Top 15 Designer Jewelry Brands In The World

Timeless styles, elegance, uniqueness, and luxurious feel are the key elements of the top designer jewelry brands. These designer brands have enraptured the desire and passion of people who love high-quality, royal jewelry.

Designer Jewelry Brands In The World

Jewelry is an indispensable item with a close relationship with us. Even with sky-rocketing prices, our eyes are always glued to the beautiful, luxurious jewelry pieces. If you are thinking of adding a luxury jewelry purchase to your wardrobe, then you have arrived at the right place. In this article, we have listed the top 15 designer jewelry brands that will add value to your collection.

1. Piaget:

Started by Georges Piaget in the year 1874, Piaget is a luxury jewelry brand. This Swiss brand became popular because of its extravagant watch designs. These watches were set with beautiful gemstones featuring luxurious enamel designs.

During the 20th century, this brand set its foot into the designer jewelry world. It started creating elaborate gemstone and diamond pieces. Piaget’s jewelry design was initially inspired by Old Hollywood and natural forms. The Piaget Rose collection was appreciated across the globe due to its signature design.

In 2008, this designer brand was ranked 6th in the prestigious jewelry brand list by the Luxury Group. Many celebrities swear by this brand for their premiers and red carpets. Scarlett Johansson was spotted wearing a signature Piaget piece at the 2015 Academy Awards.

2. Dior:

Christian Dior founded this brand in the 1950s. Dior is a popular French luxury brand offering various high-end products. The brand extended its line of luxury goods and introduced designer jewelry.

Dior creates some of the most luxurious and bold, statement pieces of jewelry. Dior is popular for adding a feminine spin to the classic masculine designs. The brand is also famous for its rose-themed gemstone collection, inspired by the founder’s favorite flower.

Their pieces can be worn with all sorts of attire, formal as well as casual. 

3. Bulgari:

As known as Bvlgari, Bulgari is an Italian brand popular for luxury jewelry, hotels, watches, and fragrances. A Greek jeweler, Sotirios Bulgaris, introduced this brand. During the 20th century, this brand started getting international fame for its architectural metal work. Bulgari made some incredible metal work like heavy steel and gold links.

Bulgari is also famous for its high-quality diamonds and colored gemstones. One of their noteworthy and iconic collections is the Serpenti. The collection featured watches and jewelry made out of a coiling snake design with gemstones and embellishments.

Elizabeth Taylor had an amazing collection of customized gemstone and diamond pieces. The brand even designed a tailor-made gold Serpenti bracelet for her.

4. H. Stern:

Established in Brazil in the year of 1945, this luxury brand offers some of the best designer jewelry. A German immigrant, Hans Stern, founded this brand which was later succeeded by Roberto Stern.

The brand initially specialized in high-end gemstones, but later expanded into the making of design-focused jewelry. This luxury brand was called the king of colored gems and diamonds by Time Magazine in 1964.

H. Stern’s designer jewelry collection is popular for its unique inspirations. The brand paid homage to cultural events or a single person. Their inspirations include Diane von Fürstenberg and Anna Bella Geiger. The brand also took inspiration from the Alice in Wonderland film of Tim Burton.

5. Chanel:

Founded in 1909 by Gabrielle Coco Chanel, this luxury French fashion house is now an international brand. The brand beautifully blended masculine and feminine styles to bring out the uniqueness in jewelry designs.

Some of their popular collection includes gemstone brooches, sculptural diamond pieces, and long-strand necklaces with white or black pearl embellishments. Many celebrities like Kiera Knightly, Marilyn Monroe, Zhang Ziyi, and Catherine Deneuve have worn Chanel at multiple events.

6. Hermès:

Thierry Hermès founded this brand in 1837 in Paris. By 1937, Hermès became famous worldwide for its upscale luxury goods. The brand started selling fragrances, bags, and scarves.

In the year of 1950, Hermès started designing exquisite and luxury jewelry pieces. From enamel bracelets to modern leather and high-end diamond bracelets, this brand has a unique spectrum of jewelry design. This brand eliminates mass production and prefers mid-size workshops that specialize in hand-made jewelry pieces.

Cultural icons like Jane Birkin and Grace Kelly have been often spotted wearing Hermès.

7. Buccellati:

Buccellati is a famous Italian watch design and jewelry company with multiple stores in London, Paris, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. This brand is famous for its elaborate and embellished gemstone jewelry. Buccellati has featured many reminiscent designs of the Old Hollywood and Art Nouveau era.

This brand has an exquisite collection of animal and insect design collections such as pearl dragonflies and gemstone peacocks. Their recent collections like ‘Gemstone Cocktail Rings’ witnessed worldwide appreciation.

