8 Shopping Tips You Need to Know to Save Time and Money

Malls are one of the most visited establishments in the world. Furthermore, they are expected to remain prime destinations for shopping and socialization for years to come. Even with the dawn of online shopping, nothing can replace that gratifying feeling you can get from strolling around an actual brick-and-mortar store.

Want to know how to enhance the experience further? Whether it’s a shopping mall in Dubai or anywhere else in the world.

8 Shopping Hacks You Need to Know to Save Time and Money

1. Map out your route:

Did you know that reducing the time roaming around the mall aimlessly could also help you save money?

Unless you’re intentionally planning to kill time and enjoy spontaneous fun and entertainment, make sure that you create a plan for your trip to the mall before actually heading there.

Make a shopping list and use that to map out your shopping route. It should include all the stores you need to visit, as well as any non-shopping-related activities, like a trip to indoor theme parks, arcades, and restaurants.

If it’s your first time visiting that particular shopping mall, you can look for a map on their website and print that out to make the task a bit easier.

2. Schedule your trip wisely:

You can save a lot of time and money by making minor changes to your shopping habits, and that includes your mall visit schedule.

Make sure you time your trip to the mall during sales and other events where lots of discounts, giveaways, and other value-added promotions are available. This usually happens during major holidays, though many stores hold sales during regular days as well.

You can get information about store sales through advertisements, but those usually appear randomly. You’ll have a better chance of learning about promotional events by approaching sales assistants and asking them for the sale schedule.

Timing your trip near closing hours or around late evening could help you avoid big crowds and time-consuming queues to the cashier.

3. Survey the items before a sale event:

When looking for Dubai shopping offers, do you only ask for the schedule? If your answer is “yes,” you may be missing out on something more valuable: a chance to survey sale items before they are marked down.

Besides the timing, you can also ask sales assistants about which items will be on sale. Although this will depend on the store, the mall clerk may let you return on a specific day for a particular item or put your purchase on hold until the item goes on sale.

Either way, it is a good idea to survey sale items before the actual sale event. This will help you avoid running like a headless chicken on the day of the promotional event, not to mention it boosts your chances of getting first dibs on the items you want at a lower price.

4. Shop for your needs early:

If you’re shopping for essentials and other things you’ll eventually need – like, say, a dress for an upcoming wedding you’re attending – you must do so as early as possible.

Shopping at the last minute not only leaves you with less time to decide but also lowers your chances of finding an item you actually like. This can also affect the availability in relation to its design and size.

That said, be sure to shop at least a month before you’ll need a product. This will give you enough time to find the best version of the item at the best possible price.

So what if the wedding is three months away? Just think about how happy you’ll be when you come wearing the perfect dress when the event rolls around. As a bonus, you even have extra money to spend on the best pair of shoes to match.

5. Don’t skip the fitting room:

Everyone knows the importance of trying clothes before buying them. Despite this, many people still end up swiping their cards or paying cash for something that will only gather dust in their closets.

Remember that trying on an outfit will ensure that you select the right size and design for you. Ultimately, doing this helps you get the best value for your money.

The same goes for non-clothing items, most especially equipment, gadgets, tools, and other things you may need to return and have replaced if they don’t work well.

6. Stick to your shopping list and have a maximum spending cost:

You have a shopping list for a reason. Use it. Stick to it.

People often spend more money than they intended because they head to the mall with only a few things in mind, only to pick up more items. If you are the same, then you could be spending more money than you thought you would.

Want to know how you can correct this? You have two choices:

  • to know exactly what you’re buying, or
  • to set the maximum amount you can spend during the trip.

The second strategy works well because there are times when you can’t know precisely what you need until you spot it at the mall. Doing this will help you control the amount you spend and only pay for things you have the money for.

7. Inspect items on sale thoroughly before buying:

Sometimes, items on sale have defects or damages that caused the store to mark them down. While this isn’t always a problem, you should still be vigilant when inspecting them.

Checking thoroughly helps you determine whether the issue is repairable and if the cost to fix it is significantly lower than the discount you will get. If not, then it’s not worth buying the item.

Take note that there are times when buying at full price can help you save more time and money later on. This is because most brands offer better quality at regular prices for items that will last longer and require less – if not zero – repairs down the road.

8. Look for the hidden cashier:

One of the most time-consuming aspects of shopping is queuing up in the cashier. Fortunately, you can avoid this by seeking out cashiers located in the out-of-the-way areas of the store.

These are usually located in the quieter parts of the mall, like the far-off corners, near fitting rooms, or close to the lingerie department.

The Takeaway

Shopping smart is not just about finding the best deals. Sometimes, it’s all about making the entire experience stress-free using strategies like the ones listed in this article.

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