Do Scar Removal Creams Really Work?

Living with scars is not easy. Learning to live with scars and dealing with the stares is even harder. A single scar can change your life overnight. You lose your self-confidence and become reclusive. You do not want to venture out and face others lest they comment on your scar. You become highly self-conscious and start hating yourself and curse the incident over and over again that caused your scarring.

In a moment of desperation, you turn to over the counter products or online to find creams and gel that might fade the scars away and being back your sunny personality. You will be stalking forums and skincare blogs, and before long you will be obsessed with now and then videos. You will be disappointed quite a few times when you buy a new cream hoping it to be the one magical cream that does it for you.

There is scar removable cream on Amazon available over the counter that promises to give you quick results, within 2 weeks, but you should know better. It’s a hoax, no cream or gel can reduce or fade away scars with such a short time. It will take months before you see any changes. Your skin needs time to heal; it does not happen overnight. If you keep that in mind and choose the right formula cream for your scars, you can see positive results in a few months. Remember, patience is the key.

What Causes A Scar?

You develop a scar when your skin tissue has been damaged. As the skin heals and the collagen leads to fiber re-growth, you develop scarring that can be red, raised or even shiny depending on what the injury was and what caused it. For example, for burns and all the scars are typically shiny. Scars caused by minor injuries will fade in time, but scars caused by serious injuries may cause much more serious damage to your skin tissue, and it may take longer for it fades. Although every other scar fades with time, you if you want to speed up the fading process some creams can help with that. Do not pick just any scar cream from over the counter shops; look for creams with silicone formulas or creams and gels that have vitamin E and allantoin as its primary ingredient. These ingredients have been clinically proven actually to work on scars and reduce discoloration.

Silicone formulas are more effective than any other formulas, but if you want to stay away from that and opt for a more natural formula, there are also plenty of options in that category.  

How Do The Ingredients Help With The Scars?

Gels and creams containing silicones have hydrating characteristics. The silicone in the product not only hydrates your skin but at the same time, it flattens the scarring making it look less pronounced. The ingredient has been clinically proven to have a major effect on the reduction of collagen in the skin, which is the primary cause of discoloration. Vitamin E oils and allantoin are also clinically proven for effectively removing scars and marks be it keloid scars, burn scars or even pesky acne scars. They also have hydrating characteristics that make healing faster.

While using this gels and creams, do not forget to moisturize your skin twice daily. These gels and creams should not replace moisturize in your skincare regime, as they are not a substitute for a moisturizer. Even though they have healing properties, they are not particularly meant to rejuvenate the skin. So do not skip that moisturizer. Using moisturizers will speed up the healing process.

Depending on your skin, pick a moisturizer and stick to it. It is recommended to use a light moisturizer in the day and heavy moisturizer at night before going to bed to keep your skin young and healthy.

Scar Removal Gels And Creams Alone Will Not Fade The Scars.

If you rely completely on scar removal creams, you cannot expect to see positive results in the future. Sticking to a regime that involves not only scar removal gels and creams but other skincare products is very important. You have to be extremely disciplined to follow the skincare routine daily every day, and you will be rewarded with a lot less discoloration in a few weeks. Along with that, you need to have a proper sleeping schedule. When you sleep, your skin heals so yes, beauty sleep is a thing. 

Other Alternatives

If you have used scar removal creams with no effect, you may need to look another way. You can get a procedure called subsection done if the scar is stubborn, at your dermatologist or plastic surgeon. In this process, a hypodermic needle will be used to loosen up the tissue damaged by the injury beneath the skin. Another option is to get a steroid shot or a cortisone injection at the scarred spot. You can also get fillers and opt for chemical peels to reduce scarring. If you opt for chemical peels at home, please make sure that you know what you are doing. While it may help with the fading of scars, if something goes wrong, you may end up with a much worse chemical burn.

If you have a fear of needles, then it goes without a saying that these two methods are not for you.

What Can You Do To Prevent Scarring?

Apply the scar removal cream or ointment every single day to let it work on the discoloration. But before you apply the cream, always clean the scan or the wound to make sure that it is clean and keep the skin well hydrated.

Resist yourself from picking the spot or the scab. It could take all your will power to prevent from picking, but it will reduce the chances of scarring. Once you pick and pop, the skin around the wound or the acne will get even more irritated, and your habits will cause more harm to the already sensitive and delicate skin tissue, resulting into a more deeper indented scar.

Do Not Forget To Apply Sunscreen

It is extremely vital that the scarred spot is not exposed or receives minimal exposure to the rays of the sun. As you already know, sunrays are incredibly harmful to your skin, and once exposed to these rays; the blemish could get darker, resulting in prolonged discoloration. To reduce the chances or prolonged discoloration, make sure that you are wearing a sunblock whenever you head out. Using umbrellas, wearing hats and sunglasses and full-sleeved clothes will also help.

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