Top 10 Most Expensive Handbag Brands

When it comes to handbag brands, the list can go on and on and on depending on the customer and the demography of any place but when it comes to the most expensive handbags all around the world, there are some names that can never be forgotten and are slaying the market with their established quality and trust along with the heavy price tags that are displayed on them. Then be it any place all around the world, these brands have made their mark on the history and future of the fashion world. Some of these fashion brands are decades old and have come out as the perfect handbag brand that almost every girl dreams of owning but given the price tag on them, only a few can actually afford them. There are many brands like this that can make your dreams about them but these 10 most expensive handbag brands are just going to shock and overwhelm you for good.

Here are the 10 Most Expensive Handbag Brands

Most Expensive Handbag Brands Top Handbags Brand Popular and Expensive Handbags

1. Chanel:

Image Source: Chanel

Founded b Coco Chanel in the year 1910 in Paris, this brand has been famous and highly-sought out fashion brand for always. Started with just a small hat shop, the pace of this brand reached heights with its many products like clothes and perfume but now Chanel is the brand known for its handbag ever since when it launched its first quilted leather bag with chain link belt. Having the perfect combination of glamour and class, Chanel is today a well-established luxury brand known for a lot of their products where handbags are one of their main USPs. Getting along with struggle and failure this brand today is counted on as a rand that the world knows for its products and can never be out of the list of 10 most expensive handbag brands all around the world.

2. Fendi:

Image Source: Fendi

Being known initially for its fur garments, this French fashion house also started small but established today as one of the most expensive handbag brands all around the world. Not only the price but the quality and the brand association makes the consumers of Fendi make them feel this way. Known for its versatile designs and leather finishes, Fendi is a brand that displays all good result experiments in their leather products. Be it printed pattern or an unusual color, this brand has always made its handbag stand out beautifully and today marks its position as one of the top 10 expensive handbag brands all around the world. Black along with striped colored rubber beige are Fendi’s classic colors. There are many other Fendi handbags that make it a compulsion for this brand to come in our most expensive handbag list. Like the famous “Baguette” bag inspired by the shape of the brad or the horsehide and pearls used to construct bags that was chosen by many celebrities.

 3. Louis Vuitton:

Image Source: Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is the brand that is founded by Maison Louis Vuitton in the year 1854 in the land of art, Paris. And ever since then this French brand has ambitions of conquering the world by its fashionable products. Elements like adventure and freedom that are depicted by this brand are well displayed carrying the heritage further along with values and invention. Famous for its boldness and perfection the leather goods especially the handbags in this brand are known for these elements along with elegance and class. Bags in this brand come in different themes and inspiration and are different than normal bags. Collections of Louis Vuitton includes many different bags that are pieces of art more than they serve as the utility for a handbag like their waste collection handbag or the cable wire handbag. Even after such collection, it stands today as one of the most expensive handbag brands all around the world.    

4. Hermes:

Image Source: Hermes

Started as a harness shop in Paris even Thierry Hermes, the founder of this brand would have not expected this brand to rule the expensive handbag world today. Growing up and evolving as a French luxury brand, Hermes is known for its luxury products all around the world. the main elements of this brand that make it one on our list of top 10 expensive handbag brands all around the world are its precise detailing, high quality, exquisite craftsmanship, and exotic leather skins. Started with making saddlebags for their consumers, Hermes today offers the most exotic and luxurious handbag products to the world. known for its travel and the world-famous” Birkin bags”, Hermes each Birkin bag costs over $7,000. These handbags are handmade with perfection and the delicate crocodile skin hide makes the handbag one in a thousand. Following the policy of products, Hermes stands on the pillars of quality and refinement which is displayed well in their handbags.

5. Prada:

Image Source: Prada

This Milan based fashion brand was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada. Famous for its leather products, history has the reasons why it is one of the most expensive handbags all around the world. Started with luggage and steamer trunks Prada has not only been a favorite handbag brand in Europe but all over the world. It was also the supplier for the Italian Royal Household because of its quality and the luxurious product it created. It started with making handbags out of Pocono nylon which is a material used to make military tents. Being waterproof and durable it worked like a charm for this brand but as time proceeded, Prada shifted towards elegance and class in their handbags designs. Today Prada clearly displays its brand personality with its handbags that stand out for modern, ambitious and success for the ladies that look forward to life challenging it rather than accepting it as it is.

