Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy: If you have problems controlling alcohol consumption, there are a lot of issues that you will face on your way. Especially for women, during pregnancy alcohol consumption is extremely dangerous not only for the pregnant mother but also for the fetus. Alcohol can freely pass through the placenta and reach your baby, which is extremely hazardous and lead to a number of complications during birth as well as later development of the baby. If you drink while pregnant to increase the probability of your baby to be born with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Prenatal exposure to alcohol can lead to numerous complications that all covered within the term Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

Effect Of Alcohol On A Foetus 

The main feature of pregnancy is the fact that this is the time when a lot of broken development takes place. The central nervous system, heart, arms, and legs development takes place in the first four weeks of pregnancy, and this development continues throughout the prenatal period. By the end of the third month, the brain of the baby starts to develop, which continues too much you are both physical as well as in functionality. The most rapid growth takes place around the third trimester of your pregnancy, and if you drink too much during this period of growth and development, you will expose your child to a lot of danger and hazard.

Pregnant mothers who drink regularly or subject themselves to binge drinking can lead to the development of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. One such syndrome grasps the life of your baby; it will have an enduring influence on every aspect of your child. There will be expected stunted growth and physical, mental, and neurological aspects of your child or even lead to birth defects.

Alcohol and Pregnancy

If you are planning to conceive or have already designed, and has problems with drinking; you must surely seek help because no child deserves to be born with such a severe congenital disability. The following information will widen your knowledge as to why it is so harmful to drink during pregnancy.

  • The placenta is the link between your baby and you. This is a channel used by a baby to receive outstanding food and nutrients from you and also ejects its waste product through you. Like food material, alcohol can travel through the placenta to your baby. So, essentially, when you drink, your baby consumes the alcohol as well. As the baby is smaller than a grown adult, alcohol breaks down much slower in the fetus than in an adult. This means that the Alcohol will remain in the baby’s blood much longer than it would in the mother. This means that it will have a much more everlasting effect in the child and will potentially lead to more significant harm I’m your child even in the later years of development.
  • Teratogens are substances that are potentially dangerous to your fetus in the prenatal period or even in the later stages. Alcohol is known to be a teratogenic substance and should be avoided at all cost during pregnancy.
  • If you think that a little bit of beer or wine won’t be a problem for the fetus because it contains such a small amount of alcohol, you are wrong. All alcoholic drinks are dangerous for the fetus because there is no known safe amount that is recommended. If you have a problem trying to quit alcohol, you must seek help no matter what.

Seeking Help

The reason why it is essential to seek help for your alcoholism is that sometimes no matter how much you try, it gets very difficult to get over your addiction. Addiction is a genetic and physiological precondition which is regulated by the pleasure centers of your brain, which makes it very difficult to give up on things that give you pleasure. There is nothing to be ashamed of your alcoholism as most places and centers fully understand that no matter how much you try, this problem simply won’t resolve.

Actually, seeking help is the first step in getting better. It is your body and brain being alert of the existence of a problem. When you visit an alcohol rehab center, they will try to get you over your addiction in the safest and the most scientific manner possible. While there will be some trying days and some challenging conditions on your way, if you are genuinely motivated and try your best to keep yourself out together, there will be a day that you will be free of your alcohol dependency. You will be put on a stringent medical detox in an accurate manner and also be provided with guidance and counseling to keep you motivated and dedicated throughout the process.

Alcohol Rehab For Pregnant Women 

While Pregnancy is a fantastic time, many women face the dangers of trying to get over their alcohol addiction. While it is agreeable that it is not an easy process, it is not impossible if you seek help from the correct place. There are many alcohol rehab centers that place their primary attention to pregnant women and get try to get their addiction out of the way. If you are facing such a hurdle, it is best to ask for help from a rehab center as it is the clearest way to help you with your pregnancy journey. As your alcoholism can be a significant barrier in childbirth and lead to many hazards such as placental abruption, stillbirth, premature birth, developmental defects, sudden infant death syndrome, and small head size or in extreme cases, miscarriage, it is best to get over your addiction. While the alcohol rehab will help you solve the problems of your alcoholism, it will also give you the nutrients that are beneficial as well as required for you and your baby during pregnancy.

Alcohol Detox

The first step that you will be subjected to in an alcohol rehab center is detox, which essentially means clearing your system from any remnants of alcohol. The detox methods are dependent on the substance that has been abused, the duration of abuse, and the mental status of the mother. Pregnant mothers who have been abusing alcohol for a long time should seek an in-patient option because then any other risk such as miscarriage during withdrawal. The rehab center may take the help of various medications that are safe for consumption during pregnancy in order to take charge of your addiction. However, after detox, has to be owed by comprehensive counseling and guidance from proper psychologists that are provided by the rehab center itself.

Pregnancy is a beautiful time and promises a beautiful life ahead. However, there are some things that you have to keep in mind which have to be dealt with caution. If you have a history of substance or alcohol abuse, it is time to take hold of the addiction and throw it out of your life for the sake of your baby. Doing this is difficult on your own, and you must hence seek help. Alcohol rehab centers are here to help you and provide a sustainable option for your future. Get the help you need now and plan a beautiful life ahead!

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