The Rise of the Hair Transplant Abroad Industry

The hair transplant industry has witnessed booming popularity in recent years. With celebrities receiving the surgery, adoption of advanced techniques, raise of awareness, and numerous success stories, it is evident why the industry has been in the limelight. Moreover, after the availability of hair transplant surgery in India or Turkey at extremely low prices, the issue of inflated cost has also started to be a story of the past.

As forecasted by Global Market Insights, the hair transplant market size will grow from $8.1 billion in 2019 to $40 billion in 2026. Whereas Turkey and India are observed as the main contributors in hosting thousands of patients which in turn, leads to stabilizing and boosting the hair transplant industry.

So, what is driving masses toward foreign countries? Are there any pitfalls lurking behind fancy claims? And will the hair transplant industry grow further? Let’s find out!

The Rise of the Hair Transplant Abroad Industry

4 Reasons Behind the Rise of Hair Transplant Abroad Industry

1. Low Cost

The most important reason which brings countries like Turkey or India in a win-win situation as compared to the USA or the UK is a significant cost difference. Where in Canada or the USA the patients are required to pay around $17,500 or $13,610 respectively for a transplant, the total cost drops down to only $2,676 in Turkey or $3,202 in Mexico.

However, this low cost is not generally an indication of poor quality. Since developing countries have low labor costs, the clinics there can earn much at such low prices as well. Also, hair transplant facilities in countries like Turkey are backed by the government which take it as an opportunity to earn foreign exchange.

The availability of all-inclusive packages further eases the arrangements for patients while giving them an estimation of the overall cost they are going to incur. Hence, this all combined together, have proved to be a successful strategy in attracting patients around the globe.

2. Modern Technology Installation

Not only do the clinics abroad allow cutting corners to their patients, but they are also always looking forward to installing the best equipment available. One example of this is the frequent utilization of the DHI technique in India, which is an advancement of the FUE method.

The DHI method involves using a “CHOI implanter pen” to transplant follicles directly in the scalp without needing to open recipient channels. Resultantly, the surgery is made more efficient and less time-consuming. Thereby allowing the surgeons to perform multiple transplants a day so that offering extra discounts is not a problem for them.

3. Adaptation of Latest Marketing Trends

Marketing today is not limited to pamphlets and papers only. Realizing this, the clinics have started utilizing the power of digital marketing. Making websites, using social media platforms and leveraging influencers have by far worked in favor of the transplant industry.

One more thing which convinces the patients to pack their bags and jump on the plane is uploading of patient’s testimonies and before-and-after pictures on Instagram or Facebook. Since people, especially the younger audience, spend a considerable amount of time on such sites, these posts are likely to be seen by them which consequently leads to earning their trust and confidence.

4. A Chance to Travel Abroad

Who hates the idea of receiving surgery along with exploring the charming atmosphere and architectural feat of Istanbul? Or what about spending an evening at the glorious Taj Mahal? Well, we all would love to do that, especially when it’s at the cost of recovering a head full of hair. And this is exactly what appeals to the young tourists. They get the chance of recovering their lost identity plus touring a foreign state, that too at a fraction of what their home country is charging.

Are There Any Risk Factors Involved in Receiving a Surgery Abroad?

In recent times, few stories emerged reporting hair transplant failures. However, generalizing a handful of cases as an alarm to quit taking this opportunity won’t be smart. Instead, we suggest checking the credibility of the clinic you are receiving surgery from. Once verified, there’s nothing much to worry about.

Way Forward 

There are multiple growth drivers behind the hair transplant industry. The abundance of people facing hair loss problems being the most prominent among them. Along with it, the raised awareness, acceptability of men receiving aesthetic surgeries worldwide, and innovations leading to more successful hair transplants are some other reasons. 

Hence, it goes without saying that the hair industry abroad is going to be one of the most growing and successful industries ahead.

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