5 Tips to Layering Your Winter Outfits for a Fashionable Look

Layering is an art. You can layer your winter clothes to transition from indoors to outdoors in style. Layering your winter outfits can be both fashionable and functional. Knit and fleece-lined clothes are mostly worn for their functional than stylish benefits in cold weather. However, it’s possible to dress for both warmth and style. The unpredictable weather in winter means that at one point it could be cloudy and freezing, and sunny and warm in the next minute. Layering your clothes helps prepare you for anything and everything.

Layering Your Winter Outfits for Fashionable Looks

Winter gives you more options in terms of what you can wear on any typical day. Choose versatile clothing options that allow you to mix and match to achieve different looks. You can add your summer clothes to your winter outfits, rework them or wear them together for a desirable look. The key to successful layering is creating perfect harmony in your general look.

Layering isn’t about wearing every piece of clothing in your wardrobe at once as in Joey, a character in Friends. Instead, masterfully arrange practical layers of 3 or 4 outfits to reveal each without getting overly bulky. Be clever with your layering to give your closet a totally new look. Play around with existing clothes in your wardrobe. Experiment with different fabrics, textures, patterns, weights, and colors to achieve endless possibilities with your looks. Here’re 5 tips to help layer your clothes to keep warm and look good all winter long:

5 Ways to Layer Your Clothes in Winter for a Stylish Look

1. Choose unique clothing pieces such as a poncho or cape:

Ponchos are not attires for just any rainy day. So, if you relate this piece of clothing with a crunchy, yellow garment made of plastic, erase that image from your mind.

Throw a poncho over any piece of cloth on a cold day in winter, instead of a sweater, to pull off a more stylish look.

Drape your poncho or cape over a turtleneck or a fitted top and pair it with your favorite jeans to keep warm while looking stylish. This outfit allows you to easily remove the top layer when it gets warm and quickly fold your poncho to safely keep it in your bag.

Pair your poncho with any of the following clothing items to pull off different looks:

  • Over-the-knee-boots
  • A waist belt
  • Leggings, jeans, flares, boyfriend jeans, leather skinnies, or ripped jeans.
  • Collared shirt
  • Skinnies
  • Sweater

2. Adorn a high quality winter jacket in a neutral tone to go with everything:

Planning to run errands on a cold day over the weekend?

Layer a long peacoat or teddy bomber jacket over a sweatshirt for a trendy street style look. Pair it with running sneakers and baggy jeans for a complete off-duty, on-the-go look.

Double up on your coats when the temperatures drop. This layering look gives you the flexibility to shed off some layers to reveal your stylish attire underneath when the temperatures become warm. It gives your outfit an added dimension for an appealing look.

You can layer different tones of color for an over-the-top, daring look. Consider grays, taupes and blacks for easy mix and match outfits when working with neutrals. You get a perfect flow despite the number of layers you wear.

What’s more, a neutral jacket can go with almost any attire you wear in winter or throughout the year. Other tips for adorning a neutral jacket to keep you looking stylish in winter include:

  • Layer puffer coats with track jackets for a trendy and harmonious look. Wear a fuzzy coat and a denim jacket over a turtleneck, a staple for the winter wardrobe.

Hide a puffer jacket under an oversized tweed blazer to keep you warm while keeping it out of sight. This is handy if you’re not into puffer jackets but have the need to keep yourself warm.

Let your sleeves (of your turtleneck or sweatshirt) peek at your blazer cuffs for a modern touch.

  • Drape your jacket over your outfit for a fancier look. It’ll keep you warm and still elevate your general appearance.
  • Turtlenecks are also perfect for layering beneath your collared jackets or strappy summer dresses. A super snug fit seamlessly layers your outfit for an artsy hipster look.
  • Pair a quilted jacket with patent leather and a cotton hoodie beneath for a totally daring and mixed-up look.
  • Layer a denim jacket and graphic tees with a turtleneck underneath for a stylish, casual look. Throw a cape, poncho or dress overtop over this outfit for added warmth and elegant touch of style.

3. Use accessories such as scarves, beanies, and gloves to add an extra stylish touch:

Oversized, lengthy, and big scarves are versatile accessories you can wear in various ways in winter. Pick one to wear round your neck to winter-proof your outfit. You can wear your scarf with almost any outfit in the following ways:

  • Wear a scarf around your head for a retro look
  • Wrap a scarf around your neck for a traditional look
  • Tie a scarf as a knot on your shoulders for a chic touch
  • Wear it as a belt on your clothes to make a statement

Your large knit scarf is ideal for getting through a snowstorm. But along choker scarf gives you more versatility when wearing different outfits. Circle the skinny scarf around your neck several times for added warmth or just a few times for comfort.

When wearing a scarf, play around with colors, patterns, textures, and materials for a unique appearance.

Beanies and gloves are also perfect fashion accessories you can wear to complete your chosen look. Match or contrast it to your outfit as you deem fit.

Add a Sherpa coat and a matching beanie over your poncho on extremely cold winter days for a beautiful layered style.

4. Layering boots over stockings, pants, or jeans:

Do you have at least a pair of killer over-the-knee boots? You’ll love to try them out in winter to adorn different looks.

Match your pair of boots with a matching jumper and a pair of jeans for a cozy, casual appearance. Try it with a mini dress or skirt for elegance. You won’t just keep yourself warm in the cold, but also shine in style.

This is a great way to alter your everyday look for something more fashionable and functional. A pair of red boots dial up your outfit for interesting drama.

Accessorize your outfit with bold, neutral, matching, or contrasting boots to complete your look. What’s more, wearing your pair of boots over pants or stockings is a great way to achieve a silhouette look in style.

You can also tuck your jeans into boots for a minimalist look.

5. Wear classic sweaters or cardigans over a button-down shirt

When the weather isn’t too cold, a couple of layers or 3 will do. Wear a solid button-down or classic plaid shirt underneath a sweater or cardigan. This gives a laid-back feel and polished look you can adorn to the office or over the weekend.

If you’re new to layering or simply like your style minimal, you’ll be comfortable in your sweater over shirt layering style.

Complete your look with official pants and shoes. Consider different neutral colors in your outfit for a laid-back look that reflects your personality.


Winter is a time to keep warm. You can easily wear almost every outfit in your wardrobe in style against common belief. Layering is a great way to adorn your different outfits in style. Whether you opt for a poncho, jacket, or sweaters to complete your layered look, accessories such as boots and scarves go with almost any outfit.

Author Bio: Leanne Lee loves fashion to no end so she writes about it for Blue Bungalow, reads about it, and basically lives and breathes it every day. She’s an avid collector of oversized handbags, indoor cacti, and loves a good G&T to cap off the week.

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