Pregnancy Problems? Here’s What Your Partner Needs to Know

Having a baby is no easy job. We often get stressed about what happens after the baby comes – vaccinations, crèche hunting, pre-school search, education, marriage and what not. But, many a times, pregnancy itself posits a lot of challenges in the preparation stage as well. The most common among them is fertility question.

Even though there are some of the best at home sperm test options and over-the-counter ovulation kits available in the market, it always helps to get professional advice on fertility as well. One there are clear answers available about the couple’s fertility, the path towards becoming parents becomes more focused.

Pregnancy Problems? Here’s What Your Partner Needs to Know

In Case of Infertility – A lot of options are available to couples, in case of infertility. Some of them are:

Adoption: Adoption is always a great option especially because there are so many more orphan children on the planet, yearning for happy homes, than there are couples with infertility problems. Giving a child a home when they need it is not only a noble thing to do, it is also very fulfilling and this kind of non-biological, purely emotional bond brings great positive impacts on the lives of both the parents and the children.

Surrogacy: infertility may take many shapes. Surrogacy is a good way to take for people who might get pregnant but fail to complete the term recurrently due to medical conditions and other problems. Surrogacy may be done by implanting parental sperm and egg into a surrogate womb or getting donors for the same. It is a safe way to have a baby and have a biological connection, even if traditional ways do not work out.

Medical Procedures: Assisted Reproductive Technology comes into play through many different methods. In-vitro Fertilization is probably the most common treatment where the embryo is made in a lab using the sperm and egg and then implanted it into the woman’s uterus. Intrauterine Insemination is another procedure in which sperm is collected and is directly inserted into the uterine cavity, artificially. Other procedures like Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection, Gamete Intra-fallopian Transfer, etc. are also some of the methods used to combat infertility.

Sometimes, just fertility drugs prescribed by doctors are enough to assist pregnancy. These generally raise sperm count, stimulate ovulation, thicken uterine walls, etc.

In Case of Other Problems – Maybe the pregnancy problems are related more to lifestyle and environment rather than fertility. Our lifestyles have a huge impact on our bodies, our minds and our overall health. Environmental pollution may also cause obstacles in pregnancy. Some ways of helping the process of pregnancy along are:

Lifestyle Changes: Shifting to a lifestyle that has a healthy rhythm and good habits is not only beneficial to the improvement of fertility and the entire process of pregnancy, but to one’s life in general. A stressful, sedentary lifestyle, full of first or second-hand smoke and massive alcohol consumption has helped no one and certainly won’t help an unborn child. There a healthier lifestyle will only promote pregnancy and also make the process much more smooth and risk-free.

Awareness of Environmental Pollution: Many people today are in the danger of being affected by environmental pollution not only in their day to day life but also long term, like in the reproductive process. Diseases like PCOS, problems in organs of the unborn baby, toxins that inhibit hormones necessary for fertilization of eggs as well as sperm production, etc. are common problems these days because people are being exposed to more toxic pollution in their surroundings than ever before. Now, a child playing outside cannot breathe the fresh air without the fear of allergies or other respiratory problems. Advanced water filters, immunity-building daily practices, organic eating, etc. may be some ways to deal with this menace.

Parenthood is in your hands. Pregnancy problems? How to deal with them? The choice is yours.

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