8. Tiffany & Co.:

Founded in New York in the year 1837, Tiffany& Co., is often known as the queen of jewelry. The innovative designs and high-quality diamonds form the base of this heritage brand. Its luxurious silver and diamond collection celebrates the theme of dreams and romance.

The Tiffany Blue Box is a popular collection of the brand. It is a six-claw exquisite diamond ring that features the unique Tiffany Setting. Each piece of Tiffany’s collection ensures a timeless charm that is hard to find elsewhere.

9. Cartier:

This legendary designer brand set its foot in 1847, in Paris. Cartier was called the king of jewelers by the Prince of Wales. For hundreds of years, this brand has maintained its image by offering some of the best jewelry pieces.

Many celebrities and members of the royal members have been loyal to the brand. The Trinity collection of Cartier is famous worldwide. This collection combines rose gold, gold, and platinum into a single piece of ring.

Whether you are looking for contemporary designs or high-end jewelry, this brand portrays outstanding craftsmanship in all.

10. Gucci:

The unmatched Italian craftsmanship and fashion sense of Gucci are renowned across the globe. Guccio Gucci founded this brand in Florence in 1921. Gucci is famous for its perfect blend of Italian creativity with luxury.

Gucci has been functioning as a glamorous and upscale brand for nearly a century. This brand is a symbol of luxury, status, pride, and wealth. Many fashionistas and celebrities swear by this designer brand.

Their iconic collection of Flora is inspired by blooming flowers. The collection portrays feminine glamour and includes earrings, engagement rings, and pendants. It features the blend of rose-gold tone, 18-carats, and the charm of pure white gold.

11. Boucheron:

The Kering Group of France founded this brand in 1858. It has designed some of the most precious watches, jewelry, and perfumes. Bucheron is now a renowned international brand with multiple stores in China, Korea, the United States, Russia, and Europe.

Bucheron has always maintained its unparalleled craftsmanship of fine jewelry and statement pieces. The Pensée de Diamants is one of its most iconic pieces that deliver a message of love and yearning. The meticulously sculpted ring delivers a captivating light play and brilliance of craftsmanship.

12. Garrad:

A British centennial jeweler company, Garrad was founded in 1735. Queen Victoria awarded the title of ‘crown jeweler’ to this brand. Garrad served the British royal family for years and designed magnificent pieces of crowns.

To meet the tastes and high status of its clientele, Garrad uses precious gemstones to create some extraordinary jewelry designs. ‘The Gun’, the limited edition of Garrad helped it to establish a global name. The Gun edition is limited to only four pieces throughout the world.

13. Chopard:

Chopard is a famous Swiss brand offering luxury watches and designer jewelry. Louis-Ulysse Chopard founded this brand in 1860, in Jura, Switzerland. This brand was initially renowned for its high-end superior watches.

Chopard brings a blend of poetry and romance in their style. Their designer jewelry pieces are dynamic and fashionable while making way for traditional craftsmanship. Chopard was even the official partner of the most popular Cannes Film Festival.

14. Mikimoto:

Mikimoto Kokichi founded this jewelry brand in 1899.  Famous for its luxurious pearls, the first store of Mikimoto was opened in Tokyo. Later the brand expanded to Paris, Bombay, London, New York, and multiple other popular cities of the world.

Known for its elegant yet simple pearl designs, this Japanese brand is the first to witness international name and fame.

The founder of Mikimoto started the trend of cultured pearls. Many celebrities and known personalities have been a loyal client of the brand owing to their exquisite collection of pearls. After more than a hundred d years of existence, one cannot possibly imagine a pearl business without Mikimoto.

15. Graff:

Laurence Graff started his career at the age of 15 where he served as an apprentice to a famous jeweler. By 1960, Laurence Graff established his own designer jewelry company. The brand later branched out to multiple stores in London.

Graff is famous for its work of buying and resetting popular pieces of diamonds. He worked on some famous diamonds including the Wittelsbach diamond, Lesotho Promise diamond, and Wallis Simpson’s diamond set.

The brand has been designing some of the biggest and elaborate jewelry designs of diamonds. The precious and unparalleled diamond designs of the Graff are loved by all. Some of their famous pieces are the Delaire Sunrise and the Graff Pink. Melania Trump, the late Princess Diana, LMFAO are some of the famous wearers of the brand.

Final Thoughts

Our listed top 15 brands will add a touch of royalty to your jewelry collection. Each of these designer jewelry pieces come with different meanings. 

Every woman must own at least one of these classic statement pieces to make people stand and stare. These top 15 luxury jewelry brands are worth every penny of your investment and can seamlessly blend with your personality.

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