10 Easy Steps To Choose The Eternity Ring

Presenting diamond jewelry gifts is a timeless process of expressing your appreciation and love for someone. When you celebrate your promotion, birthday, anniversary, or any other prime milestone, a luxurious diamond always guarantees that the instance is one to recall.

Easy Steps To Choose The Eternity Ring

Anyway, what if you’re searching for choices apart from a wedding or engagement ring? Options expressing your passion on a similar grandiose level? You can think about Larsen Eternity Rings

What are Eternity Rings?

Eternity Rings are rings consisting of precious metals and designed with a string of gemstones like diamonds. These gemstones wrap over the circumference of the entire band, and the diamond is generally cut identically.

Conventionally, the continuous diamond loops present on eternity rings define eternal love and affection. Precisely, these rings form an ideal present to symbolize a romantic event such as a wedding anniversary. Nevertheless, the eternity rings aren’t just for an anniversary purpose but are perfect for several different lifetime events like holidays, promotions, birthdays, and many more.

Eternity Rings History

With no end and no beginning, rings have been the symbol of eternal love for several centuries. Rings are gifted as a token of love, worn on the left hand’s ring finger, i.e., the second finger from the left. It is a tradition introduced by the Romans who think this finger has the Vein of Love or Vena Amoris, which directly connects to the heart. Though a Romantic myth, putting an eternity ring on the ring finger continues in most contemporary cultures.

The first recognized eternity ring pre-exists since The Ancient Egyptians and 2000 BC. The Egyptians did not certainly utilize the ring as a sign of special occasion, but the gifted as eternal life and love symbol. These former eternity rings examples were commonly plain rings of metal set along with a stone. At the same time, others depicted a snake engulfing its tail, an ordinary sigh representing eternity.

10 Simple Steps to Choose your Desirable Eternity Ring

Understanding the symbolism: 

The particular eternity rings with diamonds are not the only jewelry you present to your soulmate. It owns unique meaning and significance, so gifting it to your romantic partner arrives with a lifelong commitment promise.

Thus, you should purchase and gift to your partner if you’re very sure regarding your feelings towards one another and cannot wonder a life leaving them behind. The eternity ring design history dates back to the late 2000 BC, over the Ancient Egyptians time.

This indicates that for over 4000 millennium years, they’ve been known as a genuine sign of true love. So, it as a gift to an individual needs surety and commitment concerning feelings.

The Stone:

Once you’re confident regarding the occasion and person for whom you desire to purchase a beautiful eternity ring, the following thing you can consider is the type of stone that shall feature your eternity ring.

While conventionally, all the eternity rings for partners should feature a half or full diamond line to save costs, thereby adding additional visual status to this ring, you may also choose other gemstones. Several distinctive eternity bands and rings feature sapphires, emeralds, rubies, or surprisingly, a union of all of them!

The Style:

It is time to look for the substantial style varieties in which eternity bands and rings arrive today. You’ll find Emerald carved eternity bands, oval engraved eternity bands, pear-shaped eternity bands, dual halo cushion engraved engagement rings, and many more.

Naturally, you’ll likely wish to go via all the styles and pick out the one which suits your partner and you the most. You can also try the diamond solitaire eternity band. This unique style has received enough popularity in the last few months.


After you complete the previous three decisions, the following step to regard is Eternity ring types. There are two eternity rings kinds: full and half. Full eternity bands and rings give a fuller appearance, can be less comfortable when you wear them, particularly when the stones utilized lie towards the bulkier area.

A full eternity band or ring shall carry your stone choice, which moves throughout the line surrounding the ring without an ending or starting point. Thus it gives a ring its title- eternity ring.

You may even go for half eternity rings that have stones running over the band’s face. A half eternity ring is generally easy to size and build, accordingly forming it more economical.

Moreover, along with a long diamond line, a full eternity ring is more expensive than half. Thus, it is advisable to consider the ring-type while picking the most suitable one for yourself and your partner.

Metal Type:

Regardless of the ring style you choose, the type and metal color primarily impact the ring’s overall appearance. Diamond eternity bands and rings are usually purchased with a platinum or white gold metal choice, yet there are several other famous metal kinds.

The yellow gold choice, for instance, advances extremely fine with diamonds because they ideally enhance the bright emphasis and luster offered by the stone. Furthermore, ladies preferring a more pleasing appearance to the jewelry, the choice of rose gold functions brilliantly as it holds a tender style that appears simple on one’s eyes. It shows up without being very tacky or shiny.

Notably, experts recommend you to go for emerald carved eternity rings Rose gold choice since it has achieved immense admiration over these recent years.

Ring settings:

Eternity Ring Band settings are another step which you’re left to manage solo. This is due to the specific advantages of each setting type; the person results all have particular durability and beautiful related attributes. So, one should observe and analyze for discovering the one setting which complements your purposes the most. Furthermore, these are ideal anniversary ring settings for your friends and family.

The customary claw-setting, often called prong-setting, permits the most light to go through, thereby getting reflected in the gemstone. Nevertheless, it isn’t the most controlled setting obtainable.

The current channel-setting is enough durable and steady over the prong setting, yet it doesn’t permit the equal light quantity to be reflected. It functions by creating a channel on the ring edges above which the diamond line is engraved. 

Lastly, Bar-decked eternity bands hold metal bars along with diamonds vertical to the ring band. You can only utilize this embellishment for equal size stones, and time and again, the bars are much a design portion as the gemstones themselves.


Rings are obtainable in width from 2 mm to 4 mm. Most of the eternity bands and engagement rings are around 3 mm in width. There lie several physical attributes of the user which one should consider for being sure regarding the ring width. So this is something which the person buying the ring can do.

Ring Profile:

It is the kind of stone size which you use that shall ascertain the ring profile. So for hefty stones, additional depth is required on the ring while other bands can function better, lacking an equal depth amount in the shape of the ring.

Ensuing the previous convention is crucial, as else the ring may appear awkward and have a lesser ideal shape!


While the previous tricks and tips are vital before purchasing an eternity band or ring, there are few other standard features that one must consider while obtaining an eternity ring.

This concerns the source, purity, and other usual elements recently discussed in this content. So if you wish to buy a diamond eternity ring, it is highly recommended to go through the above steps.


As everyone says, the user’s preferences, tastes, and personalities must be kept in mind while purchasing an eternity band or ring. It will be great to observe the type of jewelry your better half prefers, which she already has, to have a better suggestion regarding the eternity ring type that will perfectly suit her.

When to Gift an Eternity Ring Traditionally?

An eternity ring is conventionally given as a present, often celebrating a significant achievement in romantic relationships or marriage. For instance, it is turning out to be a contemporary tradition to present an eternity ring on some momentous occasions or significant anniversaries.

Eternity rings are commonly given on occasions completing milestone marriage anniversary like a silver, golden jubilee. However, these eternity bands can even by presents for:

Valentine’s day

  • Childbirth
  • Special birthdays
  • Hanukkah, Christmas, and other vacations
  • Retirement
  • Occasions of an exhilarating milestone

Wrapping Up

If you’re searching for an unforgettable, unique present for your better half, an eternity ring is an ideal thing to buy. Indeed, buying diamond rings sometimes feels like a huge responsibility. One has to consider several steps or factors, like size, price, quality, and style. However, the Foremost decision to purchase an eternity ring is simply the initial step in a list of alternatives, to begin with, your purchase.

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