Simple Home Workout For Women To Reduce Arm Fat

In this fast paced life, everyone has big dreams and to achieve those big dreams we have to struggle continuously. To be able to follow such lifestyle we need to remain fit and active which demands a little health care. Arm fat is a concern for many ladies which can be solved easily with little but continuous efforts. So you don’t need to frown over the arm fat as it can be easily lost easily.

Many of us don’t get the time to go to gym or yoga sessions. However, we can take out some time for our fitness and do basic exercises to remain fit. Now, the question is what are those basic exercises? In this article, you will find the exercise to reduce arm fat and the best part is you can do these exercises at your home. So, you don’t need to pay expensive gym fees just to reduce arm fat.

How to Get Rid of Arm Fat Through Simple Exercises?

1. Planks:

Benefits: It develops your upper arm strength and also play an important part in reducing the arm fat. It builds your muscles while using your own body weight. Also if you are looking for an exercise for a flat tummy then this exercise is helpful for that too.

Step 1 – Lie straight on the ground. Now, first raise your upper body with the help of your hands and then hold it in the air by balancing it on your forearms. Your stomach should be in and your back should be straight. Your wrists should be placed exactly under your shoulders.

Step 2 – Now, raise your lower body part and balance them on your which are touching the ground.

Step 3 – Make sure that your body posture is parallel to the ground.

Step 4 – Now you have to hold this body posture for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, take 15-30 seconds rest and continue. Do this exercise in sets.

2. Push Ups:

Benefits: It develops your arm strength and muscles using your body weight. This resistance exercise can burn your arm fat and bring you wonderful results. One more thing to be happy about this exercise is that you don’t need any trainer or equipment to do this exercise.

Step 1 – Lie straight on the ground. Now, keeping your hands on the ground, lift your upper body. The distance between both of your hands should be just the same as your shoulders. So, keep your right hand in front of your right shoulder and your left hand in front of your left shoulder.

Step 2 – Now, raise your lower body while balancing it on your toes. Your toes should be close to each other but not touching with each other.

Step 3 – Make sure your body is in a straight line balancing on your four limbs.

Step 4 – Now, bend your elbows and take your body closer to the ground. After this, straighten your arms uplifting your body away from the ground. Be careful about keeping your body in a straight line otherwise, there will be no benefit of doing this exercise. The goal is to do this exercise correctly even if you end up doing fewer push-ups.

Step 5 – Start with a number that you can easily achieve and then daily keep on increasing 2-3 push-ups to increase your strength.

3. Arm Rotations:

Benefits: This is one simple exercise that you can easily do anywhere to reduce your arm fat. This exercise can get you results if you keep doing it regularly.

Step 1 – Stand while keeping your back straight.

Step 2 – Hold weights in both of your hands or you can also do it without the weights if you wish to make it easier.

Step 3 – Now start with one of your arms by rotating it clockwise. Rotate it ten times and then rotate it anticlockwise for ten times.

Step 4 – Repeat the same with your other arm.

Step 5 – Count the rotations and do it in sets.

Step 6 – Make sure that you don’t bend your arms during this whole exercise. And don’t put too much stress, take it easy.

4. Downward Dog:

Benefits: Helps to reduce your arm fat. Builds muscle strength and most importantly tones your body. If you have ever done yoga then you would know this posture which is a part of the Surya namaskar steps.

Step 1 – Lie on the ground. Now push your body upwards while making it an inverted ‘V’. Your feet and hands should be placed flat on the ground firmly.

Step 2 – Drop your head down and pull your weight back towards the heel.

Step 3 – Hold this posture for as long as you can. It can be difficult initially but with continuous efforts, it will become easy.

5. Pull Ups:

Benefits: It can be the most effective exercise for losing your arm fat but also might be the most difficult among these 5 exercises. Also, it builds muscle strength for not only your arms but your back, shoulder, and chest.

Step 1 – This exercise requires you to pull your whole body weight with your arms so initially, you will require someone to help you a bit.

Step 2 – Hold the pull up bar with both of your hands at shoulder distance from each other. Be gentle and pull your body up slowly.

Step 3 – Try to uplift your body until your chin reaches the pull-up bar.

Step 4 – Slowly bring your feet back to the ground and repeat.


Just keeping up with fitness levels on a general and day-to-day basis can work wonders for all your problem areas. But that does require a lot of commitment and hard work on your part, which some people try to take a shortcut out of, which they should never take! Your lifestyle plays a major role in maintaining a toned body. Try to start your day early so that you can really incorporate the diet and workout changes in your life. Also, try new and alternative workout routines, dance your heart out and go for morning runs. Building your health slowly will reap benefits in the long run.

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