Moisturisers vs. Face Oils: What Does Your Skin Really Need?

Facial oils and moisturizers are being pitted against each other, determined to see whatever is working best for the consumer’s skin.

While both of the products have a significant effect on the user, what are their abilities? Should they be used apart from one another, or can they be combined?

Moisturisers vs. Face Oils

Face oils vs. Moisturizer

You probably heard of the two of these products as they are prominently known to clean and give your skin a natural glow that can work wonders when you apply them daily. But what are face oils and moisturizers, and how do they vary from one another?


One of the three essential products you will ever need in your skincare routine is moisturizers. They work on any skin, even with sensitive ones that require a lot of moisture to keep them soft.

Moisturizers are composed of several active ingredients like salicylic acid, antioxidants like green tea, and some hypoallergenic products that quickly accommodate every skin type that needs the help of getting back the moisture your skin needs.

Only after cleansing and applying toner to your face is where you’re supposed to dab the moisturizer. However, if you are using face serums or ampoules, it should go first before the moisturizers.

It should be good to use at least two times a day, in the morning and night, so that it can continue its work to replenish your skin’s loss of natural moisture.

Face oils, on the other hand, have a different catch than moisturizers.

Face Oils

Face oils do not require any other chemicals. However, they are just a type of moisturizer that acts on a specified skin type.

Face oils are great for people experiencing dryness in their skin and think that they will need more care.

They are thicker in structure when compared to moisturizers because they have different types of oils and fragrances infused in them. Moreover, the oils such as essential oils, carrier oil, and nourishing oil workout to block the skin’s natural moisture from evaporating. These oils effectively add a new layer to the skin that should work well to keep the hydration from the moisturizer you used.

The application of the oil works in the last part as it is thick. You should use it after the moisturizer if you want to use it and combine the two.

Differences Between Moisturisers and Face Oils

Before we say the final verdict, it is essential to set the two apart from the other. While moisturizer and face oils seem to work well alongside each other, if you use them separately, you can notice their differences such as:

Their composition:

Moisturizers use several ingredients, while face oils use a few oils and fragrances. The fragrance is more infused in face oils which can be irritant to others.

The adaptability to skin types:

Moisturizers work well for all skin types.

The functions:

Face oils clog the skin’s pores while moisturizers go deep to give the user the moisture and the hydration their skin needs.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to know what your skin needs before you select the product you wish to use. You can use both moisturizers, but remember that the thinnest always comes first before it goes to the thickest.

However, face oils cannot suit all skin types as they can irritate other skin. Moisturizers, on the other hand, give the moisture your skin loses as you step outside.

If you’re aware of your skin type and the care it needs, you can now go and select your own choice, worry-free.

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