7 Models to Follow on Instagram for Beauty Inspiration

If there’s anything that social media can help us with, it’s giving us the inspiration to be better – regardless of our purpose. How many of you have seen a beautiful model on Instagram, and made up your mind that then and there you are going to start working and “pretty yourself up” too?

It will indeed take a lot of determination – a determination that might fade when you are put face-front with exactly how much work you have to do. However, once their picture pops up into your newsfeed, you will once more be determined to stick to your routine. You want to be like them – so the efforts will be totally worth it.

Here is a List of Models to Follow on Instagram for Beauty Inspiration

1. @joansmalls :

Undeniably, Joan Smalls is a very beautiful woman. And while she does wear makeup in her pictures, her focus is mostly on enhancing the natural beauty in day-to-day life.

On the red carpet, however, she is known for her particularly bold choices. Purple lipstick and dramatic black liner are not something uncommon – but her natural hair usually stays just like that: natural.

A woman that has found the right balance, she has become a beauty inspiration for many.

2. @natashapoly :

Natasha Poly is a spokesmodel at L’Oreal – and also someone that has regular appearances on the red carpet. Rocking the day to day natural looks, she manages to get more Instagram followers every day – and with the natural wave, her popularity is skyrocketing through the roofs.

However, while she mostly opts for the more natural look, Natasha is also a makeup artist that is just budding. The #NPolyMakeup hashtag will show you some of the looks that she has created.

3. @pyperamerica :

Also known as the “Ice Queen,” Pyper Smith has created her own standout style – which is something you tend to do when you grow up in a supermodel-slash-rockstar family. Her brother, Lucky Blue, is also a male model on Instagram, which is why she might seem familiar to you.

With snow-white hair and piercing blue eyes, Pyper is a special kind of beautiful – one that mixes natural beauty with a touch of superstar uniqueness.

4. @warukatta :

Also known as Candy Crush on Instagram, Fernanda is also a model that made herself stand out. With her cotton candy-colored hair and baby doll dressing style, many people looked at her in awe when she walked the Louis Vuitton. Their only question was “who’s that girl?” Plus, she also has a great number of followers, proving that she knows how to use the right tools for Instagram.

5. @gracesimmons :

Also known as Rebel Red, Grace Simons has conquered Instagram with her tawny makeup and copper strands. She features a unique vibe with a natural look, impressing everyone with her fierce freckles and porcelain skin.

This is the actual girl on fire. In a sea of blondes where „fake beauty” seems to be rising up with makeup tutorials and other attempts to „beautify themselves,” Grace shows her followers that you do not need to alter themselves to become the people that they want to be.

They just have to be proud of their natural beauty and enhance the features that make them unique. This is what truly makes a person beautiful.

6. @blogilates :

While she may have not started as a model but as a fitness instructor, Cassey Ho became a role model for many women wanting to perfect their beauty. Her focus is not on make-up and temporary look modifications, but on how to reach your perfect beauty level by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Considering that her beauty was hard-worked, she has a lot of followers that are taking her up on her advice. She has also modeled for various magazines, talking about the fact that exercising and self-appreciation was what made her the person that she is today.

7. @bhumika_arora04 :

An up-and-comer beauty, Bhumika is a model student from India that sports some very beautiful traits. With her jet black hair and bold, stunning eyebrows, she expresses that it is never the wrong time to go after your dreams.

She may only have 27 years, and she may just be starting to become known on Instagram. However, considering her growing number of followers, this epitome of beauty is certainly someone that you may want to consider.

Final Thoughts

There are many follow-worthy models on Instagram that you may go for – these only being a small fraction of them. Fitness trainers, makeup artists, natural beauty models – all of them can inspire you to be a better person. You just have to find the right people to follow.


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