Timeless Style: 5 Capsule Wardrobe Essentials for Women

Fashion trends change all the time, but capsule wardrobe pieces never go out of style! They are collector’s items, absolute must-haves, and the darlings of designers and fashion enthusiasts of all ages. What is it about these pieces that have made them stand the test of time? It’s probably because they go with everything, flatter every body type, and have the amazing ability to transform an outfit from drab to stylish in an instant!

You can make entire outfits out of the items on this list, or you can layer them with the seasonal trendy items that have caught your eye.

If you want to create a style that looks classy regardless of what year it is, or just to update your wardrobe, consider the following items as the building blocks of a timeless capsule wardrobe. What’s the best part? A wardrobe stocked with these items will make dressing for any occasion a breeze!

Capsule Wardrobe Essentials for Women

Capsule Wardrobe Essentials for Women

1. The LBD (Little Black Dress)

If there is one thing every woman can agree on, it is the power of the LBD. This versatile fashion staple can be dressed up or dressed down and still remain chic.

To get the most value out of your LBD, approach shopping for your staple Little Black Dress with a lot of thought. After all, this piece is meant to last a long time. Don’t be afraid to try on as many as you can until you find the one that fits like a glove. The LBD is such a good fashion investment that you should think about getting a made-to-measure dress.

Just keep in mind that the dress should not be too casual or too fancy so that you can wear it as many times as possible. A classic knee-length sleeveless sheath or an A-line style that doesn’t show cleavage, similar to what Audrey Hepburn would wear, is a good place to start in terms of cut.

2. The Tan Trench Coat

From TV characters to suave professionals, the tan trench coat has been adorning the bodies of stylish women for a long time. If this staple wardrobe piece were to be a person, it would be considered immortal. A trench coat has an extremely flattering silhouette that works for all body types. They look great left open, but they also turn heads when buttoned up and tied.

They look great with skinny jeans and can instantly transform you into a  demure and chic woman paired with a simple bun, your little black dress, and red lipstick. Want to look effortlessly chic while running errands? Throw on a trench coat!

When shopping for a trench coat, choose one with a more conservative cut and a loose fit on the shoulders and sleeves. Consider a single-breasted style if you have a large chest, or a more rounded shape – that is, a trench coat that has one row of vertical buttons.

Choose a double-breasted style if you are slim and tall, or if you have a rectangular shape  – that is, a trench coat that has two rows of vertical buttons.

Whatever style you go with, make sure it’s a length that hits below your buttocks for that timeless look.

3. Black Pumps (Heels)

The black pump is the quieter twin sister of the LBD. It can transport you from a business meeting, to a wedding reception, to a hot date! Black heels look great with everything, including leather jackets, tweed coats, dressy shorts, silk shirts, and even cat-eye liner. They are the ideal coming-of-age gift for any woman and can be a dependable companion throughout her life.

The key is to look for simple styles with no razzle-dazzle. Any heel length from 2 to 4 inches works well, as do kitten heels (if you don’t like tall shoes). Choose a pair that you can truly enjoy wearing. Because a pair of classic black heels is supposed to be your go-to, it must be comfortable. You wouldn’t want to wear heels that cause blisters, would you?

4. A Silk Scarf

A capsule wardrobe is made up of more than just the right clothing items — it also includes the right accessories. A must-have in this instance is a trusted silk scarf that goes with everything.

You can tuck it, knot it, turn it around and wear it as a choker. Tie the corners up to make a wrap top, or tie a scarf around your waist as a belt or to the handle of your purse. The options are endless! You will be astounded by how much more intentional, stylish, and put-together an outfit can look by simply adding a scarf.

Buy a couple of silk scarves in a variety of lengths, shapes, and sizes (long and short, rectangular and square-shaped, and so on) for the most versatility.

5. Red Lipstick

Sure, roll your eyes, but even though this isn’t a clothing item, red lipstick is worthy of an honorary mention on this list. Red lips is a classic look that is always in style. It adds a nice finishing touch to an outfit and is extremely adaptable — we’re talking finishes, textures, and hues. From the brightest cherries to the deepest crimsons, there’s sure to be a flattering shade of red lipstick for every woman’s skin tone.

Red lipstick is powerful in a way that no other piece of clothing or makeup can be — it is unabashedly feminine, powerful, elegant, classy, unpretentious, and polished all at the same time.  What better way to round out a capsule wardrobe outfit than with sexy, blood-red lips?

Here’s to Classy, Timeless Wardrobes

There’s something to be said for really trendy clothes. They’re fun, and it’s exciting to have an outfit that everyone else is wearing right now, because it makes you feel like you belong. But the problem with buying only trendy items is that they quickly become out of date.

Your wardrobe does not have to be expensive, but investing in high-quality garments that outlast trends will save you time and money in the long run. So, invest in the pieces on this list, and you’ll have a wardrobe that will take you through any occasion and season!

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