How to Choose a Mario Valentino Bag?

Mario Valentino is an attitude as much as a style choice. You basically know what you are getting when you hit the Mario Valentino website. Out of the box thinking and insane silhouettes from the mainline, something more relaxed and millennially-focused from the ‘Valentine Valentino…’  imprint and something more work-friendly from the Boutique Valentino collection. You go to Mario Valentino because fun and irreverence are something you value in fashion [and you know fashion] and because you are able to make a success out of standing out.

Mario Valentino Bag

All the above rings true, but Mario Valentino bags and clothes offer so much more than this to the discerning and experimental stylist. Depending on the particular item, a whole new look can prevail. Regardless of how left a dress or bag may be, it’s a chance to experiment, to colour up a more sensible look, to add the proverbial cherry on the cake or even (believe it or not!) to bend a Mario Valentino item to your own way of thinking.

These tips on choosing Mario Valentino bags will ensure that you make the right pick for the right occasion and that you’ll be waking up the next morning dreaming of new matches and combinations. Sure, it’s an addiction and an obsession. But you’ve come so far …

Guide to Choose a Mario Valentino Bag

MV Quilted bags:

Bags that works well when dressing up an athleisure or casual look; just keep the main clothing items on the slimmer side and let the quilted padding create volume and a fuller focus in a contrasting colour.

Because the material is polyurethane and not leather, don’t pretend its uptown but enjoy the glossy, punchy feel to take you to that cool bar or club. It’s the kind of accessory you want to be seen with while you have a sensational time.

The Quilted tote is actually a pretty classy looking item, owing to a focus on that padded effect instead of heavy logos. Its impact comes with its size, so in red, white or black you can max out on wardrobe primaries too.

The quilted purse comes in a number of colour variants. Why not use black or white to test the water with Mario Valentino? All the models here can be dressed up or down, although keep your colours on the deeper side (a dark blue jacket or rouge dress) to avoid your bag standing out like a sore thumb. The dark red version would look great as a back up to a black outfit.

The Quilted Crossbody version has a slightly more reflective quality owing to its more plump demeanour. Add silver or gold accessories and/or bright sneakers to complement this lighting effect and emphasize the lux.

The Quilted Backpack is undoubtedly the shyest of the bunch; it does sit behind you after all! To make it count, wear it with a high-riding mini skirt in the same colour while accentuating your height in quality heels or boots. This’ll provide a perfect balance between your now boxier top and streetwise but svelte lower silhouette. Let the straps loose and allow the bag to hang low for maximum sultry insouciance.

MV Heart bags:

The heart symbol epitomizes Valentino values better than any other: it’s a sign of pure adoration, affection, fandom. It’s a play on everything cute and cuddly that Valentino (in some subversive way) is attempting to parody but also celebrate.

Obviously, it’s also the perfect symbol for a premium brand with ‘Love’ in its title.

Wear it like you would carry a teddy bear; like your life depended on never ever letting it go. Like you also know you’re too grown-up for this sort of thing, but simply don’t care.

Pink has to be our go-to colour because it creates a perfect (and slightly kooky) blend of pie-eyed innocence and punkish sexuality.

The Heart shoulder bag is the cutest of the lot, with a firm focus on logo and emblem, while the heart purse brings that pulsing heart firmly within your grasp!  Heart chain crossbody and shoulder bags both forward in a heavier Italian direction that spells style and business without compromise.

MV Logo Bags:

Valentino is one of a handful of logos outside of sportswear that is proud to shout its name from the top of a hill. Logos work best in 2021 crowded with other logos and a wardrobe spread of day-glow skittle colours. Seriously, if you’re celebrating a brand with devilish aplomb, especially one as left of centre as Valentino, then you’ll want to vamp up on block sneakers, a pale mini and an oversized jacket. We adore the logo shoulder bag for this effect. The attached bar codes and a mini-mirror are pure class!

MV Scratched heart:

There’s a quasi-oriental quality to the new scratch heart bag variants; available in multiple models and dimensions, the scratched heart shoulder bag has a boxy, formal façade (almost like a miniature suitcase) that suits smarter occasions, while the scratched heart belt bag can be worn around the waist or across the chest for an urban warrior effect. The scratched heart tote bag comes studded and in an alternative moon-yellow on the black colour that consolidates the themes of general conservativism. Finally, the scratched heart crossbody bag is the perfect high street accompaniment – smart enough for smart occasions, but versatile enough that you can run to the taxi hands-free.

For either accessory matching or rockabilly/punk theme, also look across the range for studded bags. Yep, the main Valentino line loves its studs too (50s memorabilia is a recurring cheeky theme in one guise or another) but just because Mario Valentino’s versions might be a little chunkier and not real silver, doesn’t mean you can’t make them shine with riveted jeans and ear studs. Leather jackets come alive with studs too.

They’re all great picks!

Actually, they really are. Mario Valentino obviously isn’t for everyone all the time, and it’s a brand that isn’t your conservative boardroom choice. But if all you’ve got is conservative clothes and accessories, then you actually need a premium style bag to bring you out into the daylight-like Mario Valentino or Love Moschino which are not just less expensive but are a bit more fashion-forward.

Start small with a clutch or purse, seeing how you can integrate your bag with existing outfits and seek to either compliment or contrast in various colours.

Alternatively, remember that Mario Valentino is not really about fitting in anyway. That’s not to say with a heart or quilted shoulder or tote you can never go wrong, just that with a Mario Valentino mindset, you’ve got the attitude to deal with it.

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