12 Easy Tips To Prevent Dry Skin in Winter

For some people, the cool and fresh days of winter season carry not just a rosy shine to the cheeks, but also carry unpleasant dryness to the skin of the hands, feet and face. For many, the situation is worse than simply a common stiff, dry feeling i.e. they find skin so dried up that it may start coming off, cracking, possibly even gets swollen.

Dry skin may cause due to a lack of vitamin A, vitamin D, extreme sunburn, certain medicine or even systemic sickness thus, it becomes very important to know how to prevent dry skin.  Exterior dry skin could be related to climatic conditions – it happens to be serious in the winter which is relevant to a reduction in the relative moisture and dry air from heating methods.

 Few Easy Tips To Prevent Dry Skin In Winter

how to prevent dry skin in winter season

Use Moisturizer:

You might have seen a moisturizing cream that actually works properly in summer or spring season. However when climate conditions changes, so must your skin care plan should. Get an “ointment” moisturizing cream which is oil-based, instead of water-based, since the oil would build a protecting coating on the skin layers that holds much more moistness compared to a lotion or cream.

Hydrate your Skin Layer:

To keep your skin healthy you should be well hydrated inside and also outside. Consume 8-10 glasses of water daily. Avoid excessive caffeine, tea as well as soft drinks that work as negative agents.

Preserve your Skin Layer Outdoors:

Whenever you are going outside the house, always keep your skin nicely covered to preserve it from the blowing wind and cold weather. This will avoid cool activated dehydration. Shifting between indoor and outdoor may likewise spots a stress on the humidity measure of the skin, so it is therefore essential to dress up properly in each spaces.

Preserve your Arms:

Put on rubber gloves on your hands when you use soaps and washing agents that wash away humidity from your skin layers. Constantly, at all times wear gloves outside. When you acquire moisture free hands it is extremely tough to keep them from cracking or bleeding.

Have a Wise Bath:

Bathing takes away natural skin oils which preserve the skin layers. Stop bathing everyday if at all possible. Make use of lukewarm, not very hot water whenever bathing, along with an extremely gentle body scrub. Choose a bath over a shower if possible then put a few virgin olive-oil or virgin coconut oil in the bath water. Damp your skin soon after the shower or bath with a rich moisturizing lotion to trap water in. Virgin coconut oil is a superb natural option. It may seem oily when initially applied however it works its way into the skin layers.

Care for the Lips:

Stop licking your lips or even pushing lips jointly, omitting saliva behind. Saliva is acidic (to help out burn meals for absorption) thereby dehydrating to the slim skin on lips. Use an ointment or even chap stick which is unflavored to avoid the chance of licking it off.

Scale Off:

Scale off your skin over the whole body at least one time weekly applying a fiber sponge to eliminate dead skin-cells. This may have a spark to your skin layer and also motivate the formation of completely new nutritious skin-cells.


Sun rays damage is amongst the major reasons behind dry skin, facial lines, and also roughness. You may avoid that harm by using a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sun screen lotion year-round or dressing correct.

In cold climate, be sure to dress in sheets to avoid overheating and sweating too much; both together might annoy the skin.

To avoid dry lips in winter season, apply a lip ointment with SPF 15 sunscreen, and then cover up your lips with a scarf or maybe a hat with a face mask.

Use Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is quite helpful for the treatment of dry skin. It bears a lot of high fat acids which make to get back any kind of lack of moisture from your skin.

Initially put on hot coconut oil all around your body before sleeping. Rinse it off next morning. Try this every day to help make your skin smooth and soft.

Otherwise, Use coconut oil to prevent dry skin once you have a shower or may be bath. Whenever the skin is soothing and elastic from your shower, coconut oil is much more easily ingested. Try this every day.


Avocado is full of high-fat acids, vitamins, or minerals which help develop skin from inside. Higher vitamin A substance is helpful in skin preservation as well as restore to recover soft and glossy skin.

Smash the pulp of an avocado into a soft liquid paste. Massage the paste all around your dry skin. Allow it to sit down on your skin for 10-15 minutes then wash it off with cold water. Do the same method one time every day.

Mash one-half of a fresh avocado then mix in one-half glass of honey. Place the mix on your dry skin and allow it to stay for about 15 minutes before washing it off. Use this facial mask a few times weekly. Never apply more frequently than that.

You may also consume a cup of an avocado smoothie every day to improve the consumption of nutritious body fats which will help maintain your skin moisturized and humid.

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Drink Plenty of Water to Hydrate Skin From Inside:

So long as you are nutritious inside, you will appear healthful outside – which contains obtaining flexible, hydrated skin. Experts says, “A nutritious way of life is essential,” Have plenty of water, have meals properly, workout, and also reduce stress levels to maintain your brain, entire body which makes skin healthful.

Take into account your skin, and also the way that you are doing, present it to. Slightly excess TLC daily may preserve skin from dryness and also encourage it to shine.

Oil up Your Feet:

Indeed, all those minty feet creams are beautiful in the warm summer season, however, in the winter season, your feet require more powerful products. Aim choosing products that contain petroleum jelly and glycerin alternatively. And also make use of exfoliates to acquire the dead skin off routinely ; which enables any kind of moisturizing creams you utilize to drain in quicker and better.

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