Paring Options With Your Slick Long Boots

A sale get us women excited like nothing else! Shopping gets us going. Men never understand why! But it is how it is.

Our best friends’ goals are telling each other about the sales that are going on in town. If one of those sales is of shoes, then you can bet your life on it that a woman will check it out. Isn’t it the truth, ladies?

Author Suzanne Ferriss says that a woman’s craving to buying shoes triggers the brain’s prefrontal cortex area that is called ‘the collecting spot.’ Our cravings found the reasoning in science, ladies!

Glamour magazine estimates that a woman spends around $25000 on shoes in her lifetime. Specifically, long boots are a staple for every fashionista’s wardrobe.

Long boots are often worn when one has to make a style statement. Not only they look chic, but they also go with various clothing essentials.

Boots are mostly made of leather, but several other materials like suede, fabric, and snakeskin are also popular. There are so many ideas to style knee-length boots. I’ll say it like Kanye West for you, “Fashion is merely an opinion, and I’ve got a lot of opinions.”



1. Leather Skirt:

Giving the ultimate style statement is an effortless task when you pair up your knee-length boots with a slick skirt. You can wear the leather skirt underneath a leopard print top and put on black statement earrings for an edgy look.

You can create a cozy fall look with an oversized sweater and a trendy satchel bag to go along with it.

2. Floral Skirt:

As the weather warms up, our eyes long to see flowers everywhere, even in our outfits. Your boots are not just for winter outfits. They can be equally trendy in the fall season, especially when paired with a classy floral skirt.

3. Denim Mini Skirt:

Want to stay casual but still look like one of those models walking on the ramp? Put on a mini skirt in denim material and pair it up with a plaid print collared shirt and your much-loved boots.

You will surely make heads turn with your stylish outfit. You can finish the look with a stylish backpack.

Slick Long Boots

4. Crop Top Dress:

If you have bought a new pair of knee-high western boots, you might be wondering if you could wear them in summers as well. The answer is yes!

You can totally nail the summer street style if you pair them with a pale-colored crop top and Bermuda shorts. You can even go monochrome with a black crop top and black mini skirt along with your boots. If you add a quilted bag or clutch with this look, it will be a cherry on the top.

Slick Long Boots

5. Leggings:

Leggings and long boots go amazingly well with each other. When worn together, they make the wearer look tall and slim. Even though leggings look great with many kinds of footwear, nothing compares their great look with knee-high boots.

When you are not comfortable with skin show, leggings assist you. You can comfortably wear your short length skirts and shirt dresses with leggings and boots for a complete look.

6. Long Coats:

A classy outfit idea is your long coat worn along with your long boots. We often see celebrities with this style. You too can join the likes of Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian, and Hailey Baldwin if you pair up your knee-length boots with a long coat in a neutral shade. Don’t forget to take along your voguish tote bag that day.

7. Ruffled Skirt:

Ruffled clothing is all the rage nowadays, and clothing stores are filled to the brim with ruffled tops, skirts, and dresses. A sophisticated look can be created by pairing a printed ruffled skirt along with long slick boots.

You can wear a crop top, or an umbrella sleeved top with it to give out ultimate feminine vibes. Even a plain top worn with a statement necklace will go well with this look.

8. Black Shirt Dress:

Do any other garment shout sensuality and comfort more than a black shirt dress? No! Pair that voguish shirt dress of yours with long suede boots and a belt, and you are good to go.

I am all for collared shirt dresses with long sleeves, but the choice is yours if you wish to experiment with non-collared dresses. Carry a crossbody bag in bright shade to complete the look.

9. White Leather Jacket:

Create a trendy yet elegant black and white look by wearing a women’s white leather jacket with your black knee-high boots. A plaited skirt will go very well with this look, but you can also wear it with leggings or skinny jeans. The messy bun hairstyle looks extremely edgy with this look.

10. Skinny Jeans:

Your skinny jeans make a solid pair with long boots. You can easily rock a chic look with almost any kind of sweater, top, or dress that you like with fitted jeans and boots.

Slick Long Boots

11. Black Mini Skirt:

Black is our go-to wardrobe color when we are indecisive. A black mini skirt is a unique clothing item. The skirt can be paired with boots, and you can wear off-shoulder tops, blazers, and even formal workplace shirts to create multiple modern outfits.

12. Knee-Length Formal Skirt:

Our workplace attire doesn’t need to be boring. You can spice things up by occasionally wearing high boots with your formal skirt and collared shirts. Even full-sleeved knitted tops go well with boots and a formal check patterned skirt.

13. Midi Dress:

Midi dress offers you the coverage, yet still, leave a clear view of your beloved footwear. The best thing about midi dresses is that they are a one-piece solution for many occasions.

You can wear them to a party, or when you are hosting dinner at home. The short side slits, that most average length dresses have, provide you more freedom to move. Opt for a clutch purse rather than a handbag for this look.

14. Short Knitted Dress:

Knitwear has some unique class to it, which makes the overall look stylish yet cozy. If you too wish to create such a look, wear a pastel-colored, high necked knitted dress with brown leather boots.

You can wear stud or hoop earrings to give an extra oomph to your look. A crossbody bag usually looks good with knitwear clothing.

15. Plain Tee and a Shrug:

Let us take some inspiration from Taylor Swift, who advises girls to be experimental but always stick with your comfort style. Not being very fancy here, but you can be stylish and comfortable simultaneously with this outfit idea.

Just put on a plain white t-shirt and jeans. Then, wear a crochet shrug in any bright color that you like.  Lastly, put on your long boots and see the fashion diva look in the mirror. You can leave your hair open with loose curls, and carry a purse bag with this outfit.

16. Khaki Dress:

The simplicity of a khaki dress can be instantly enhanced when it is worn with knee-high boots. Khaki is a style statement that has become synonymous with the fall season as the material lets you embrace the chill.

Your look created with a khaki dress and boots can be further upgraded by a tote bag and some chunky bracelets.

17. Pencil Skirt:

Who doesn’t like the ultra-modern look that a pencil skirt creates? It is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that can be paired with all types of tops, coats, jackets, and footwear. Women love wearing pencil skirts since it enhances curves and shapes the figure.

18. Tucked in Shirt:

Flaunt that figure by tucking the shirt in when you are wearing knee-length boots. Not just collared shirts, but T-shirts, tank tops, and crop tops also can be tucked in the skirt or jeans.

You can use layering like a blazer, denim jacket, shrug, or even a muffler with a tucked-in shirt and jeans. This outfit gives you a neat, polished look that is often opted by celebrities for their public appearances.

19. Knee-Length Wrap Dress:

We can’t talk about long boots and not mention how nice they look with wrap dresses. Even if you have got only one pair of knee-high boots, consider adding a few of these wrap dresses to your wardrobe as well.

A plain wrap dress will pair up elegantly with snakeskin boots, and a floral wrap dress will match well with long suede boots. Clutches usually look stylish with these outfits.

Now then, you must have got a lot of ideas on how you can style your long boots. I will suggest you experiment more and create options for yourself. You might end up with an inspirational new look, and who knows, you might even become a trendsetter in the world of fashion.

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