Color Therapy for Women: Treat Lifestyle Diseases

Color therapy aka chromotherapy is an alternative style of healing practice that uses frequency and vibration of color to assist in healing. This external therapy needs the application of specific color to the body. A woman can get the desired benefits of this therapy by wearing clothes of a particular color. Therapy may be done through visualization where individuals drink or inhale a specific color to get the desired effects.

How does Color Therapy Work?

Colors carry particular frequency and vibrations that are used to break up disturbing energy in human body. Each person has his/her own color choices. Before starting this therapy, it is essential to discover which color works the best for the patient. For example, the violet color vibrates at a high vibration and frequency.

The wavelength for this color measured in nanometers (1,000,000,000 nanometers are equal to 1 meter). It is 425 to 400 nm and frequency measures at 700 – 790 Terahertz (1 trillion cycles/second). Color therapy can calm your body, enhance your ability to enjoy a sound sleep and lift your spirit. You can treat insomnia with color therapy.

Color Therapy for Pain and Anxiety

A person suffering from generalized anxiety may have a two-fold trigger. Your thoughts can trigger the mechanism of “flight or fight” in the human body. Anxiety is an essential part of this procedure. The feeling of anxiety increases your depression. If you are suffering from chronic anxiety, your body reacts quickly to a negative thought.

It is difficult to stop your thought process. Panic attacks make it impossible to manage anxiety. Every person responds to stress differently. Color therapy can help you to deal with anxiety disorder. The use of a specific color can calm your body and restore its natural function.

Similarly, you can control chronic and acute pain with color therapy. In women, color therapy has positive outcomes for treatment of migraine headaches. A woman with migraines and severe headaches need immediate medication; otherwise, the pain escalates quickly. Blue color may work on some women to subside their headache.

Sometimes, you have to select a color after considering its cold or heat characteristics to decrease pain. If heat helps you, imagine fiery colors like orange, yellow or red. The mixture of yellow and orange can help you to create a good response.

If you feel better in the cold, you can choose indigo, purple or blue color. Practice this therapy repeatedly to get good results. Repetition is necessary to train your brain. The brain records each experience and acts consequently.

Can’t be a Replacement of Medical Care

Keep it in mind that color therapy is only a tool. You can use it in conjunction with medical treatments. It can’t be a replacement for your medicines. If you are taking medications for a chronic condition, you can’t stop them for color therapy. Use of color therapy can assist your healing procedure.

Exercise for Color Therapy

Here is an activity for a color therapy protocol. To start with this therapy, sit with closed eyes to tap into your creative visualization. Consider your situation, such as fearful or anxious.

  • Now think about your favorite color (choose a color that soothes your anxiety). You can try different colors to find out a suitable color for therapy. Listen to your body and discover the best color for you.
  • Try to see a particular color with your closed eyes.
  • Take a deep breath and imagine vapors of this color. Imagine pulling these vapors in your body. When you breathe out, imagine the anger, fear, pain, and anxiety leaving your body. You can practice this for 3 to 5 minutes until you feel positive changes in your body.
  • Imagine a cup or glass with liquid in your selected color. Drink this liquid in your imagination and feel the response of your body.
  • Now visualize that your body is filled with this color and you are feeling happy, safe, and calm.
  • Invite that particular color to enter your body whenever you are angry or feeling pain.

You can practice this therapy frequently to decrease pain and anger. After finding a suitable color for your therapy, you can paint your house with a similar color. Hire professionals, such as Paysons Painting to paint your room with exact color. By changing the color of your room, you will experience positive changes in your mood and mind.

Color Therapy for Diabetes

Color therapy is good for some ailments like diabetes. It occurs because of deficiency of two colors in the human body, such as yellow and orange. You can use sunshine for treatment of this disease. Make sure to hire a trained therapist for this therapy. Adjust the location of glass sheets to throw the sunlight on the body of a patient directly. Lemon yellow color is good for pancreas, spleen, liver and nervous system. With this color, you can treat indigestion. Orange is useful to alleviate the symptoms of diabetes.

Treatment of Blood Pressure with Colors

Blue has great importance in color therapy for its anti-inflammatory and cooling effects. It can arrest bleeding in lesions. Blue has soothing properties to bring serenity in your life. Therapy with blue can gradually slow down your pulse and maintain your blood pressure. Blue can bring your blood pressure back to normal while treating insomnia’s symptoms.

Treatment of Obesity with Colors

The blue color can suppress your appetite and ultimately helps you to shed some pounds. You can incorporate blue color in your eating plan for weight loss. For instance, you can use blue plates, blue tablecloth or blue paint on the walls of the kitchen and dining room to treat obesity.

Effects of Colors on Human Body

Each color has its particular impact on the human body. See the properties and benefits of these colors.

1. Green: Green is a primary color with healing properties. You can take green from the middle of a color spectrum, neither too yellow nor too green. You can choose a green color lamp to spread out green light on your back and front for 10 minutes. The green color can harmonize the flow of universal life force (prana), throughout the cerebral centers. To relax your mind, take a bath with the green light for five minutes. You can use green color in decorations, such as eco-friendly paints and plants. Moreover, green pillows and lampshades can give a feel of refreshment and regeneration.

