Laser Liposuction – The Easy Way to Get Rid of Stubborn Fat

What is Laser Liposuction?

Laser liposuction is quite different as compared to the traditional liposuction. During laser liposuction, the fat cells are removed from the body with the help of laser lights that stimulate the collagen, thereby causing the skin to tighten during the subsequent months. This process can come very handy for removing fat from the areas such as thighs that have a greater resistance to exercise. During laser liposuction, the skin is heated from the internal layers, which, in turn, causes a tightening effect. This also ensures that the outer layer of skin does not come under direct damage, thereby reducing external skin damage. Laser liposuction is also known by names such as lipolysis, laser lipo, smart lipo and laser-guided liposuction. The process is mainly used for aesthetic purposes.

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Diet and exercise are always the first steps towards losing weight. However, there are also a number of other ways in which you can lose body very quickly without having to put in any physical effort. This can be very convenient if you have some stubborn body fat around certain areas that simply refuse to go away or during times when you need to get into a fit shape for an upcoming event within a very short span of time.

Areas that can be Treated with Laser Lipo

Laser lipo can be used for burning fat from almost anywhere around the body. However, people mostly opt for laser lipo for areas where it is difficult to lose fat through physical exercises. The areas that are most commonly treated with laser lipo are

  • The area under the chin
  • Arms
  • Waistline
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen

How does it work?

Unlike the traditional method of liposuction, laser lipo does not burn the fat cells but rather causes them to shrink within a certain period. The working of laser liposuction can be explained through several steps. First of all, it breaks the skin cells in half, thereby accelerating their removal from the body. This process also involves the coagulation of blood vessels which in turn prevents bleeding. After this step, the cells underneath the skin get heated in order to promote collagen production, which in turn improves elasticity. In the third and the final step, all of the targeted oils and fat cells are removed from the body, which causes the body to change its shape and size.

Laser liposuction is performed with the help of pads containing laser diodes. These are placed directly on the skin so as to cause the laser energy to penetrate the skin and target the fat cells underneath. This might also cause a temporary perforation of the membranes of the fat cells. Due to the perforation, the fat cells lose all of the water, fatty acids, and glycerol present inside. This causes the cells to shrink in size, which then causes a visible change in the body. The wasted fat cells are then either used up by the body for producing energy or passed out in the form of waste.

Laser lipo – procedure

Laser lipo is entirely painless. In fact, you can stay extremely relaxed all throughout the process. The patients are actually put into a cocoon so as to make them relaxed. This also speeds up the metabolic process, thus making fat removal much easier. When you are put in the ideal position, the technician takes the laser pads and focuses them on the targeted area. The laser beams are passed for a period of about 10 to 20 minutes. If there is some other area to be treated, the pads are then moved accordingly. You will start seeing significantly visible differences as soon as the procedure is over.

The laser liposuction is generally carried out in the following manner:

  • Scheduling – for complete fat removal from the desired area, you will have to go for multiple sittings. The number of sessions required may vary from one person to the other. While some people need just a few sessions, others may have to go for 6 to 8 sessions for complete fat removal.
  • Frequency – laser liposuction usually takes two treatments in a week, continuously up till the fourth week
  • Downtime – laser liposuction is not an invasive treatment. Hence, there is no downtime in the process.

What to expect from laser liposuction?

Laser liposuction is carried out with the help of low energy lasers. The laser beam causes the fat cells to break up. This might cause a slight loosening of the skin over the treated areas. However, the actual effects cannot be accurately predicted. As compared to the traditional method of liposuction, laser liposuction causes lesser bruising and swelling. However, it comes with a greater risk of burns. The procedure also causes the skin to tighten. However, this may not be visible right away, mainly because it takes quite a few months for new collagen to be formed, leading to tighter skin.

