Microneedling – Important things you need to know

It has been over thousands of generations that people always wanted to look attractive throughout their life and the same philosophy of looking young continues. It is the attraction of being in the center stage and be praised by all for the external beauty that encourages people to try different methods to look good, tone up the shin, remove the wrinkles, clear the body of the dark patches or the aces. All seek various ways to be successful in their attempts to look beautiful and attractive, and some of the methods give partial and some a little better effect. The methods of treating skin changes over time and the latest are micro-needling.  Is it sounding Hebrew to you and going over your head? Well, let us discuss the process of this method in detail.


Know About Microneedling and it’s Workings.

The process of microneedling is also known as collagen therapy. Although dermatologists are using these processes for treating facial scars for many decades, suddenly it has become the talking point with an increase in the availability of microneedling devices and people getting more concerned to look beautiful.

In this type of process, it is the skin that is pricked by a device that has shallow, sharp, and tiny needles enabling them to poke the skin surface. The science behind it is to make micro-injury on the skin so that the collagen production is stimulated. Collagen is the skin protein that rejuvenates the skin to look young. It helps the skin, the nails, and the hair to look young and also makes the skin toned up. It is a protein 70% of which is found in the skin and 30% on the body. Therefore, stimulating the production collagens on the skin through microneedling encourages the skin to look tight and young and fight the dark spots and wrinkles.

The process of microneedling is very beneficial in the sunken areas of the skin that is often caused by chickenpox or acne, fights against fine lines, and pigmentation of the skin including general skin rejuvenation.

Benefits of Microneedling

If you are thinking to remove the fine lines or the wrinkles of your skin, then it is best to induce the production of collagen and elastin through this process and have a firm surface. The sun damages or the thinning of the skin can be improved by this method giving you a younger look.

Microneedling helps to reduce premature skin aging as through this method the collagen and elastin production is stimulated. Skin aging is not always related to the actual age of the person and can be experienced by anybody at any time of their life. They can be due to overexposure in the sun or some illness. Ne can rejuvenate the skin to produce new cells b this method.

If you are thinking to remove the scars or the stretch marks on your body, then microneedling is the best process. Apart from certain scars like the keloid scar, this method breaks up the scar tissues and gives healthy skin. When you see the stretch marks on your body, you feel sad. Well, with microneedling you can remove the stretch marks or fade them considerably and have beautiful, attractive skin.

When the body produces more melanin fighting against the ultraviolet rays of the sun, or some wounds, hyperpigmentation of the skin occurs making the skin look darker. Microneedling removes the top surface of the skin and enhances the production of melanocyte that gives growth to new cells of the skin giving a healthy look. This process is beneficial for people with a darker skin tone.

It may be age spots, Rosacea or acne o your skin. It is microneedling that will help you to get rid of them. The very technique is the same, and it is boosting up the production of collagen and encouraging the growth of melanocyte to tone up the skin and get rid of the visible marks.

There is good news for all the guys. You can get rid of Alopecia causing baldness and have thicker hair. The process of microneedling decreases the loss of hair by increasing the follicle size and inducing the endothelial growth factor. Now guys have your dream hairstyle after doing microneedling.

The Methods That Should be followed While Microneedling

By this time it is clear to you all that microneedling is nothing but giving controlled injury to the skin to boost up the production of melanin and elastin, and other body chemicals to have beautiful skin. There is a roller with sharp, short needles on them that is rolled on the area of treatment of the skin by an expert in a controlled manner so that additional collagen is produced. The epidermis of the skin is not disturbed while the needles create micro-conduits. The needle that is micro in size varying from 0.5 to 1.5 mm in length can result in creating more or less 250 holes/ square centimeter if they are rolled over the same area for 15 times.  The production of ealstin and collagen is stimulated on the skin in volumes, and they start working immediately to fight against the controlled wounds and rejuvenate the skin giving a tight, taut, and almost spotless area.

One does not need to fear for the pains if an expert dermatologist does microneedling. The area that needs to be micro-needled is locally anesthetized for about 1 hour before starting the session. Then the needling is done in horizontal, vertical, or oblique directions moving the rollers controlling the pinpoint bleeding. As a particular session ends the area of treatment is administered with saline water or ice packs to comfort the skin. A session can last anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes, and it is dependable on the region and the coverage of the treatment in each session. Some spot removal like acne or chickenpox marks may need multiple sessions something like 4 or 5 sessions however a gap of six weeks is must between each session.

