10 Best Prom Dresses for your Special Night

Since time immemorial, Prom has always been a sweet coming-of-age ritual for many teenagers. However, over the past few decades, media has created quite a hype around Prom, a high school event that gets everyone excited. The school dance is all about making memories and reliving your final days at your alma mater before you are ready to face the real world at college. From grand gestures that are nicknamed ‘promposals’ to renting of limousines and tuxedos, Prom has always been the centre of every high school corridor conversation. Thus, to mark the best day of your life, it would only make sense to also wear one of the best prom dresses that are available in the stores.

The process of finding beautiful unique prom dresses is quite tiresome and stressful. Furthermore, with the advent of online shopping, it has become a lot easier to browse through a large variety of prom dresses and pick the one that is best suited for you. However, with greater choice comes greater confusion. Thus, to bypass the entire hassles of finding the best prom dresses especially the best prom dresses for your body type, we have shortlisted some of the top-notch attires that are available online. We have considered different body types, skin tones, and price range before including the dress in our list. We have also handy buyer’s guide that you can refer to if you wish to visit physical stores in pursuit of your perfect prom dress.

Buyer’s Guide while Purchasing the Best Prom Dresses

Since prom dresses can be quite an investment, you would want to put your money on a dress that will not fail to impress. Considering that a good prom dress is also versatile and can be worn at other events, it is worth putting in the extra effort while making the purchase. Here are a few tips that will make your prom dress shopping experience a little less stressful:

Purchase from Reliable Sources: When it comes to finding the best prom dresses, you cannot simply blindly pick any random vendor. It is not necessary that cheap dresses would turn out to be a great deal. On the other hand, it does not mean that you will get your hands on a high-quality dress. If you plan on getting your dress online then Amazon is the best portal for you to get your next prom dress. The products are backed by genuine reviews so you can lay your trust on them. If you have your heart set on a dress from another seller, you may want to carry out a quick background check on them before making the purchase. Simply Google the store name with “reviews” and you can read what the netizens have to say about it. From poor quality to substandard customer service, anything can damper your perfect prom dress purchase experience so stay wary before you swipe that card!

Keep Your Measurements Handy: Prom season is no less than a Black Friday for prom dresses. Dresses go off the racks in the blink of an eye. The last thing you want is clicking on “Add to Cart” on your favorite dress and watching it getting sold out even before processing the payment. Thus, stay prepared in all the ways you can. Additionally, you wouldn’t want a poorly fitting dress on your special date. So you wouldn’t want to order a wrong size in your haste. To prevent any of these mishaps, simply keep your measurements at hand. Go through the size chart offered by the dress manufacturer and identify your size. If you are still confused, you can always contact the seller to seek help.

Shortlist your Favorites: The quickest way to make the decision is by keeping your favorite dresses organized. To simplify the process of shortlisting your favorites, create a folder in your bookmarks taskbar and keep adding the dresses that you like. Once you have gone through all the trusted stores, you can check out your bookmarks and narrow down to your favorite dress. Alternatively, if you are only looking for options on Amazon, you may use their ‘Wish List’ feature to shortlist your dress. Using Amazon’s Wish List, you can share the shortlisted dresses with your friends and family to know what they think of your choice.

Purchase Shoes and Accessories with the Dress: Ideally, you wouldn’t want to spend all your money in one go. However, a little known secret that can work wonders is to buy your shoes and accessories along with the dress. Follow this trick even if you are making an online purchase. This ensures that you can get shoes and accessories that go with the spirit of the dress and the look that you are trying to pull off. Additionally, when you are buying an entire set from a single seller, you may even get a good deal or a discount on your purchase! Even if it is not explicitly mentioned on the website, you can always drop a mail to the seller asking if they would be receptive to offering a steal deal or a discount on buying all the items directly from them. Many sellers and manufacturers would gladly give you loyalty bonus on your purchase!

Last Minute Shopping is a Disaster: Whether you buy your items online or offline, last minute shopping is always a disaster that is about to blow up. In the physical stores, the rush of customers can be quite discouraging if you plan on taking out the time and zeroing in on the winner. Quite similarly, if you are making an online purchase, the shipping and delivery could have you on the edge of the seat until the very last day! Not to forget that if the dress does not fit well, you may have to get it altered for minor adjustments or in worst case return the dress to the seller and have it replaced or buy a new one. The panic and stress associated with this entire process can really ruin your entire prom mood.

Choose a Dress that Suits the Weather: The last thing that you would want on your prom day would be a dress that does not go with the weather. Weather is an important external element that you should factor in while choosing your dress. Imagine wearing a full-length stifling dress with no room to breathe on hot summer’s night; or picture yourself wearing a revealing dress on a freezing winter’s evening. Both scenarios sound like something you wouldn’t want to deal with on your special day! Thus, it is important that you find a weather-appropriate garb that will keep you comfortable and cozy without letting the weather affect you adversely.

