Halo Hair Extensions – A Detailed Review

Hair extensions are trending this season! You can find them everywhere! And it is good news that the hair extensions are improving day by day! The Halo hair extensions are so in that when you have one; you will fall in love with it. It has become a favorite hair product for the users who purchased it.

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About The Product

The Halo Hair Extensions are the hair extensions made of a top-notch quality that is suitable for all hair colors and types. These hair extensions are thicker as compared to the other brands and are quite easy to attach, and you can wear them all day long without being irritated. Most of the extensions make you feel like you are wearing a wig but the Halo extensions give you a natural look with 100 percent comfort and bounce in the hair.

All the Halo Hair Extensions are made with 100 percent Indian Remy Human Hair, and it is considered to be the best because it is the highest quality product you can find in the market that gives a natural look. It can give you a natural look because the hair cuticles used in the hair extensions are kept close to one another as the non-Remy hair extensions have their hair cuticles stripped away that can give you a version of natural looking fine hair.

Variety Of Halo Hair Extension Colors

When you look at the variety of styles and colors available at Halo Hair Extensions, you will be amazed to see the wide range of products they have. If you are not particular with what color type or style will suit your face, you can click a picture of your natural hair and style and send it to the officials of Halo Hair Extensions, and they will help you find the ideal match for your hair.

When you ask about the quality and durability of the halo hair extension products, you need to know that their quality is something you can hardly find in elsewhere. The hair extensions are made with genuine Indian human Hair or Remy’s hair that will give you a natural look, and you can grab more attention and compliments will be showered on you every time you go out wearing them.

All the expert reviews on the internet will explain to you that the Halo Hair Extensions are the best and there are more than 90 percent positive reviews. You can use them on occasions as well as on your daily routine. You can also wear extensions on your wedding day as there is nothing harm in flaunting beauty! If you have a family gathering or an office party coming up, you can plan to invest in your very first Halo Hair Extension and flaunt your natural looking hair.

How To Use Halo Hair Extensions?

The Halo Extensions are the easiest way you can fake around and grab attention from every corner because they are fun and innovative. These are the products every girl should own, and as they are made of genuine human hair, it comes with great quality. You can easily wear it within minutes, and you are ready to go. The Halo Hair Extensions generally come in the shape of a band and hair attached to it at the back.

You need to wear it as a band and then to take some hair from every side out with a comb and to cover the thin band. You need to buy the Halo that matches your hair color and texture. You can wear your halo within minutes as a pro, and it will stay intact for hours without disturbing you in the middle of the day. You can team it up with a scarf or a side clip or leave it flowing naturally.

If you want to attach the Halo Extension on your ponytail, first of all, tie your hair into a ponytail and secure it with a rubber band. Then, take the extension and clip it on the top of the thin wire. This way it will cover your natural hair from all side, and you need to secure it with a pin then. You can curl your hair, straighten, or style it the way you want along with the extension and stay stress-free of any dangers because they are naturally made and will not damage with hair styling.

How To Maintain The Halo Extensions?

No matter what brand hair extension you buy, if you do not take proper care, the product will deteriorate with regular use. This is the reason you need to maintain your hair extensions just like you do of your natural hair.

  • ShampooingThe most important thing, you need to avoid washing hair extensions with shampoos that have sulfate in them. Find some natural or herbal shampoos without sulfate, and you are good to go.
  • Blow DryingWhen you are using extensions, you need to opt for blow drying instead of air drying. Make sure you have the premium quality blow dryers.
  • CombingYou can comb your extensions before applying it on. You can do it easily from top to bottom but with soft and wide bristled comb.
  • Using HairsprayThe experts at Halo Hair Extensions suggest you use their shampoo and conditioner as well as their conditioning spray instead of traditional hairspray. The halo Hair Hairspray helps in preventing the hair from getting dry and brittle because it does not create natural oil and can damage with another hairspray usage.

You can stay assured of the halo extensions if you take proper care and maintain it well as you do with your natural hair and it can go a long way.

