How to Feel Confident in Your Sixties

In cultures around the world, elders are revered by their families and communities. They’re held on a pedestal as their years of knowledge and experience are gems to those looking for guidance. Yet, in countries like the United States, society places so much emphasis on youthfulness and beauty. Ultimately, this modern depiction of beauty and success causes many women to feel less than confident as they age.

When you live in a world where coke bottle figures, youthful-looking skin, and long beautiful tresses are considered the essence of an attractive woman, it’s easy to look down on yourself. As you age, your hair turns gray, your weight fluctuates, your waistline spreads, and your skin starts to wrinkle, causing you to question your looks. Despite what society (or that negative inner voice) says, you can learn to be unapologetically confident in your golden years.

How to Feel Confident in Your Sixties

Kill That Negative Voice

Beauty comes in many different shapes, sizes, and ages. Allowing yourself to believe that the generalized conception of beauty is the only way to feel attractive will only bring your self-confidence down. The first step to feeling great at any age is killing that negative voice inside your head.

You can overcome that negative voice by thinking positively. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and write down everything you love. Then, write a list of affirmations using those strong points to recite when you feel down. Repeating these phrases every day can boost your confidence.

Prioritize Your Health

Your health can significantly influence your appearance. A poor diet ruins your skin, a sedentary lifestyle leads to a wide waistline, and bad habits like drinking and smoking can quickly age your body inside and out. Not to mention, if you’re not taking care of your health, you run the risk of developing long-term diseases that can alter your appearance, mood, and quality of life. Rebuilding your confidence in your 60s and beyond means prioritizing your health. Start by obtaining the proper healthcare coverage. You can check out’s reviews of best Medicare Supplement Plans to find affordable insurance.

Then, schedule medical appointments for a physical, screening, and tests to pinpoint any underlying conditions. Lastly, develop a nutrition, fitness, and disease management plan to keep you looking and feeling great.

Practice Self-Care

Self-love is essential in building your confidence. If you don’t feel good about the beautiful woman you are, it will be hard to convince others. Practicing self-care helps you to learn more about yourself as you cater to the needs of your body, mind, and soul.

Beyond making sure that your diet and exercise, there are several ways, you can love yourself every day. Develop a morning or bedtime routine where you can indulge in pampering practices like baths, showers, skincare, and relaxation. Find ways to unwind at the end of a stressful day. Treat yourself to regular massages, pedicures, and manicures.

Identify Your Personal Style

Instead of trying to rock the latest trends or keep up with the Joneses, perhaps it would be best to walk to your own beat. Women who wear fashions that make them feel special are often the most confident. Plan a shopping trip one day and try on various styles and fashions to see which you like best. Then, based on your budget, invest in a few outfits and accessories. Have fun mixing and matching your pieces to create a style that accentuates your best attributes.

Find Female Support

Rebuilding your confidence isn’t always easy. There are days when you’ll feel incredible, and days where you don’t. That’s why it’s good to have the empowerment of other beautiful women around you. Surround yourself with friends your age. Their experiences and confidence are often what you need to lift your spirits. Whether through an online support group or in-person, having a few powerful women in your circle goes a long way to boost your confidence.

Getting older is nothing to fear. Nor is it anything that you should be ashamed of. With age comes experience, wisdom, and true beauty inside and out. While society can make you feel less than attractive, practicing the advice provided above can be instrumental in helping you to feel beautiful at any age.

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