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Shoes are the most important part of a woman’s wardrobe. They are not only a fashion statement but also help to enhance your personality and appearance. There are many types of shoes to choose from, and sometimes choosing the right shoes can be difficult. If you are on a budget and plan to splurge on shoes, you can still be classy by choosing a pair of platform heels or Balenciaga Shoes that best fits your needs.

Though they are challenging to maintain and keep clean, these platform heels are still the ultimate in style and comfort. If there is one defective element in the shoe, all women agree that it is the heel that detangles the bow tie at the ankle. These heels are not only functional as they are designed to offer support and increased stability to the wearer, but they are also very fashionable and add the right zing and attitude to a woman’s attire.

Platform Heels Collection

Unlike men, women prefer shoes that are comfortable and can also be used in an informal setting. Although most work shoes are very good looking, these are not considered perfect formal wear, and women prefer shorter heels to be worn to the office in the morning and the social scene later in the evening.

A pair of platform heels is a very safe bet for any woman hoping to increase her height and improve her overall appearance. Whilst not commonly purchased by taller women, a black pair of these heels is perfect for a night out clubbing. They are equally good at home at a picnic and a prom night, and they give women the chance to indulge in a few long nights of drinking and dancing without having to worry about any bonehead outfits.

If a woman wants to maintain her femininity and be able to look back in style after a few drinks, she can always rely on a pair of platform heels. From the fashion-conscious celebrity to the students, everyone has a pair of these steel monsters more than likely in their shoe closet.

Choose Your Shoes Carefully

Luckily for today’s working women, there are plenty of stylish shoes that allow women to make those fashion statements that they are famous for. There are platform sandals, boots, and sneakers that can be worn to the office, and they can also be worn after work hours to social engagements. But how do you choose which pair of platforms to buy?

Apart from being a sex appeal magnet, a pair of platform heels or other platform shoes can be the best pair of shoes to buy if comfort is a factor. A good pair of these shoes can be every bit as comfortable as a regular sandal or ankle boot, but there is no pressure to wear them! Just pay attention to the comfort aspect if you intend to purchase a pair of shoes.

If you intend to buy shoes to wear to formal events, you may want to avoid wearing uncomfortable platform heels to the office. They are almost always floor-length, and they do more than just add to the stylishness of a woman’s attire. There are heels that are excellent accompaniments to formal dresses and skirts, and they are practically the only shoes a woman needs to have in her closet.

For women who desire to look taller than they actually are, a pair of red evening platform heels that are slightly elevated will go much further in helping women achieve the illusion of height. Adding height without having to be constantly conscious of the top of the feet wearing heels is possible when the heel is small: the raise is subtle, but it still gives the wearer a certain boost of confidence.

The materials used in making the platform heels play an essential part in highlighting any flaws in the legs. Be very careful with fabrics that cling to the feet because these can dig into the skin and lend the wearer an unflattering image. This will spoil any planned social events! For skinny women, it is best to find a pair of wedges: these are taller than platforms, but they are not as uncomfortable to wear as platform heels. These are available in materials such as silk, leather, and satin, and they are little sling-back sandals: they are very classy.

It’s up to you 

If comfort is of extreme importance to a woman, a pair of stylish shoes is what she needs before she goes to the office or a party. There is no point in wearing killer high shoes if they are killing her feet and ruining the lining of the shoes.

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