The Risks of Microneedling

Like all treatments of the body using some foreign object, there are some risks too in microneedling. However, the process becomes less risky if done by an expert dermatologist and not by any layman who has learned it by watching videos on social media or surfing the internet. As you are under the hands of the person who is monitoring the process, it gets risky if not done by a qualified expert as the channels on the skins get opened through the process, and the top layer might get infected if no aftercare is appropriately taken. It is complicated to get rid of the top layer infection and may damage the skin more.

The other main risk is the needle. If the needles are not of the proper size or not adequately sterilized one can harm the skin or get other secondary infections that may be dangerous and may be fatal in the long run.

However, the risks are almost zero apart from minor irritations if one goes under the expert hands of the dermatologist. Local anesthesia is done by expert professionals to reduce pain. A non-specialist might also prick hard with the rollers having the needles, and this may cause deep wounds. So treating the skin by an expert skin specialist is always more or less risk-free while taking sessions of microneedling.

The Area Where People Generally do Microneedling

When one thinks to look beautiful, it is the fact that one cares for the most. The fine lines on the forehead, the wrinkles on the cheek are the top priority. These are the places where gals and guys go for the significant microneedling.

However, those who fancy more about their body and want to look young al throughout do it in many places. People do it on their thighs, near the bikini lines, on their tummy, and even on their bums to remove the stretch marks and tighten the skin. Those guys who care for the hair and want to have thick hair and prevent baldness due to Alopecia do it on the surface of the skull. Intact any part of the body can be treated through this process to have a taut skin without any spots, marks or hyperpigmentation and look beautiful. The real age cannot be stopped from increasing, but the skin age can be decreased through this process. One can do microneedling on any part of the body except the genitals and the regions near the nipples. With the method of microneedling gaining popularity day by day, it is no sin to go for it and look young and beautiful. It is not only meant for the people involved in the glamour world but for all.

Difference Between Microneedling and Home Rollers

The very purpose of microneedling is inducing the collagen and elastin of the skin to have a beautifully tight, wrinkle-free, spotless skin. There are very few devices that can be used for CIT at home. However, many use the home roller where needles stick out, and the roller is moved on the skin. However, the needles get blunt after a few usages and make the skin vulnerable while using these blunt needles.

While an expert dermatologist does microneedling under controlled conditions, home rollers are used randomly without taking any precaution, and that may cause more damage to the skin and the health in general. The needles used by the dermatologists can be varied according to the area that needs the treatments, but in the case of a home roller, it is not possible.

It is the dermatologist who decides the size and number of needles for a particular area of treatment, but in case of a home roller, this option is fixed and cannot be adjusted causing unnecessary damages to an extended area.

The needles used by the expert skin specialist are always sterilized and replaced when they are not active enough, but in the case of home rollers, it has been found that many people use the same rollers over the years and damages the skin.  Also, the pressure factor is also involved. With home rollers, one might give some extra pressure that may cause deep wounds, but while going for the microneedling, the expert hands always use the necessary force on their hands and operate smoothly without causing any damage to the skin.


It is the dream of everybody to look young and have a glowing, tight, and radiant skin. Age is only a number these days as various techniques have come up to get rid of the wrinkles, the fine lines, the thin skin, or the thinning of the hair. Microneedling is the in-thing and currently the best process to fight against the outward symptoms of the body growing old and look young. Apart from toning up the skin, one can get rid of the hyper-pigmentation, stretch marks or acne and chicken pox dents and look young and attractive. However, the skin treatment should always be done by an expert dermatologist who is aware enough of the process and should not be done by any layman. One can get to see advertisements with tall claims for treating the skin and changing you to an angel, but one should enquire before entering those centers if an expert dermatologist does microneedling or not.

With minimum side temporary side effects like the swelling or the redness of the skin, there are no other significant side effects if an expert does the process. Of course one can feel some mild pain during the process, but the old saying goes true here that “no pain no gain.” The pain will pass away within a few days, but the beauty will remain forever if no other internal health issues crop up. The process is not only beneficial for skin conditions due to aging but works wonders in other damaged skin conditions due to some ailments. Microneedling is one of the safest processes to rejuvenate the skin and look young and attractive.

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