Below is the List of 10 Best Prom Dresses

1. Manfei Women’s V-Neck Crystal Beaded Mermaid Long Prom Dress:

Mermaid dresses are very much in fashion so you cannot go wrong with this one. Whether it is Prom or an Engagement, this will turn out to be your ‘go to’ dress. Furthermore, with this outfit on, you are bound to grab a lot of eyeballs and steal many hearts! The top portion of the prom dress is handmade from luxury crystals and beading, which offers a regal effect. The long side slit, the deep V-neck, and the dipping back makes it one amongst the limited few sexy prom dresses. For a greater variety, you can choose from SIX different colors starting with Black, Mint Green, Navy Blue, Red, Royal Blue, and Blue.

Material: Chiffon
Sizes: 2 to 16
Neck Type: V-Neck
What we Like About it: The sparkly beaded torso along with the free-falling chiffon long gown.

2. Meier Women’s Illusion Long Sleeve Embroidery Prom Dress:

If you have an hourglass-shaped body then this is one of the best prom dresses for your body type. Plus, an evening gown is definitely a head turner and if your evening gown looks anything like this, you are bound to get noticed! Meier Women’s Illusion Long Sleeve Embroidery Prom Dress is not only gorgeous, but it also makes the wearer feel gorgeous. The mesh overlay of the dress is accentuated by contrasting floral appliques and shining rhinestones. Lace and crystals also adorn this stunning prom dress. The sheer sleeves of the dress, a cinched middle, the sweetheart neck, and the A-line hem will offer a throwback to the Disney princess. The entire dress is lined with soft material with the mesh and tulle offering a dramatic flair. The formal dress bearing a back zipper closure contains an inbuilt bra pad for added comfort. It is available in Gold with Gold overlay, Gold with Red overlay, and Silver with Grey overlay, making it suitable for all skin tones.

Material: Net, Tulle, and Lining
Sizes: 4 to 20
Neck Type: Sweetheart Neck
What we Like About it: The ethereal look of the dress will make you appear like an angel that has just descended from heaven!

3. Harsuccting Off-Shoulder Beaded Satin Evening Prom Dress with Pocket:

Combine satin with off-shoulder gowns and low necklines and you will get the best amongst the sexy prom dresses available out there. Due to its pastel colors and minimalistic design, this gown is simply perfect for every occasion. The boning present in the front of the gown reduces the need for wearing a bra while putting this dress on. The quality of the material and the handiwork will leave you impressed. However, the highlight of the dress remains the fact that it has functioning pockets! You can store your necessary items such as ID cards, travel makeup kits, and phones inside these well-made and reliable pockets. In addition to the plethora of colors and sizes made available, the manufacturers also offer customization when it comes to picking the best prom dresses for you! If you are in a hurry then you can even place a rush order where the dress will require 3 to 5 days to dispatch. Under no-wait circumstances, you can place a normal order where it takes nearly 10 days to process. This dress definitely features highly in our list of beautiful unique prom dresses. Whatever size or type, this dress sure does remind us of Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Material: Satin, Beading, and Crystal
Sizes: 2 to 16 and 17W to 26W (Customization available)
Neck Type: Off The Shoulder Neck
What we Like About it: What is not to love about a dress with pockets?! Plus, the extensive variety in terms of colors and sizes that are available.

4. Yilis A-Line Satin with Lace Applique Party Prom Dress:

Even after all the years, Marilyn Monroe is still considered to be drop-dead gorgeous beauty. When one thinks of Monroe, they naturally envision the bomb in her iconic flying skirt pose. The most striking part of that image, apart from Monroe’s stunning looks, is the dress that she wears. If you want to recreate Marilyn Monroe’s classic pose at your prom then there is no better dress than this. It is short, comfortable, and sexy. The double ring closure offers dual tone colors in the underskirt for this A-line satiny silk dress. The backless halter neck will have everyone swooning over you. The mesh around the bust covers up the cleavage offering a hint of modesty. The tie-up back is decked with lace and beading. Once again, with this dress, you also get the convenience of pockets where you can store small items. You can choose from TWENTY-THREE shades available by the manufacturer and can also customize your dress as per your requirements.

Material: Rich Heavy Satin, Lace, Beading
Sizes: 2 to 16 and 18 Plus to 26 Plus (Customization available)
Neck Type: Halter Neck
What we Like About it: Dual tone, Short, and sexy – using this satin dress you can put together a completely sexy ensemble when paired with some peep-toe pencil heels and a flashy clutch!

