How to Choose Comfortable Shoes for Women in Summer

Summer is the time of hot sunny days, active pastime, rest, work, time for sunbathing, and fulfillment of desires. Such a significant period of the year also requires special “equipment”. And shoes are one of the most important parameters that determine the comfort of a summer outfit. So, summer shoes should follow the qualities:

  • Comfort when wearing shoes is the main characteristic of shoe options for the summer.
  • Let the massive sole remain for the cold season. Lightweight and almost weightless models are relevant in summer.
  • Open cut. Closed-top sneakers and shoes are not suitable for a hot summer. But light sandals and open-type sandals will not let your foot sweat and will allow it to be easily blown and ventilated.
  • Natural materials. Artificial components cannot boast of a sufficient level of “breathability”, durability and reliability, unlike natural ones.
  • Low heel. Women’s models for summer with high heels are not uncommon, but such options are not suitable for everyday wear. In high-temperature conditions, wearing hairpins is inconvenient and even dangerous. Low sandals with a neat appearance will save the day!
  • Stylish appearance. Summer shoes must be beautiful! Bright colors or moderate colors, a glossy surface or a calm matte tone, smooth leather or velvety suede – there are a lot of options!
  • Pay attention to the anatomical and orthopedic properties. Sandals and sandals for the summer are required to provide maximum comfort when worn. The orthopedic sole relieves the load on the spine, redistributing the load.

How to Choose Comfortable Shoes for Women in Summer

How to Understand if the Shoes are Yours?

As you already understood, the selection of shoes must be taken very seriously. Here are some tips to help:

  1. Fitting. Try to buy shoes in the afternoon to accommodate puffiness. Then the new boats will not reap. Keep in mind that with a high heel, the foot moves forward, and the big toe needs free space. It means that it is better to choose a size slightly larger than the one you usually wear.
  2. Outsole. Check the cushioning first, bend the outsole slightly at its widest point. Ideal when it bends easily and the insole is springy. Podiatrists recommend choosing a sole that does not extend beyond the edge of the shoe.
  3. Internal materials. There should be a soft insole, usually, they are made of leather or suede. Check whether the joints are well hidden inside, whether threads or carnations are sticking out.

Take as much time as possible to try it on. Put on a pair and wait a minute, determine if you are comfortable if you can keep your balance. Then walk around the store, notice if there is tension in the ascent. Stand in them for 10 minutes, this is enough to understand whether you are really comfortable.

Choosing a Heel

Heeled sandals can be not only beautiful but also comfortable. It is worth choosing a model taking into account the shape and height of the heel:

  • Viennese heel – designed for everyday walks. Suitable for any shape, has a height of several centimeters.
  • The stiletto is a favorite among heels. Women prefer to wear it everywhere, but stylists recommend leaving high-heeled sandals for a special occasion.
  • Column heel. Suitable for medium legs, both for everyday and special occasions.
  • Brick heel – very slimmer, comfortable, although very rare.

In the Heat & In the Cold

The most successful choice for any season is shoes made of natural material, which will allow the skin of the feet to breathe and will not interfere with natural heat exchange. We recommend shoes made of genuine leather, nubuck, suede, textiles like the ones from Verali Shoes.

If you do buy shoes made of artificial materials, make sure that at least the lining of the boot is made of genuine leather or textiles – for health, first of all, the material with which the foot is in direct contact is important. You should also pay attention to the material from which the insole is made. Ideally, it should absorb unpleasant odors, remove moisture, kill bacteria – it’s great if the insole is impregnated with a special antibacterial compound.

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