Laser Liposuction costs

Laser liposuction comes with varying costs depending on the area that you want to treat. The location may also affect the pricing. Laser liposuction that takes around eight sessions can come at a cost of around $1000. However, if you happen to come get hold of Groupon deals, it can reduce the overall cost by a dramatic amount. In this case, one single session will cost you about $50. The prices may be adjusted to $30 – $50 if you are making purchases for multiple sessions in one go.

Post laser lipo care plans

Similar to surgery, aftercare is also equally important in case of laser liposuction. It helps you maintain the results and stay far from any potential complications that are tied to the procedure. The garment that you wear has a very important role to play. Wear light cotton garments that come without zippers, velcros, and pockets and so on, as this can cause irritation over the area that has been treated. Also, stay away from compression garments and opt for loose clothing at least till the mark has faded away. Stay away from direct sunlight and drink lots of water. Sticking to a low sodium diet can also be very helpful as it helps in reducing the swelling. Gentle massages can also help in reducing the swelling. Also, make sure that you discuss the aftercare plan with your doctor to make sure that you are not missing out on anything.

Pros of laser lipo

  • The cannulas used in laser liposuction are much smaller as compared to those used during traditional liposuction. This forms smaller holes than those in the traditional method
  • The procedure of laser liposuction is not very invasive
  • This process does not scrape off the fat, but rather melts them and is therefore much safer
  • Liposuction uses local anesthesia as compared to the general anesthesia used in other methods
  • After the process has been completed, the skin will entirely be restored to its former condition
  • The amount of scarring resulting through laser liposuction is minimal. In most cases, it is not even visible to the naked eye
  • The process of liposuction does not take very long to get completed, and the patients are able to recover immediately after the process is over
  • The method only makes use of a minimal amount of heat. This ensures that no complications arise during or after the procedure
  • Since it is a non-invasive procedure, it does not hamper the day to day activities of the patients. They are able to go on with their usual activities without any downtime
  • Unlike other methods, laser liposuction does not come with difficult aftercare

Cons of laser lipo

  • Laser liposuction is a much more expensive procedure as compared to other methods of fat removal
  • Laser liposuction leaves you with small holes which can easily be infected
  • If not used in the right manner, the pads that are used during the process can lead to an excess amount of burns which can even lead to scar formation
  • If you happen to gain weight again after the process of liposuction and want to go in for a second treatment, the same area of skin cannot be used again, and you will have to go for a different area. Basically, a new point has to be chosen every time you want to get your fat removed through liposuction
  • Although it is an advanced technology, it is still not that well developed in every part of the world. Therefore, the place where you are getting treated may play a great role in your safety
  • If the procedure is not carried out with great accuracy, it can easily result in the formation of lumps and bumps, making your skin look uneven
  • An antibody injection is administered to the patients before the procedure of laser liposuction. This is mainly done in order to prevent infection after the treatment. However, in some women, the antibody injection leads to infections
  • Since the treatment is highly expensive, it is not affordable for all
  • The action of water is lowered by an increase in fluid infusement

Side effects of laser lipo

The traditional method of liposuction makes use of a thin cannula attached to a vacuum in order to remove fat. Laser lipo, on the other hand, melts the fat with the help of laser beams. This is then passed out of the body in the form of waste or used up for energy production. However, different tissues around the body absorb heat at different rates. This can cause unevenness in the texture of connective tissues and subcutaneous fat. This is not the only problem, the lumps that are left behind are hard to fix and can severely affect your appearance. Since different tissues react to the heat differently, the same amount of heat may not have any effect on some tissues while causing the others to burn and get charred. Sometimes, the patients may even get third-degree burns on his/her body. Lastly, laser liposuction comes with a greater risk for infections as compared to traditional methods of liposuction.

