Invisalign Braces – A Complete Guide to Invisible Braces

Everybody wants to have a good denture and a great smile. But not all are lucky to get those right alignments of the tooth and requires medical attention to correct the defects.  People suffer from crooked and or crowded teeth or other tooth flaws, particularly the alignments and for long the orthodontist had advised patients suffering from tooth abnormality to wear braces. For years, metal braces were used to correct the flaws, but with the advancement of medical technology, orthodontists are replacing the Invisalign Braces.  For many people, it might sound like Hebrew, but with a vivid knowledge on the matter, they can rectify their tooth defects easily visiting a dentist. With the gain in popularity, the numbers of clear aligners have increased, and there are more or less 27 types of them in the market today. This type of braces was first used in the year 1997 in the United States of America, and they are being used all over the world today to give a better look when people wearing them smile along with the primary purpose of straightening teeth line.

invisalign braces

What Are Invisalign Braces?

Gone are the days when people felt awkward wearing the metal braces for the tooth alignment treatments? Today the metal braces are being replaced by the new-age braces that not only increase the confidence of the patient in the social circles but also increase the attraction while correcting the straightness of the tooth. Invisalign Braces are nothing but braces made from transparent plastic and are custom made for shifting the teeth to the proper position. Those people, who never agreed to wear the metal braces for the reason of having an uglier look, are going for the Invisalign Braces to rectify their teeth alignments.

For a while, Invisalign was one of the only options on the market when it came to clear aligners that were removable and more comfortable than standard braces. Now, as the clear aligner industry has developed, there are a variety of different options to pick from. Before fully committing to Invisalign, it is good to see some comparisons between different products to solidify your choice of going with Invisalign.

The Method Of Using Invisalign Braces

As the Invisalign Braces are custom made, the dentist takes measurements, makes them, and fits them on the teeth to straighten the line so that the dental problem can be solved. After fitted with these types of modern braces, the patient needs to visit the orthodontist for the first few months to have a regular checkup and to do the needful by the dentist to maintain them and straighten the tooth-line. The orthodontist makes out a mold of the patient’s teeth after x-rays, bite registrations, and the polyvinyl siloxane impressions of the gums and the teeth and then the suitable clear aligners.

It has become the most preferred Invisalign in Kingwood TX not only for the kids and the teens but also for the adults to correct the tooth alignment as they are practically invisible due to the clearness of the plastic used in making them.

The Advantages Of Using The Invisalign Braces

One can have multiple benefits wearing the most modern braces used by the dentists so far. They are far better can the metal braces and do not compromise with the ultimate purpose of wearing them.

As these types of braces have no wires or brackets unlike the traditional braces, the chances of the cuts and the nicks in the mouth are almost nil. One can be physically comfortable writing them as they are smooth and do not irritate the mouth in spite of being a foreign body. They are devoid of any sharp edges, but the essential purpose of making the teeth is served as the mouth guard.

As they are made up of clear plastic, giving an awkward smile showing the metals on the teeth that are common to metal braces is completely negated. Other people also feel comfortable while talking to a person wearing the Invisalign Braces as it is quite challenging to make out someone is wearing a brace to rectify the wrong dental alignment.

With the increasing popularity of these types of braces, they have found a market and are readily available on a full scale for the straightening of the teeth. They are replacing the traditional metal braces at a rapid speed as more and more people with tooth problems are embracing them.

With the option of removing the Invisalign Braces at the wish of the user particularly during eating, brushing and fishing the teeth unlike other braces that cannot be withdrawn at any cost except the advice of the orthodontist, the new-age braces are being embraced by all people suffering from tooth straightness problems.

Apart from eating the food comfortably, the provision of removal of the Invisalign Braces allows having better oral hygiene lowering the chances of gum problems while under the process of correcting the straightness of the teeth. The worries of food particles on the braces and cleaning them with many difficulties like the metal and traditional braces are over with the use of these kinds of braces.

With minimum maintenance cost, unlike the metal braces that need to be tightened by the dentist at regular intervals as the teeth line begins to straighten up, there are no such regular expenses with the Invisalign Braces. Of course, they lose some transparency and can look dingy over some period but can be easily cleaned by using any toothpaste and non-toxic chemicals as suggested by the dentist.

The Disadvantages Of Using The Invisalign Braces

Everything in this world does not come with only the advantages but has some disadvantages too, and the Invisalign Braces are not out of the league. They also have some drawbacks.

With only being used for 22 years till the date, of which the first few years were on an experimental basis, the cost of Invisalign Braces is much higher than the traditional braces. However, with the gain in popularity and production, the prices of these types of braces are coming down gradually. There is no argument that beauty and comfort come at a premium initially, and the case is same here too. These braces are not covered by dental insurance, and the cost difference between the traditional metal braces and these are nearly 1/3rd on the higher side.

Although Invisalign Braces can be taken off at times, unlike the metal braces, one must wear them at least for 22 hours daily to get the best results. Only for the time of eating or taking care of oral hygiene, one needs to wear them, and there is no scope of taking them off while going to attend a social gathering.

It has become a norm to increase the number of attachments along with the Invisalign Braces, and they are enamel ridges something similar to the brackets that one has while wearing the metal braces. The accessories are required to reposition the teeth and fit the aligners in a better way, and a complete invisible brace concept is ruled out using them and can be noticed by people.

One can initially have some pain wearing the new-age braces, and the aligner trays can give an uncomfortable feeling to the mouth. Sometimes, one needs to be administered with painkillers during the period of initial adjustment of the foreign body on the teeth. There is a pain using the metal braces and pain wearing the Invisalign Braces as well.

One has to always remove the Invisalign Braces while eating. It can be very embarrassing if one is eating out. One needs to brush the teeth every time after completion of eating so that these braces can be worn. It means one has to carry the brush and the paste in the handbag and need to brush the teeth multiple times, causing inconvenience.

For the fairer sex, these types of braces can pose a problem while applying lip gloss or lipstick as they stick to the aligners making the smile and the looks more horrible. Therefore they need to avoid the colors on their lips.

Well, many people complain that kissing the beloved is a problem wearing braces. However, if the partner is understanding and cooperative, this problem can be easily ignored during the romantic moments with the partner.

The total period to correct the tooth flaws is not at all short, and here is many after-wear session to have that perfect straightness of the teeth. Not all teeth are aligned at the same time, and corrective treatments are needed at times.


With the improvement of medical science, the methods of correcting the teeth flaws, particularly the straightness, are changing. Invisalign Braces are one of them that are being recommended by the orthodontist and being used by the patient to feel comfortable and confident. Of course, each method of treatment has its advantages and disadvantages, and they are overcome with regular research and development.  The problems wearing the new-age braces are being looked after with care by the researchers and some perfect solutions to the issues that are minor compared to the traditional metal braces are being looked into significant consideration and being searched. However, at his stage, the Invisalign Braces are the in-thing, and people are going for them to correct their teeth flaws and saying cheese with much confidence. It is time to embrace new technology.

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