5. Lily Wedding Women’s Halter Gold Applique Long Prom Dress:

If you are lean and tall, then this is one of the best prom dresses for your body type. Quite often tall girls have to worry about evening gowns turning out too short for them, but that is not the case when you choose Lily Wedding Women’s Halter Gold Applique Long Prom Dress. This dress is a perfect inclusion in your closet if you like to pull off the Beauty Queen look of the 80s and the 90s. In addition to the amazing dress, you can also enjoy the premium customer service offered by the manufacturer.

Material: Polyester, Chiffon, Lace, Tulle
Sizes: 2 to 16 and 18 Plus to 26 Plus (Customization available)
Neck Type: V-Neck and Halter Neck
What we Like About it: If floor length long dresses aren’t your thing, then you can even get a shorter version made of this dress

6. Babyonline Mermaid Lace Applique Long Prom Dress:

The Babyonline Mermaid Lace Applique Long Prom Dress is an elegant prom dress that is also suitable for other events such as black tie parties, formal occasions, and even weddings. The body-hugging design of the dress when paired with breathable material makes the dress look classy without compromising on your comfort. The rich and intricate applique design negates the need for clunky or loud jewellery pieces, all you will need would be your corsage and you are all set for a memorable prom night.

Material: Tulle, Satin, Applique, Lace
Sizes: 2 to 16
Neck Type: V-Neck and Halter Neck
What we Like About it: The dress will flatter your body and accentuate your curves!

7. Viwenni Women’s Vintage Lace Long Prom Dress:

Nothing makes a bolder statement than a dress bearing a stunning bodice. The contrasting flecks and mesh on the top will accentuate your bust while the free-falling hem will bring out your curves. The dress is capable of hiding your rolls and love handles. The Viwenni Women’s Vintage Lace Long Prom Dress is a classic attire that brings red carpet glamour to life. If you are looking for something that is simple, yet classy, then this is one of the best prom dresses to suit your taste. The ties in the back allow the wearer to adjust the size and fitting according to their body type. Thus, irrespective of your shape, this is one of the best prom dresses for your body type.

Material: Spandex, Polyester, Lace
Sizes: Small to XX-Large
Neck Type: Spaghetti Neck
What we Like About it: The ties along the back of the dress add an extra charm and also allow a flattering fit to the top half.

8. Rephyllis Women’s Halter Floral Lace Vintage Maxi Long Prom Dress:

Even though the top is an attractive material of lace, it is not see through thereby removing your worries about your modesty. Since the dress is made out of Spandex, which is a stretchy material, it will fit your body like a glove making it appear as though the dress was tailor-made for you. The high slit and short train combination make this dress perfect for your prom night. Those who are not comfortable in overly skimpy clothing will bear a liking to this dress owing to its high neckline. The dress will bring more of a jazzy oomph factor on the dancefloor as you can easily walk around in its breathable material.

Material: Spandex, Polyester, Lace
Sizes: Small to XX-Large
Neck Type: Halter Neck
What we Like About it: The lace bodice with exposed shoulders and the high slit on the side make this one of the sexy prom dresses!

9. Libaosha DIY Dress Online Satin Lace Halter Short Two Piece Prom Dress:

This dress is definitely for the bold type who would like to show off some skin at their prom. The short length and exposed midriff will definitely get things steamy as you enter the venue. With Libaosha’s Short Satin Two Piece Prom Dresses you can feel sexy without having to compromise on your comfort. The built-in bra reduces the need for additional clothing items. The best thing about this two-piece dress is that you can even wear it after your prom night. You can pair up the top with jeans or leggings while the skirt goes well with sexy tops and this way you can have a number of different outfits. If you are short and petite, then the length of the dress would be the least of your worries. Through this dress, you can draw more attention to your footwear and any other accessories. The premium quality offered for an affordable price makes it one of the budget-friendly sexy prom dresses.

Material: Satin, Lace
Sizes: 2 to 16
Neck Type: Halter Neck
What we Like About it: Unconventional short two-piece prom dress that will make you stand out!

10. HongFuYu Prom Dresses Sexy Deep V-Neck Sequins Tulle and Lace High Split Prom Dress:

Nobody wants to go to prom looking like a Plain Jane. Therefore, if you really want to turn on your sexiness, then this is the exact dress for you. With a halter neck that accentuates your shoulders, beaded bodice that hugs your body shape, the plunging neckline paired with the high slit, and backless rear, you will really enhance your oomph factor. Whether you are taking the centerstage and dancing on the floor or you are laying back and hanging out with your close friends – with this dress on, you are bound to get noticed. Plus, you can wear this dress at almost every formal event be it a formal ball or even an engagement!

Material: Tulle, Lace
Sizes: 2 to 16 (Customization available)
Neck Type: Halter Neck
What we Like About it: The dress is sexy without being tacky. Putting this dress on will transform you into a runway star.


With this helpful guide and list of shortlisted best prom dresses, you can be assured that you will have a seamless experience while buying your prom dress. We hope this blog helped you make your day more memorable.

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