How to Choose a Flattering Swimsuit for Different Body Types

If you’re trying countless swimwear or endlessly fitting tops and bottoms at stores or online shops, and still can’t find the perfect one for your summer body look, you may not be assessing your body type.

Flattering Swimsuit

To understand how to find the right swimsuit, you need to know your body type. A woman’s body can be categorized as a small bust body type, a larger chest body type, tummy pouch, pear-shaped, or athletic. Once you find which category your body falls in, you can easily bet on swimwear online to find that bathing suit that would look good.

Summer will always be just around the corner, and it only means it’s almost time to bring out some summer pieces you’ve been waiting to wear. There are lots of bathing suit styles on the market, and you know it can be overwhelming to choose one. But to help you go through all the options and find the bathing suit that fits you without taking much time, here are some swimsuit pointers for different body types.

The Right Swimsuit for Different Body Type

Small Bust Body Type:

It can be challenging to find a swimwear that commends your bust. Your best bet is to go for a design that enhances your chest. A blouse with embellishment and horizontal lines or ruffles gives the deceptive appearance of a larger chest. Alternatively, a lifting, push-up, or padded top can provide a little extra and bring out your curves.

Larger Chest Body Type:

Keep in mind that if you have this body type, string bikinis, and bathing tops that come in all sizes (S, M, L) are not something to rely on. Cup sizes and a bikini top with underwire will work better for you. It provides full comfort, brace, and shape you need, so your bust will be in the right direction when you submerge in the water. If you are betting for the most favorable result, v-shaped necklines naturally commend your bust by drawing eyes from top to bottom.

Tummy Pouch or Tummy Issues:

Your best bet to hide tummy pouches or tummy issues is choosing any piece with a plunging neckline. This keeps the attention upward rather than in the mid-section. One trick is also to combine it with swim dresses and one-piece suits, and aesthetic sarongs can be used to keep the focus downward, instead.

Pear-Shaped Body Type:

To balance your body proportions of curvy hips and thighs while smaller at the top, you have to enhance the focus on your bottom half. Skip boy shorts or thick-banded bottom because it puts more attention on the area you are trying to hide. Browse for swimwear online with a plunging neckline or attention-catching top. A bright colored top with solid bottoms commends your bust while reducing the focus on legs and not exaggerating the hips.

Athletic/Fewer curves:

Athletic bodies have fewer curves, more straight up and down. If you have this body type, some styles have the power to flaunt your frame. Choose suits with less coverage to help create the illusion of a shapelier body. Your blouse should be ruffles, horizontal lines, and designs that help create a larger chest. Belts, skirts, and ruffles can give you the appearance of a larger bottom. Go for smaller swimsuit bottoms and avoid side-tie bottoms or triangle tops.

No matter your body type, embrace it. You do not have to worry whether you have large hips, small bust, or a pear-shaped body type. Instead, choose the style that fits you and your body. Knowing your body type can make you feel more satisfied with your choices and improve your experience in wearing a bathing suit.

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