Expert Tips in Choosing the Right Perfume Scent

Whether you are new to fragrances or you are already a scent fanatic, finding the right scent you can wear for a long time is challenging. When you go to a perfume store, the only information you can get is limited to the perfume bottle, which tells you nothing at all. Yes, you can sniff a few bottles, but it will only help.

Expert Tips in Choosing the Right Perfume Scent

If you are looking for a scent that can be an extension of yourself, then you need more than just occasional sniffing and random testing. Before you can check women’s perfume online or find ease in buying signature perfume scents in physical stores, you need to know what kind of scent works best for you. But the bigger question is, how do you find that one scent that is fit for your lifestyle. Here are some expert tips to help you find the perfect one.


Just like with other things you are unfamiliar with, the best place to start is doing your research. When you do research, consider your daily activities and the kind of scent you love. According to Brian Jeong, CEO and co-founder of Hawthorne, when you are shopping for the perfect scent, think about a distinctive smell you enjoy most in your life, most especially in the products you use. It could be the shampoo used by people at the gym. It could be your body wash. Or it can also be the soft smell of the air-dried laundry. These scents can be your starting point. You can then research online for perfumes that have this distinctive smell and try smelling them in physical stores.

You can also try tailoring the scent you intend to choose according to your environment. Consider your lifestyle and mood, too. A sexy musk is more well-suited for a dinner date than an office environment. Citrusy or lighter floral scents are more appropriate to wear in a professional environment compared to a spicy or woody one. Also, consider the intensity of the smell — do you want people to notice you with the fragrance you are wearing or is it reserved for intimate encounters?

If you like vanilla scents, make sure to explore fragrances featuring gourmand notes like chocolate, candy, or honey before you move to aquatic or citrus notes.

Sample scents correctly:

You should not stop at researching the fragrance. After knowing which fragrance you would like to explore, try it on. Spray the scent on your pulse point or areas of your skin that feels naturally warm like your elbow or wrist. The scent will heat up fast and reveal itself quickly in these areas. The thing with people is they buy scents immediately after they smell it. This is not the right way of doing it. It would be best if you let the scent make contact with your skin and try it on in different environments for more than once before you decide to buy it.

Most perfume scents wear off after 15 to 30 minutes, so it would be a waste of money if you choose one that will not last long. Before you buy women’s perfume online, make sure that you have tried the scent of your choice ahead of time. The fragrance’s essence will only be revealed after it has intermingled with the body chemistry of the wearer. And this process takes time.

It may seem exhausting to go back to the mall to try on the scents repeatedly, but you can ask for sample vials from the fragrance counters. You can try these scents out in different environments at least twice to see if it suits you.

Try these simple tips before buying your perfume so that you will find the perfect fragrance that works for you and your lifestyle. Yes, it takes a longer time, but it is also the most appropriate way.

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