Copper T: Benefits, Side-Effects, Uses and FAQs

What is Copper T?

Copper T is a flexible intrauterine device, known as the most effective form of a birth control method for women. The simple IUD is in a “T” Shape that easily fits in the uterus. The device is made of plastic wrapped with copper wires. They avoid the sperm from getting inside the womb, thus preventing pregnancy. The device can also be used by women who have given birth before. It is easily inserted into the uterus with the help of a healthcare specialist.

Copper T: Benefits, Side-Effects, Uses and FAQs

When it comes to contraception, people only think of birth control pills, condoms, or emergency pills. However, there are simple to high-tech methods one can use for birth control. Taking pills for a longer period of time is a matter of health concern for many couples. Thus, one can opt for IUDs that are safe, cheap and one of the best methods to avoid undesirable pregnancy.

Uses of Copper T

  • Copper intrauterine devices are long-lasting reversible contraception. They are one of the most cost-effective ways of birth control.
  • The device is used as an Emergency Contraception for 5 days after unprotected intercourse. It diminishes the chance of pregnancy.
  • Copper IUDs have some non-contraceptive health benefits as well. They prevent the chances of endometrial cancer.
  • The insertion of Copper T helps in reducing the side effects of hormonal replacement therapy.
  • Copper T acts as a form of birth control up to 12 years after insertion.

Copper T insertion technique

The Copper T is inserted into the uterus by a qualified medical practitioner. The insertion procedure can be executed during any time of the menstrual cycle. However, the optimal period is just after the menstruation period when the cervix is soft, and the chances of pregnancy are least. The insertion procedure takes five minutes in general.

For insertion, the end of the Copper T is folded and slipped inside the uterus. The end of the device points outward with a thread hanging from the cervix to vagina. As soon as the Copper T takes its position, the spermicidal effects of the device come into action. The shape of the device is specially designed to fit the uterus and remain there without moving for years.

How Copper T works?

The copper wire wrapped around the plastic device releases copper ions which influences the uterine environment. The copper particles mix with uterine liquids and cervix mucus that prevents pregnancy. The fluid that releases is rich in copper and acts as a spermicide to kill the sperms. The copper ions avert the development of eggs in the uterus. Even if there is fertilization of an egg, the copper-ion destroys it, thus preventing any chances of pregnancy.

Is Copper T Effective at Birth Control?

The Copper T releases copper ion in the uterus, which thickens the cervical mucus. This becomes hard for the sperm to penetrate inside the uterus, thus preventing pregnancy. Once the copper T is placed, it starts to change the biochemistry inside the uterus. The Copper ions mix with the uterine fluid and kill the sperms penetrating in the womb. They also destroy any fertilized eggs with the copper blended fluid, thus becoming an effective method of birth control.

Copper T is effective for a minimum of five years and maximum up to 12 years. It can provide 98 to 100% protection from unwanted pregnancy.

Advantages of using Copper T

  • Copper T has the maximum rate of birth control in comparison to other IUDs.
  • The device does not contain harmful hormones and does not react with any medicine.
  • Copper T is effective for a longer period of time. Thus you need not worry about pregnancy every time you have intercourse.
  • When you decide to have a pregnancy, you can get the Copper T removed at any time. As soon as the IUD is removed, your body becomes fertile which means all the effects gets reversed as soon as you remove Copper T from your body.
  • The method is an exceptionally inexpensive method as the birth control effects lasts for a longer period. Once the Copper T is inserted, you do not need to use a condom or take pills.
  • The Copper T is used as an Emergency Contraceptive Device when you have unprotected sex. It can be implanted within five days of ovulation period to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

The Disadvantage of using Copper T

  • Copper T does not protect from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). They open up to severe pelvic infection which may need immediate attention.
  • You have to visit your physician every month to check if the strings are intact and there has been no automatic ejaculation.
  • Copper T is inserted and removed with the help of a medical health care provider only.
  • Most women are allergic to copper and suffer itchiness and rashes on their genitals.
  • There are 1-2% chances of getting pregnant even if the Copper T is in place.