2. Yellow: Yellow signifies wisdom, so you can choose this color to treat mental deficiency. Apply an intense beam of yellow light at the front of the base of your neck. It will be a valuable treatment for different nervous conditions. You can apply a beam of yellow light on the neck and head for almost 12 minutes. Before starting this therapy, you should remove your makeup.

3. Orange: It is a stimulating color for heart, kidneys, liver, and spleen. Orange color can promote excellent circulation. You can apply a beam of orange color on your body for almost 10 minutes. Choose orange color in concentrated form to treat circulatory problems. Make sure to avoid the use of this color if you are suffering from hypertension. Stimulate your internal organs, such as bowels, kidneys, and liver with orange color. Buy a good color apparatus to get a concentrated beam of light. Orange is a versatile color for spiritual healing. If you are highly nervous, you can’t apply this color on your forehead.

4. Red: Bright cherry red is a potent stimulator as compared to an orange. Avoid the use of this color on the head. You can treat your rheumatic joints with red color. Apply this color on ankles, knees or legs for almost 15 minutes. If you have high rheumatic in your shoulders, apply beam for nearly five minutes in one sitting. Put an infrared lamp in a specific way to project beam on the front of shoulders or back. Keep infrared rays away from your organs, such as bladder, kidneys or liver.

5. Blue: It is a useful shade to decrease high blood pressure. Blue is good for nervous tension and nervous breakdown. You can apply blue rays on your body for almost ten minutes. High vibrations of blue color are quick and short. Blue color produces coldness and necessary for high temperature. People with mild insomnia can get the advantage of blue vibrations. If you have insomnia, change the curtain, bedsheets, and paint your bedroom blue.

6. Violet: This color is suitable for your whole body.  You can apply violet light to your forehead, front head and back for almost fifteen minutes. It is good for your psychic centers and nervous system. Violet is especially beneficial for your neck and forehead.

7. White: White signifies the heavenly effects in different cultures. This color is famous for clean and fresh feelings. With white color, you can clear your soul and mind. White paint in the bedroom makes it cloudlike and soft. Choose a warmer palette of cream tones and temper with soft lavender, pink or sky blue accents for your room. You can use white on lamps and furniture.

8. Earth Tones: Warm sides of earth tones are red and chocolate browns. You can choose soft shades like driftwood, terra-cotta, slate, sand, and bamboo. These tones are famous in massage parlors and spas. Brown is an excellent color to keep you practical and connected. You can balance earth tones with seafoam, sage or soft green. Woods, slate, and bamboos are ideal for large design elements, such as furniture, walls, and floors. You can choose sand-color curtains, throws, and rugs.

Use Eyes for Color Therapy

You can use your eyes for color therapy. Use your eyes to introduce colors to your body for color treatment. For instance, look at green color for a few minutes and get its advantages. You can practice color therapy with other colors to obtain the desired benefits.

Moreover, you can choose a color lamp for color therapy. If your lamp is too bright and causing eyestrain, you can use a diffusing screen to look at the lamp.

Equipment for Color Therapy

Considering the benefits of color vibrations, special equipment is available in the market. You can obtain color material of plastic from a theatrical tool depot. These are easy to cut as per your need. This material is sturdy and heat resistant.

Color lamps can be an excellent choice. You can use a slide projector as a color vibration lamp. It will produce a focused beam without excessive heat. Make sure to buy a color lamp of 230 to 500 watts, but avoid over 500 watts. You can’t be able to look at a bright light. Try to use a plastic sheet for light therapy through eyes.

Tips to Enhance Benefits of Color Therapy

Each color has deep occult meaning. Astrologers claim that combinations of color correspond to your birth signs. Color vibrational treatments are useful to supplement spiritual healing and supplement orthodox techniques of healing. The right spiritual approach coupled with deep breathing, exercise, and a balanced diet is necessary. You can derive maximum benefits by combining these things.

1. Redecorate Your House: You can enjoy the benefits of each color by changing the paint in your house. Yellow color in bathrooms and kitchen convey joy and happiness. Use green and blue color in dining rooms to feel calm and inhibit impulsive eating. The light pink color in bedroom stimulates romance. You can combine pink color with green or blue to encourage a relaxing sleep. Choose a red color for your exercise or workout room to enhance your performance. The orange color is useful to increase your energy. You can give a luxurious feel to your guest room with a purple hue — shades of purple work well in a creative studio.

2. Breathe in Beautiful Colors: While meditating, you can visualize breathing in beautiful colors. Imagine any color to get the desired benefits. For example, yellow is the right color for detox, learning, teaching, and focus. To enjoy these benefits, envision breathing in yellow shades. If you want to detox, visualize that you are surrounded by yellow color. Shades like pink and lavender are great for meditation. It can calm your mind for new endeavors.

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