Interesting things to know about Magnetic Eyelashes

Interesting things to know about Magnetic Eyelashes: Eyes are the most beautiful part of a face. No wonder, women spend so much time on eye makeup. Also, women give a lot of importance to their eyelashes. The longer the prettier! Some try and use various kinds of products or oils to improve growth and length. But that doesn’t always work. Most women use mascaras to enhance the eyelashes, make them look fuller and longer. These days you also have eyelash extensions. Despite these various methods to enhance one’s beauty, using false eyelashes is quite the ‘in’ thing these days. This being said, not everyone finds it easy. After all, you need to use the glue, make sure you stick the eyelashes properly. And then the removal isn’t easy either. Plus, it can get quite messy. Sometimes these can cause allergies too. But now, there is something easier, namely magnetic eyelashes. There are various kinds of brands that have come up these days that sell these magnetic eyelashes. Many women are now turning to them mainly due to the ease of attaching and removing these.

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How do the Magnetic Eyelashes Work?

These basically sandwich your own lashes in the middle of two false eyelashes, which are lined with tiny magnetic strips. These magnetic strips hold these in place and act as the glue. These can be a little pricier than the ones that use glue, but it is totally worth it. They can be easily worn, washed whenever you want; removal is also equally easy and can be used several times.

How do you Wear Magnetic Eyelashes?

Like we already mentioned, there are several brands in the market, and they all have slight differences. However, there would be instructions given on the pack, and they are simple. Here, we have shown you the basic process as followed and suggested by makeup artists –

  • If you have a curler, you can curl your eyelashes so that there is a solid base for the false magnetic eyelashes to stick.
  • It is also suggested that you apply a little mascara. Both the above points are not compulsory. It just gives you a little oomph. Also, it looks more realistic when you stick the eyelashes and gives a good base for the false ones to stick on. This being said, never put any mascara on the magnetic eyelashes. It will make it look artificial and clumpy. Also, it would spoil the lashes. This is completely opposite to the other glue kind of eyelashes, where we apply mascara later.
  • Now it’s time to wear magnetic eyelashes. Beginners might find this a little tricky initially. But with practice, it gets extremely easy. Once you get used to it, it hardly takes a few seconds. Before you stick them, hold the edges and roll them a little to give a slight curve or rainbow shape, which will make it natural to match your eyelid shape.
  • Put one false eyelash on the top of your own lash; ensure that you do it as close to the lash line as you possibly can. Then the bottom false lash is to be placed below your own lash. The magnets need to click together. You then need to repeat it on the bottom lid.
  • For those of you who prefer using a lash applicator, the whole process becomes that much easier. Just place the top lash on the top of the applicator and the bottom one on the bottom of the applicator. Bring the applicator close to your lash line and close it till you hear the click of the magnets. The trick for perfect application is to make sure that the magnets of each lash stick.
  • When you want to remove them, just gently pull the top and bottom lashes apart. Or better yet, just slide the two portions apart. But be careful, if you pull it straight off, you might pull off some of your natural lashes and harm them.

Different brands would have slight variances. There are some brands that have only half lashes, which gives the outer corners more definition and shape. Some also provide an applicator.

What are the Advantages of Using Magnetic Eyelashes?

Contrary to the usual glue kind of eyelashes, these magnetic eyelashes use tiny magnets.

  • These are generally made with real hair and are made with small magnets that are supposed to lock and thus not move. It stays above and below your natural lashes, thus giving you volume. Since these are not attached to your lid or lash line; but are rather stuck to each other, it is easy to remove them, and also, they do not harm your eyes or lashes in any way.
  • Magnetic eyelashes are completely safe. Optometrists have vouched that it does not harm your eyes. Some women might think that magnets so near to the eyes might affect the eye. But in fact, it is better than the glue kind which has chemicals and can cause reactions in some. This being said, always go for good brands and see that the product you buy is qualitative and safe.
  • There is no aftercare that is expected. You removed the eyelashes and put them back in their box. You do not have to clean them and can be used several times. Some brands come with particular cleansers, which you can use to wipe the lashes when you feel that they need cleaning.

If you are getting some medical tests done like maybe MRIs or using another magnet sensitive machinery, then please do not wear these eyelashes. Since these are quite a new trend, the technicians may not be aware of them.

Though the process is extremely easy, it does take some getting used to. There is a learning curve, and beginners might take some time to do it perfectly and fast. The trick is to listen out for that click of the magnets. Once you get used to this, you will probably not go back to using those gluey eyelashes.

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