Side-effects of using Copper T

  • After the insertion of Copper T, many women suffer from untimely bleeding. There are also cases of heavy bleeding during the initial phase of Copper T insertion.
  • There is the incidence of menstrual cramping as well. The cramps can get sever, and you have to take painkillers to adverse the effect.
  • Some women may face allergic reactions in their genitals along with signs of rashes. This appears when they are allergic to copper. In such cases, it is better to remove Copper T and look for other options for birth control.
  • Sometimes women may face automatic ejection of the device during the initial period of insertion. When the device is inserted just after the childbirth or when there is no experience of pregnancy.
  • Insertion of Copper T may lead to uterus cut which leads to internal injuries and bleeding. This may lead to severe infection inside the uterus.
  • Copper T is considered the best method of contraception with a rate of 98-100%. However, there are 1-2 % chances of pregnancy in rare cases. The device must be removed immediately if pregnancy is detected.

Is Copper T a better solution than other Contraceptives?

Copper T has been the best-known solution for birth control due to its 99% success rates. Women are using this device for over five decades to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Moreover, science has proven that Copper is not poisonous to the body and neither does it damages the fertility. Apart from the scientific testimony, Copper T has long lasting effect in comparison to other available contraceptive methods. One can be reassured that Copper T is the most trustworthy contraceptive available in the market.

How to take out Copper T?

Removal of Copper T is a simple and painless process. The removal must be performed by a healthcare specialist only. The removal procedure is performed by the physician who gently grasps the string with forceps and pulls the Copper T out of the vagina. The shape of the device is in a “T” shape that folds easily on pulling the string.

However, in some cases cervical dilation is required to remove the Copper T. It happens when the string is too small to hold. Some women fear that the process is painful; however, the case is reversed. It hardly takes few effortless minutes to take out Copper T. There might be some cases of severe bleeding or cramping after removal, which is natural and lasts for few days only.

How soon can you get pregnant after Copper T removal?

The Copper-ion stops its functioning as soon as the Copper T is removed. The uterus comes back to its normal phase, and all the effects of copper are reversed. Thus, you can get pregnant as soon as the copper T is removed from the uterus.

Copper T Contradictions

Women who are using Copper T must get it removed in the following cases;

  • When they are planning for a pregnancy or already pregnant
  • Abortion or septic pregnancy
  • Have abnormal bleeding
  • Symptoms of uterine cancer
  • Uterine abnormalities
  • Has a pelvic infection or suffering from STDs
  • Detection of Ovarian cancer
  • Have AIDs
  • Suffering from a benign gestational trophoblastic disease

Important FAQs Regarding Copper T

  • Is the process of insertion is painful and how long does it take for insertion?

The insertion procedure is a painless affair. You must get it done by a medical practitioner only. It hardly takes five minutes to insert Copper T.

  • Is it ok to suffer bleeding after insertion?

Bleeding after insertion of Copper T is quite normal. However, if you are facing heavy bleeding or cramps, then it is a matter of concern.

  • Is it necessary to follow-up?

It is important to visit your doctor for a regular follow up. The physician checks if the string is in place and there are no severe infections due to Copper T.

  • Does Copper T suit everyone?

Despite the high birth control rate, some women face issues with the insertion of Copper T. If you are suffering from STD or are allergic to copper, then this IUD is not for you.

  • Does Copper T cause inconvenience during sex?

Not at all! Since the Copper T is inserted deep into the uterus, there is no inconvenience during intercourse. However, if you are facing any pain while intercourse, you may contact your gynecologist immediately.


Copper T is the most effective and inexpensive method of contraception. Although it might not be a right device for many women, yet it has been widely used to prevent unwanted pregnancy. With the highest rate of birth control, Copper T is preferred by many couples these days. A medical practitioner helps you in inserting Copper T and guides you through every complication. In case you face any trouble due to the insertion, you can consult your doctor and get it removed instantly.

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