How to Match Your Outfit with Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses aren’t just a stylish fashion accessory; your specs are one of the most helpful ways to block damaging UVA/UVB rays from the sun. While they’ll make your vision more comfortable outside, polarized sunglasses will also reduce blinding glare and make driving safer during the day.

Since you’ll have your glasses on when you’re enjoying your favorite activities, it’s ideal if they match with what you’re wearing. The following guide gives you some of the top ways to match your outfit with your trendy glasses, so you always feel confident.

How to Match Your Outfit with Your Sunglasses

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Pick Complementary Colors

If you’re interested in a way to create a complete and stylish outfit, make sure your sunglasses frames and clothing are complementary colors. If you think back to art class, complementary colors are sometimes called “opposite colors.” This means they will cancel each other out when they are mixed.

When blended, they create either white or gray in the light spectrum, with black being the absence of light, but little kids know they’ll end up with a drab brown or gray color when using paints. On the color wheel, complementary colors are on opposite sides — red and green, yellow and purple and orange and blue.

Using complementary colors is an excellent way to match your outfit with your sunglasses because they will look attractive together. The hues can even make each other look brighter. While your look will stand out, it will also make fashion sense. To design your trendsetting ensemble, you can explore some examples of complementary colors. As stated before, these include orange and blue, as well as yellow and purple. Red and green are opposite hues, but so are green and magenta.

If you’re looking for another color combination, you can research the complementary hues that speak to you. Once you know which opposite colors you like, take stock of the colors in your closet. Shop for frames that complement your tops and bottoms. When you wear your polarized sunglasses with your favorite outfits, the vibrant hues will pop, and your clothing will have even more dimension and style.

Choose the Same Style

For those searching for a quick way to coordinate their outfit with their sunglasses, think about your clothing style. When you find frames that go with your signature look, you’ll be able to match everything. For example, a retro top or a vintage dress will pair perfectly with round glasses frames or soft square glasses. Look for nostalgic colors like honey or amber to go with your theme. Sporty and athletic-inspired outfits look amazing with rectangular frames and oversized, angular eyewear.

If you’re interested in a chic and classic look for women, try oversized, soft square glasses in colors or patterns such as black or tortoiseshell. You will also find plenty of cat eye sunglasses in sophisticated shades like slate and marble.

Some of the best men’s polarized sunglasses for a traditional look and feel include aviators in gold and silver. Square men’s glasses in gray and black go with all your casual and professional ensembles. Colorful and imaginative closets will appreciate iridescent and transparent frames. If you wear a lot of bold colors, polarized sunglasses in a vibrant shade of red will go with your clothing and accessories.

How to Match Your Outfit with Your Sunglasses

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Wear Neutral Frames

Some people like having one pair of sunglasses to go with everything in their closet. If this sounds like you, feel free to choose a neutral pair of frames. Some of the most classic colors in eyewear include black and brown, but other colors like white and taupe are just as fresh and flattering.

If you want to add depth and texture to your outfit, choose a combination of neutrals like marble or tortoiseshell. Lustrous gold and silver will match everything from swimsuits to dinner wear, but their glimmering look enhances your style and sophistication. Black and clear frames with tortoise shell or gold rims around the lenses are neutral yet unique.

When shopping for the best frame shape for your neutral sunglasses, think about the looks that compliment your clothes. For example, soft square specs look amazing with achromatic hues, but you can’t go wrong with round glasses or oversized square frames. Other possible colors to consider include botanical-inspired hues like olive and sage. You can also select from summer-inspired shades or tints like sand and camel. Finally, don’t forget tones like charcoal or light gray glasses, which keep things chic.

Shop for Multiple Pairs

If you’re not sure what you’ll wear for vacation or an important event, consider shopping for multiple pairs of sunglasses. Having more than one type of specs can make it easier to match your outfit. You’ll also have plenty of options for anything you wear.

Some of the most innovative eyewear companies are making trendsetting sunglasses and polarized sunglasses for an incredibly affordable price. While you’ll block UV rays and enhance the clarity of your vision, you’ll also feel free to pick up a few pairs. Color-blocked glasses in fresh hues like teal and lime are perfect for a warm-weather getaway, while lightweight round frame glasses will match outfits for an afternoon with family or brunch with friends.

For those who are all about leisure, fun iridescent frames let you express yourself when shopping or socializing. Wearing sporty, oversized eyewear is perfect for professionals who are commuting or enjoying a lunch break. There are so many ways to complement your different roles and preferences in clothing.

How to Match Your Outfit with Your Sunglasses

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Make Your Sunglasses a Style Accessory

Your sunglasses should make your vision clearer and more comfortable, but they can also help enhance your outfits. Taking note of the above tips will help you match your specs to everything you’re wearing. If you like the look of your sunglasses or polarized sunglasses, you can find the same style and affordability in stylish reading glasses and blue-light-blocking eyewear. Sunglasses should be fun and helpful as you go about your day. Now that you know which colors and frames are classic and on-trend, it will be easier to find the ideal pair of glasses for your needs.

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