10 Best Earrings for Baby Girls with Safety Backs

In their early years, girls love to play with Barbie dolls; Dressing them up and doing their perfect makeovers. When they grow up they learn to dress themselves up neatly but that is not much fun. But when these young women get their own baby dolls in their hands, they dream of making her look like priceless princesses. They dream about dressing them up in the best way like they used to do with the Barbie. So beautiful is the story of a mother and daughter. They share a bond like no one else!

Every parent wishes to get the best things for their child. They wish that only good things flow into the lives of their young ones. They never want anything or anyone to harm their toddlers. All they do is protect them from any harm or dangers. While dressing their young baby girls, moms’ are very careful to not hurt their sensitive skin. The most difficult task for mothers is to find the most suitable products which are skin friendly and safe for their children. The cost of making them look beautiful is certainly not pain!

Earrings adorn the beautiful baby ears to make them look prettier. But the problem with earrings is that is they are made up of some metallic substance, it may harm the sensitive ears. The material should be skin friendly. Also, the babies are not responsible enough to take care of themselves and their belongings. So, it’s the responsibility of the parents to choose the products which have relevant safety measures.

10 Best Earrings for Baby Girls With Safety Screw Back

Buying Guidelines for Baby Earrings with Safety Backs

Below is a list of guidelines which the parents need to keep in mind while choosing the best baby earrings:

Weight: Weight of the earrings should be the first thing to be taken under consideration. To make the earrings comfortable keeping in mind the baby’s ease, the earrings should be lightweight. Heavy earrings should be avoided as they can cause pain in ears or even problems like swelling in the ears of the kids.

Metallic Substance: The metal with which earrings need to be made should be rash free and anti-allergic. They should lightweight and rust free to increase durability.

Laboratory Testing: The materials should be laboratory tested so that they do not cause any harm to the sensitive skin of babies.

Design: The design for earrings for your baby should be simple and small. Hangings and danglers should be avoided as they would be difficult to manage and also increase weight. Simple small designs look pretty on baby girls.

Safety Back: It is always preferable to buy earrings with safety backs for baby girls. This would prevent them from getting lost. Also, earrings with safety backs are easy to manage.

Soft Safety Back: The safety back should be soft instead of hard metallic one. If its metallic then it should be of a softer material which does not hurt the ear in any way.

Here are the 10 Best Earrings for Baby Girls with Safety Backs

1. DESIMTION 18K White Gold Plated Round Stud Earrings:

Plated with 18-carat white gold, this 8 mm studded earrings are sure to make your baby girl look like a princess. They are created with white fire opal. People believe that opal represents hope and luck. The best part is they are tarnishing free and also nickel free making it most suitable for sensitive ears like that of a baby. This fashion accessory is a must-have if you wish to make your baby girl shine. It will stay with you forever. It also has a back lock to keep it safe and prevent it from getting lost. This is one fashion accessory that must be there in your closet!

What makes it special?

  • Its elegant style
  • Tarnish and nickel free, hence long lasting.
  • Lightweight, so comfortable to wear

2. Flower Stud Earrings:

These 18k gold plated flower earrings look priceless when worn in the ears of your baby girl. The pink or purple flowers dazzle on the small soft skin to make her ears looks gorgeous. The best part about these earrings is that they are hypo allergic, that is, rash free. What could be better than this for your baby girl? All the careful mothers can buy this product without even giving it a second thought. The product has safety back closure for comfortable and secured everyday wear. This product will last long with you. Its lightweight and beautiful design make it a must buy accessory for everyone.
What makes it special?

  • Hypoallergic
  • Rash free material
  • Laboratory tested for sensitive ears.

3. Dainty Minimalism 14k Gold Screw Back Cat Earrings:

This glamorous piece of cat earrings comprised of 14k rose gold and beautiful carvings will be an excellent fit for your baby star. Its center height of 8 mm, the width of 4 mm and a strong clutching gold screw back further add feathers to its cap. The beauty of your little princess is sure to be enhanced by the blossoming details of this earring. The lightweight and good finishing will be of great comfort for the feathery ears of your little one. Not compromising on quality, these trendy earrings by WSI are a perfect piece of quality artwork with great reviews and great return policies.
What makes it special?

  • Lightweight and can be worn for long durations
  • Superior quality
  • Pretty design and beautiful carving

So what are you waiting for hurry up and grace the golden chance to get gifting this beautiful piece for your loved ones!

4. Infinity Safety Baby Girls Stud Earrings:

This beautiful piece of Pascollato jewelry of size 8 mm × 2 mm will be a great stylish comforter for the delicate ears of your little one. These gorgeous infinity shaped earrings, made of stainless steel will surely prove to be very durable and non-allergic for the sensitive ears too. Regarding the comfort, it’s a strong screw back feature provides a perfect fit and abates the common danger of losing any precious stud. It also has a highly polished surface which retains a lifelong luster and beautiful shine, thereby making your little girl the center of attraction in any event for gathering.  This comforting piece is a must companion of your child’s ears, so don’t miss the chance and get this exclusive item added to your card immediately.
What makes it special?

