Hair Straightener Comb:

A great hair straightening brush with PTC ceramic heating elements and it also has 6 levels of heating to match your requirements. The profession PTC plates ensure no damage to the hair and also prevent hair breakage. It takes about 80 seconds to heat up to level 1 and for everyday usage level, 4 are recommended. Also, the design of this hairbrush is very stylish and sleek and at the same time, the technology it is equipped with is amazing.


  • Salon-like looks at home.
  • No hair loss or damage due to the heat treatment.


  • The hair may get entangled in the thin bristles of its comb.

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10. KOOVON One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler:

This hair straightening brush from Koovon uses ionic conditioning technology for hair straightening. The advanced ionizing technology reduces the frizz and imparts beautiful shiny look to your hair. The best part of using this hair brush is the flexible hair bristles which massages the scalp and induce hair growth by improving circulation in the scalp. Also, the design of this hair brush is extremely good with rotating control button and LED indicator.


  • Dual heat and cool setting for maximum hair styling control.
  • The design of this brush is outstanding.


  • Not recommended for thin and fine hair.

Benefits of Hair Straightening Brush

  • Easy To Use: While the traditional hair straightening rods require a lot of effort and technique to use them, these brushes are quite similar to our everyday hair brushes and hence are more adaptable.
  • Frizz Free Hair: Most of the hair straightening brushes work on ionic technology which imparts moisture to the hair and so you can bye- bye to the frizziness in your hair and gorgeous with a lustrous shinier look.
  • Enhanced Safety: The auto cut off feature is an amazing extension to these hair straightening brushes which automatically turn of the heat after a particular period of no usage.
  • Less Heat Damage: Unlike our tradition hair straightening rods, these brushes do not come in contact with the hair directly. Hence the heat damage is controlled and so you need not worry even when using them every day!
  • Cheaper Prices: The hair brushes are definitely cheaper than the heavy bills you pay at salons to get your hair straightening done. In fact, they are much more cost effective than the heating rods as well. So a great technology with all benefits and that too at pocket- friendly prices, what else can we ask for!

Unlike those chemical or extensive heat treatments, you need not worry about the damage and losing your hair volume. These hair straightening brushes are like a savior to every girl with curly or frizzy hair and can now you can flaunt your straight hair by using these hair straightening brushes even every day. In a World where style statement holds a stake, you definitely do not want to lag behind, step ahead and flaunt your style!

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