Laser lipo vs. traditional lipo

Traditional lipo makes use of hollow metal tubes known as cannulas, connected to a vacuum for removing the fat from targeted areas around the body. This method is most effective in areas that are less fibrous. However, it may not work the best in fibrous areas such as posterior waist, upper abdomen, bra rolls and so on. Traditional lipo is only good for areas such as the inner thigh, arms, lower abdomen, and neck. Laser lipo, on the other hand, melts the fat in order to remove it from the body. This makes it equally effective in removing fat from all areas around the body. It also causes a tightening of the skin if it was previously loose. Laser lipo also causes a lesser amount of bruises as compared to traditional lipo. However, this method comes with a risk for burns and long-lasting tissue injury. Furthermore, the traditional method of liposuction is still applied to pull put fat once the laser treatment is done. Lastly, this method is much more expensive as compared to traditional lipo.

Laser Lipo vs Ultrasconic Cavitation

Laser lipo is done with the help of a laser device. The beams are pointed over the targeted area which the causes the fatty tissues to melt away. This process also helps in tightening the outer layer of the skin. However, the downside is that the laser is not only specific to the fat cells but can also burn the surrounding normal tissues. Hence, this process can easily end up creating unnecessary burns around the body. If the laser beam happens to burn blood vessels, it might lead to complications. Unlike the laser method, ultrasonic cavitation method makes use of cavitation slimming machine which penetrates the layer of fat and causes them to break up by vibrating the fat cells at a very high frequency. This liquefies the fat, thereby making it much easier for it to be drained out of the body.

The results obtained through the ultrasonic cavitation machine are just as amazing as that acquired through laser liposuction. However, the ultrasonic cavitation method is associated with a much lesser amount of discomfort and pain. Furthermore, the patients undergoing this form of fat removal are able to recover completely in less than 30 minutes. The other advantage of this method is that unlike lasers, this is highly specific on the fat cells and causes no damage to the nerves and blood vessels. Both these methods cause the skin to regain its elasticity and tighten up, unlike the conventional method that leads to a loosening of the skin.

Due to its superior power, the ultrasound probe is mostly used only over the abdomen. This is because using a laser in this area can lead to burns, especially while moving it around the curved areas. Ultrasound probes are also much more cost-effective as compared to laser liposuction. They are quite large in size. So if you have more fat around the abdomen, an ultrasound probe may be the best option for you. However, if you want to get fat removed from the thinner areas and want smooth sculpting, then it is advisable that you go for the laser liposuction.

Who Should opt for Laser Liposuction?

Laser liposuction can be great for people who exercise regularly but are still not able to remove some stubborn bulges from around the body. It is considered ideal for people who have around 30% more body weight than what is considered the most ideal. Also, you should be in good health in order to go for laser liposuction.

Who should stay away from Liposuction?

Laser liposuction is not ideal for people who do not have good skin elasticity. It is also not advisable for people who have an excess of flabby skin after a drastic weight loss. Such people should go for a body lift instead.

User Reviews

Kelly Anderson – I just went in for my 4th treatment. So far, the results have been just as expected and my skin looks and feels much better. I have started to feel so much better in my new body

Simona Pegs – I used the laser lipo on my thighs. All the lumps are now gone and my thighs have become perfectly smooth and toned. I feel so much more confident while short dresses, shorts, and bathing suits. I don’t have to worry about catching public eye

Neil Scott – I had been exercising regularly for quite a long time. However, some stubborn fat simply refused to go away. Laser lipo helped me get into the shape I always wanted. I am keeping up with my regular exercise in order to maintain the perfect shape I have achieved

Beth Sanders– I feel so good to have lost all my fat without even the tiniest scar. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who would want to lose weight with minimum consequences

Karen Morris– Laser lipo works like magic. It has helped me get my perfect shape. I would suggest everyone to go in for laser lipo


Laser liposuction may be quite effective in burning body fat. However, the results are not forever. You can easily damage your much-beloved body shape if you are not able to keep up with a healthy lifestyle. So make sure that you exercise regularly and maintain an ideal diet. Stay away from sugar and alcoholic beverages as this will help you retain the ideal shape for long.

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