  • Durable and rust-free earrings
  • Polished and beautiful look
  • Perfect fitting and greater comfort

5. Dainty Flat Flower 14k Solid Gold Stud Screw Back Earrings:

This pretty delicate pair of flat flower earrings by WSI is a boon for your child’s sensitive ears. Coated with 14k yellow gold, its graceful appearance is good enough to catch the attention of anyone’s eyes. It comes in a perfect size of 5.5 mm x 5.5 mm along with an elegant flowering look at the top. Not only its looks but also its safety measures are taken care of deliberately. It is an efficient screw back which will keep a grasping hold on the stud. This fruitful piece is sure to make your little fashion icon the limelight of any exclusive occasion. So don’t wait for another time and shop this gift for your loving girl child.

What makes it special?

  • Shining gold appearance
  • Better screw back to prevent it from falling
  • Perfect size and flowering look

6. Girls Stud Heart Earrings:

Waiting for a marvelous accessory or some sort of amazing earrings? Well then, to your disclosure, WSI has launched a magnificent piece of heart-shaped stunning earrings. Its appropriate size of 6.2 mm by 6.8 mm and the central admiration of a beautiful heart shape is good enough to catch the hold of everyone’s eyes. Amidst all the other good features the best ones include its fine artwork, elegant look, greatly secured screw back, and the pretty gem work-what else do you look for in a piece of earrings? The embedded cubic zirconia gem is well renowned for bringing good healing powers and great happiness, especially to the younger ones. So let this beautiful piece endure your child’s beauty and make them blossom everywhere.

What makes it special?

  • Fine artwork and beautiful shape
  • Secured screw back
  • Pretty gem work
  • Appropriate size

7. 18G Stud Earrings Set:

The Zhiyaor has added to its collection, a beautiful piece of stud earrings for women. These earrings are made up of stainless steel with an aim to prevent all sorts of allergic reactions to your skin. The earrings are a two-tone freedom-setting accessory with Czech crystal and Rhinestone metal, both of which are known for their beautiful luster. Equipped with a strong gripping screw back, these earrings are comfortable for your sensitive ears. It is an 18-gram piece, suitable for use both as an ear hole and cartilage earrings, and provided with strongly fitting sparkling crystal that won’t fall off. An extra smooth layer has been coated over the crystal balls to give them an admirable appearance. It is an elegant piece which is durable, beautiful, and comfortable and hence deserving enough to become a part of your closet.

What makes it special?

  • Soft on all skin types
  • Long lasting luster and coating
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Made with Czech crystal and Rhinestone metal

8. Round Disk Studs:

These elegant looking earrings are surely the best baby girl earrings in the market. They have the perfect size according to the small ear size, that is, 4 mm. these are made up of 14k yellow gold which makes it shiny and lustrous. This unique design gives a perfect look to your baby girl. These earrings are made up of premium quality material which is tested to be suitable for the sensitive skin of toddlers. They are a perfect choice for everyday wear. Parents can blindly trust this product for their young ones as these are safe, durable and look mesmerizing.

What makes it special?

  • Perfect size
  • Durable quality
  • Elegant design
  • Soft safety back metal

9. Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated 2mm Basket Set Stud:

What could be more royal or prettier than a rhodium-plated pair of earrings? These 2mm*2mm nickel free earrings are a must-have in your closet. They have an elegant design and a perfect shape for fitting in your baby girls ears. The screw-back helps to keep the earring safe. The quality is undoubtedly supreme and these earrings will definitely last long. The earrings are made up of 92.5% sterling silver and rhodium plating, giving them a perfectly fine sparkling finish. They are tarnish free and their shine would remain as it is for long durations. They are delicate yet so pretty. The elegance is incomparable!

What makes it special?

  • Delicate
  • Elegant design and look
  • Tarnish free
  • Sparkling finish

10. 18K White Gold Plated Clear Crystal Leaf Feather Ear Jacket Earrings:

With a unique shape and sparkling material, these are surely the best earrings you can buy for your baby girl. The teardrop shape with handpicked crystals on it makes it worth having. It is a refined piece of jewel that can beautify the ear of the wearer a hundred times. Moreover, the material is nickel-free and lead-free, thereby making it safe for use. It’s hypoallergic and hence harmless for daily use. Also, DOKINCIK is one of the most trustworthy brands that has long been known as the finest jewelry maker. This marvelous creation is a must-have. The bright color unique design and light delicate weight make it a perfect fit for a baby’s sensitive ears. While buying this, you don’t need to give second thoughts about the quality of the product.

What makes it special?

  • Lead and nickel free material
  • Shiny surface
  • Handcrafted crystals used in making
  • Graceful look


We hope that by now you would have made up your mind to find the perfect pair of earrings for your doll. If not, then do it soon. Let your doll be the eye-turner in every party you go to. Make her look elegant and pretty in the perfect stud earrings.  Choose the type that perfectly suits your doll’s face shape, complexion, style, and appearance. Make your baby girl look even more charming with the prettiest earrings for her. Dress her up like you did your Barbie doll!

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