 6. Mouawad :

Image Source: Mouawad

There can never be any list of top expensive handbags brand in the world without taking the name of Mouawad who owns a Guinness world record in that same field. Founded in the year 1891 in Beirut by David Mouawad, this is the brand that is known for studding diamonds in their products. This brand started with watches making them fancy and adding luxury to it by use of diamonds. They used to cater to the rich and famous customers by offering those customers customized watches, jewelry and handbags. Known more as jewelry and watches brand, when it holds the Guinness world record for a handbag, this is the brand that offers your starvation of expensive handbags a beautiful dream. The handbag for which Mouawad is known all over the world is a heart-shaped clutch that has beautiful and highly valuable diamonds all over it. Also, this brand has been in this market for the third generation that answers all the questions related to the quality and exclusivity of the handbags of this brand.

7. Lana Marks:

Image Source: Lana Marks

Started with her own brand in the 1980s, Lana marks is now a brand that is now well known for her luxurious and expensive handbags all around the world. Started with just a top handle alligator lunch box, today her handbags are very famous and loved by many celebrities including Lady Diana too. The famous Cleopatra handbag of this brand that made its way all to the Oscar was a very big success for this brand marking this brand world known and famous. This brand is not only the most expensive brand for handbags but also is the most exotic when it comes to handbag leather as it deals with the best of the skin then be it American Alligator, lizard, porous crocodile or ostrich. And these exotic skins are combined with the most elegant and ever fashionable accessories to form the handbag that makes it a forever thing for the customers.

8. Judith Leiber:

Image Source: Judith Leiber

Started in 1953 as her own brand, Judith Leiber was one of the handbag brands that were known to go long in the fashion world. Not only does this brand qualifies as the most expensive handbag brands all around the world, this brand has a history related to World War 2 that makes it even more unique and famous. Known for glazy and jazzy handbags, the handbag of this brand includes intricate embroidery and stones along with pearls that make sure that the handbag looks more like a fiction than a reality. Loved by celebrities and the most elite class of consumers, this handbag brand started with making handbags out of leather and silks. If one has to find the elements associated with this brand it has to be the vibrant ingenuity and the old world charm and pragmatism. Covered in crystals and embroidery this handbag brand is the worth the price tag it shows but surely not the one that many of us can afford. There are also many realist designs that were infused for the shape of the handbag like an elephant, watermelon, hot air balloon and even candy shaped handbags covered in colorful crystals.         

9. Gucci:

Image Source: Gucci

Founded in 1920 by Guccio Gucci, this is one of the most known and expensive handbag brands all around the world. Known for its famous bamboo bag with patina, this pattern of bamboo handbag was loved for several years that were created by Gucci. Next in their handbag history is the classic red and green striped on the handbags. This brand also used waterproof canvas and satin to give evening bags the glamorous look. Now with exotic leather in their various handbags, Gucci is a world known and one of the most expensive handbag brands all around the world.  

10. Michael Kors:

Image Source: Michael Kors

Founded in 1981 in the USA, Michael Kors this is the brand that can be known to have served the elite consumers since then. This brand employees exotic skins for the leather of their handbags that makes them unique and expensive. The bags are also sometimes accessorized and made with the care that the consumer should feel satisfied when it comes. Including water snake leather skin and other exotics skin that make this brand unique, this brand also has many most expensive handbags that their costumers love. The elements used in the handbags of this brand include extraordinary products which have amazing designs and quality.

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 So these were 10 of our most expensive handbag brands all around the world which are dreamt of by many and only a few can actually purchase. The pattern of an expensive handbag is totally related to the concept that these brands produce handbags that have exotic skin in them or they have diamonds and crystals that make them unique and very special.  Some brands use the best and softest leather, some get diamonds studded to it and some are trying to convey that everything extraordinary is a form of art that should be embraced. End of the end, these brands are world famous and known for the exclusivity they provide through their product.

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