5 Tips for Mental Strength When Losing Weight

Losing weight starts in the head – this saying sounds great, but it is easier said than done. Getting support from experts can be the first important step here. However, many people find it difficult to change at first. The following tips should help you to declare war on your weaker self every day. Fitness experts that have thousands of subscribers on YouTube give really good tips, so we have chosen the top five tips for mental strength during weight loss journey.

Mental Strength When Losing Weight

Define your goals

A certain target weight is a measurable goal, but it is important to give this goal a personal meaning. Write how you want to feel on a piece of paper. Write it as if your wish has already come true, because this is the best way to save it in the subconscious.

Example: “I feel healthy and full of energy. I am calm and relaxed. I feel happy and beautiful. I like who I am. I’m wearing my old jeans again.” Bring the image of your future self into your consciousness every day.

Find alternative reward systems

Do you like to reward yourself with candy after a stressful day? Do you like to grab chocolate or nibbles as soon as the children are finally in bed? Do you really feel better afterwards or do you have a bad conscience? Look for alternatives to do something good for yourself! A walk in the fresh air, a bubble bath by candlelight, a good book, a massage or simply a long phone call with your best friend can reduce worries and stress much more effectively than a quick calorie bomb.

Find ways to get around obstacles

Do you keep reaching for unhealthy snacks in between? Do not buy sweets or snacks – what is not at home cannot be eaten.

Is there only fat canteen food at work? Prepare to cook the night before, or take a delicious tuna or cottage cheese salad with you. Plan your menu for tomorrow the day before. Make yourself aware of your obstacles and look for suitable solutions for your everyday life. Thanks to many years of experience, easylife helps with the individual implementation of your goals.

You don’t have to be perfect

You have decided to work on yourself and that is something you can be proud of. There will always be little dietary slip-ups that are just human. Pay attention to how you talk to yourself about it: Do you blame yourself, evaluate your behavior negatively, or even scold yourself internally? Be kind to yourself and live according to the motto: “Fall down, stand up, straighten the crown, smile and carry on.” Be proud of what you have already achieved.

Exchange ideas with others

You are not alone! At easylife you can exchange ideas with other participants and with our advisors about recipe ideas, everyday hurdles, setbacks and experiences. Losing weight is teamwork.

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