6 Cute and Casual Looks That Will Keep You Cozy This Winter

Unless you’re one of those lucky people who reside in a climate that stays warm year-round, there’s a good chance it’s freezing—or well below it—where you live. Which means bundling up with cozy hats, sweaters, boots, and maybe even a chill-beating faux fur coat. It’s not a look that’s particularly conducive to showing off your shape, but then, who cares about cutting a good figure when it’s so cold. But in modern times the clothing accessories have not only considered a source of comfort but also define one personality, so it is important that your clothing serves the purpose of providing comfort along with style.

Yes, it is possible to look cute and stylish while wearing comfortable and warm clothes this winter. A casual and cozy winter outfit can look equally stylish as it is comfortable when you choose the right items. While a plain pair of fleece-lined leggings could look boring, that changes when a fun pair of patterned knee-high socks are thrown on overtop. A plain, casual and comfortable sweatshirt might be overlooked while shopping for winter clothing, but the plain style will allow you to have fun with a patterned scarf. Plain colours also tend to look classier while accentuating your hair and makeup more than a decorative or embellished top will.

In the winter time, we want to look cute in public and look great on a date, while still being comfortable and warm.

Here are 6 Cute and Casual Looks to Try out This Winter:

1. Have Fun with Cozy and Stylish Socks:

If you want to look cute and uniquely stylish this winter while still being cozy, add some personality to your plain black fleece-lined leggings with a pair of cozy winter socks in a unique and fun pattern. One of the best places to find cozy and stylish socks is a bookstore. Bookstores often sell reading socks, which are knee-length, Sherpa-lined socks available in a variety of colors and patterns. You can up the ‘cute’ factor on a regular pair of plain leggings with socks that have a snowflake pattern, stripes, polka-dots, leopard print or gingham.

2. Use Plain Sweatshirts to Accentuate Your Facial Features:

When it comes to hoodies and sweaters, logos and designs can be very distracting. A blank, plain colored sweatshirt or hoodie will bring out your eyes and your winter lipstick more because there won’t be distracting patterns or logos on it. The plain colors also look classy and Gildan is a reputable and very affordable manufacturer of blank sweatshirts, t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts and hoodies with no unsightly logos or designs. Gildan apparel comes in comfortable, high-quality fabrics such as Ultra Cotton, Softstyle and Cotton-Blend fabrics. This brand offers plenty of variety in both style and color. Gildan hoodies, for example, come in zip-up or pullover style and more than 35 colors are available to choose from. The plain colors are very versatile and emphasize your hair and makeup more, but you can also take your Gildan top to a printing company with a design of your choice in mind.

3. Add Personality to a Plain Sweater with a Fashionable Scarf:

If you do wear a plain coloured sweatshirt or hoodie without any design or pattern, you can add personality to the look with a fashionable scarf. Scarves can liven up a dull outfit. If you have a boring black sweater, you can make it vibrant with a great red silk scarf. This just transforms you and gives you a brand new outfit. There are plenty of stylish scarves out there made with warm and cozy materials such as cashmere or soft cotton blends. A plain sweatshirt would look great with a polka dot, striped or floral scarf. Scarves are relatively inexpensive, so it can be fun to buy a few different styles and colors to keep in your winter wardrobe collection.

4. Fur-Lined Ankle Boots:

When it comes to a stylish and comfy winter look, it’s all in the boots. Since the hiker boot look is in style right now, these faux fur lined hiker boots from Joules are perfect. They’re a versatile black colour with a hint of fur, and a pop of fun colour in the red laces. They’re comfortable, weather-resistant and durable. Don’t forget to wear a cute pair of boot socks that peek overtop of the boots for an added flash of personality. With these boots, red boot socks would be perfect to go with the red laces. You can complete the outfit with a stretchy pair of jeggings or a plain black pair of fleece-lined leggings. What could go overtop of those leggings? A sweater dress, of course.

5. A Chic Sweater Dress:

If you’re looking for the perfect fall dress or need an outfit for a holiday party at work or with the family, a sweater dress is a go-to staple. Grab a long sweater dress and pair with boots and a scarf for a cute fall outfit, or stick with a red, green or white sweater dress for a classic winter look. A chic sweater dress made with warm and soft material will be a staple in your ‘cute and cozy’ winter wardrobe. Look for a sweater dress that has a tie waist, or stylish side slits. Pop it on over leggings and this is one of the easiest, most comfortable and most fashionable winter looks.

6. Stylish Sweatpants:

Smart, yet snuggly- a sweatshirt or a hoodie is the comfortable and cool choice for those what-to-wear days. Each year, sweatpants are becoming more and more stylish as comfort becomes more and more important to shoppers. Loungewear is something we consistently shop for, and many of us want stylish loungewear. Affordable stores such as Forever 21, for example, have plenty of fashionable sweatpants for those on a budget. Everything you’ve been taught to think about sweatpants has never been more wrong. These loose-fitting casual staples have come a long way since gym class, making them totally appropriate to sport out and about. When paired with the right pieces, sweatpants can easily be worn far beyond the gym or the supermarket. Whether dressed up with leather and heels or dressed down Look for a pair of cozy sweatpants that are high-waisted with a drawstring to accentuate the waist. Cute pockets are an added bonus, and tapered legs that are cuffed at the ankles give you a sexy hourglass shape.

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