Type of Bridal Shapewear You Should Wear

Once you have finalised your wedding gown, it is time to think about the shapewear that you will wear under the gown to provide that extra support and make you feel confidence and secure on your big day. Hence, you should consider the type of bridal corset you will wear under your wedding dress. It is prudent to remember that most brides don’t wear shapewear to appear slimmer; that that is an added bonus. Rather, the shapewear is to prevent the wedding dress from creasing and dimpling.

Wedding Dress Fabric

The shapewear that you select will primarily depend on the fabric of your wedding dress. Textured fabrics and heavy silks have structure and hence, do not crease very easily. Usually, such fabrics don’t need shapewear, but there could be a few with built-in corset for that added support you need.

On the other hand, lighter silk fabrics tend to be transparent and reveal everything you wear under the dress. Hence, it is mandatory to wear shapewear under a wedding dress made out of lightweight and sheer fabrics.

Wedding Dress Style

In case you are not keen to wear a bridal shapewear under your wedding dress, opt for a huge ball gown. This will support your bust and also mask the panty line with ease. Sheaths, trumpet, mermaid and other styles do require shapewear. However, if you have a backless or halter neck gown, use adhesive bra cups to support your bust and improve your confidence levels.

If you want to have a streamlined appearance, opt for seamless shapewear. Go in for shapewear made from spandex, nylon, and microfibers as they will sit flat on your skin without making you uncomfortable. In fact, these fabrics tend to hug each curve, highlighting them while also being flexible.

Are Built-in Shapewear a Good Choice?

If you think built-in shapewear will provide the support you need, you may be disappointed. This shapewear will not do much for your wedding gown or body, just like those exercise pants that have built-in underwear. You still need to wear panties with them.

Wedding dresses are designed to support the body and not the dress. Hence, it is prudent to choose a bridal corset to make your wedding gown look good. When this happens, you will feel good about your appearance and this will give you the confidence to walk down the aisle with your head held high.

Time the Purchase of the Shapewear

You shouldn’t be looking to buy the bridal shapewear after selecting your bridal gown. The ideal time to select the perfect shapewear is after you complete the first fitting of your wedding dress. This way, you will have sufficient time to try out different undergarments and select the one that looks the best, based on the style and fabric of your gown.

Don’t wait until the last moment to buy the shapewear, as you may gain or lose weight. As a result, you will have an ill-fitting shapewear that will not support your body or gown. Hence, the best time to purchase the ideal shapewear is when you complete

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