Benefits Of Using Halo Hair Extensions

The halo hair extensions are basically in the form of a ring that you can apply on top of your natural hair. Them, with the help of a comb, you need to pull the hair from the top of the scalp upwards and over the fake hair. When you finish combing your hair out, you will see that the extension wire is not visible anymore and you can experience a beautiful and natural-looking hair. This way, you can flaunt your hair even when you have dull and damaged hair, and halo hair extensions are also helpful when you want to attend board meetings or special functions within minutes.

Some of the benefits of applying halo hair extensions include:

  • They Are SeamlessYou will surely not want other people to know you are wearing extensions. When you cover the extensions from everywhere and make it look natural, they seem to blend with your natural hair.
  • Halo Hair Extensions Incorporate Human HairThe Halo extensions make use of 100 percent natural human hair that is considered to be the topmost quality product extension you can find in the market. When you apply extensions made of natural hair into your existing hair, you can make use of heat treatments, style it the way you want, and wash it just like your hair without thinking about the dangers of hair getting damaged.
  • Easy To Use: You do not have to invest hours in attaching the hair extensions as you can do it easily at your home in minutes. It does not require any expert hands to get attached, and you can easily do it with a comb. You can use it on special occasions, or you can also use it on everyday looks as well. You can wear it in your washroom within minutes and get the best style for the surprise party. There are numerous events or occasions when you can apply the hair extensions and style it the way you want such as weddings, college functions, reunions, etc.
  • A Wide Range Of VarietyThe hair extensions at Halo come in a wide range of colors and styles which means that it will be easy for you in finding the ideal color that matches your existing hair. You can have short, long, and medium hair lengths that can make you tailor your desired hairstyles easily.

If you think you are confused and are not able to find the right fit for your hair, you can take the help of halo experts and buy the ideal match for your hair instantly. All you need to do is take a picture of your hair and send it to them, and they will suggest you the best colors and textures that will go along with your hair type.

Pros And Cons Of Halo Hair Extensions

If you are looking forward to buying the best hair extensions, you need to opt for the Halo Hair Extensions as it can help your hair look beautiful as natural because it is made of 100 per cent natural hair that you can flaunt without letting anyone know that you are putting on fake hair.


  1. Easy to put in. The Halo Hair Extensions are famous because they make it look easy putting on the hair extensions. You will have only one set to place in instead of attaching multiple clips. This can make the entire process of applying for extensions easily and convenient that you can carry it anywhere and use it within minutes.
  2. Get even length and voluminous hair. The Halo Hair Extensions give you an even length and volume of hair. When you apply the individual clips, you will never know if they are placed evenly and whether or not they give you the even level and your hairstyle can look choppy. The Halo Hair Extensions give you an even look, and the Remy hair naturally fits in your hair giving it a beautiful look altogether.


  1. Typically, it is designed to be worn only when your hair is down. It is a major downfall as you can only wear these extensions when your hair is down. The weight of the extension is too much when you put it in the up-dos or ponytails as the seams will partially be visible. If you want hair extensions for up-dos, you can opt for the Halo single or individual clips.
  2. Adding volume where needed is not possible. The halo hair extensions come as complete sets, and you can individually pick some hair strands and attach it in the required areas. You will have to attach it as a whole. This way, you can add volume to the specific areas and add it as a whole.
  3. The more you wash them, the drier and lifeless it becomes. Halo hair extensions are hard to maintain because they are not oiled up very often like your natural hair.

How Long Can The Extensions Last?

The average lifespan of Halo Hair Extension is 5-6 months which means you need to spend a lot of money in a year. The lifespan will depend on how much you use them and how well you maintain them. Do not let the lifespan get you upset as the Halo Hair extensions are considered to be the best hair extensions available in the market and the price you pay is completely worth it. Any upcoming event such as a wedding or an anniversary, use these hair extensions and get the utmost attention as possible from your friends and relatives.


Most women take only 5 minutes to apply the Halo hair extension and style it accordingly. As long as you are maintaining your extensions properly, you should not worry about the quality and damage of the product. You just need to make sure that the product is taken good care of and other than that, you can style it the way you want and flaunt it the best possible way in school or college or office.

If the price is disturbing you, you need to know that the products that are high in quality are generally expensive and if you want you can buy the cheaper synthetic products easily available in the market and regret later. Buying an expensive hair extension like that of the Halo extensions can ensure that you are investing money in a good product that will last longer and will give you desired results.

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