Top 5 Most Iconic Ray-Ban Sunglasses in History

Ray-Ban is, without a doubt, the most famous sunglasses brand in the world. Since the company was first founded in 1937, Ray-Ban sunglasses have been steadily increasing in popularity thanks to their everlasting functionality and comfort. They have even made many unforgettable appearances on the big screen, perched atop the noses of some of the most famous names in Hollywood.

Over the years, Ray-Ban has produced iconic looks that have stood the test of time. The styles of these models are truly so enduring that they are still as fashionable and trendy as they were when they were first released decades ago.

Most Iconic Ray-Ban Sunglasses

1. Ever-Elegant and Extraordinary: The Timeless Round Frames:

The Ray-Ban Round shades personify freedom, authenticity, and peace in all its fine edges, creating that perfect hippie look. This pair, inspired by the 1960s counter-culture that once dominated the Western world, has been proudly worn by awe-inspiring legends of the music industry.

Sporting sculpted round lenses, a curved brow bar, and thin metal temples, this extraordinary pair manages to look perfectly retro and timeless at the same time. To this day, it remains a sensational pair of sunglasses ideal for both casual and glamorous events – definitely a must-have wardrobe staple!

There are a lot of options for lenses that you can choose from, like clear, polarized, or mirror lenses. One thing that’s for sure is that there’s an exquisite round frame style for everyone.

2. A Bold Fashion Statement: The Effervescent Erika Shades:

The Erika Ray-Ban is the ultimate fashion accessory that complements any style or outfit flawlessly. With a funky rubber facade, unique keyhole bridge, and its famous oversized frames – the style possibilities with this pair are endless.

They even offer a nearly unlimited range of colourways, meaning you can go with a chic black pair for a classically elegant look, or if you’re feeling a little more playful, you can choose something bold and colourful. Whether you’re looking for luxury or delicate, the Erikas are sure to stand out and make a statement on their own.

Whichever way you style it, Ray-Ban’s Erika pair is certainly one of the most charismatic pairs of sunnies you can wear.

3. Famous on the Big Screen: The Classic Wayfarers:

The Wayfarers first came out in 1952 and since then, have been a fashion favourite among celebrities. The likes of James Dean, Audrey Hepburn, and Tom Cruise have famously worn them in their films. The Blues’ Brothers kept them as an integral part of their iconic uniforms. Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Taylor Swift wear them while out and about in the city.

With this impressive array of famous endorsers, these frames easily became legendary sunnies. Even among the many evolving styles that come and go in modern fashion, the Wayfarers continue to be the most recognizable frames in the sunglasses industry.

Perfectly capturing the spirit of adventure and rebellion, this pair aims to inspire people from all over the world. Aside from its ever-iconic style, the Wayfarers are also 100% functional, as their lenses protect you from harmful UV rays, ensuring that your eyes stay in tiptop shape.

4. Classic But Fashion Forward: The Unmistakable Clubmaster Sunglasses:

This 1960s-inspired model is the epitome of classic, vintage beauty. The Clubmaster has a unique lens shape that pairs magnificently with an off-beat, rectangular frame, bringing together cool and intellectual in perfect harmony. It’s a classic shades design that manages to evoke a sense of nostalgia yet at the same time, fits in perfectly in the contemporary world.

The Clubmaster provides advanced UV protection thanks to state-of-the-art technology that blends in seamlessly with its design. You can take your pick from solid, gradient or mirror lenses, plus with a selection of Polarized sunglasses for a sharper look.

5. Where It All Started: The Famous Aviators:

The Aviators are the pair that started everything. They actually started off as purely utilitarian gear for aviation use. In 1937, the military requested the original makers of Ray-Ban to manufacture sunglasses for their pilots, with the intent of cutting down the glare that the pilots suffered while in the air. Lo and behold, the Ray-Ban came up with the Aviators, and an icon was born.

As you can expect, this model skyrocketed from there. Decades later, the Aviators live on as one of Ray-Ban’s bestselling pairs, consistently delivering exceptional quality, functionality, and comfort.

Ray-Ban continues to lead the market of luxury sunglasses with their iconic lens shapes and chic colourways. By constantly challenging the norms and introducing game-changing styles that never disappoint, it’s no wonder why the brand has maintained a place in everyone’s hearts.

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