Silver Bracelets: A Style Staple for Everyone

Silver Bracelets: A style staple for everyone

Designer silver jewellery is the most popular among the contemporary segment of jewellery across the world. It has become even more popular in comparison to gold jewellery. With the increasing market fluctuation and the increasing prices of gold, many jewellery designs have now switched to design silver jewellery ornaments and adornments.

Silver jewellery pieces like bracelets, earrings and necklaces have become a staple for today’s working women. While wearing statement pieces that definitely elevate your look for the day, but certain minimalistic pieces are meant to be worn every day. Silver bracelets fall under that category.

Bracelets with their lovely design have long been a favourite of girls and women of every age. And in case you are a man looking for that perfect gift to present to your lady love then these wrist candies are the ideal choice.

Since ancient times, human beings have been believing the different healing properties that are possessed by gemstones and minerals. A simple Google search will turn up with countless results on the various metaphysical properties and health benefits of precious metals like silver and gold and other non-precious metals like brass.

From time immemorial silver bracelets have been used as amulets and talismans to protect the wearers from negative energies or to simply ward off certain dangers. They were also used as a symbol of status, power and wealth.

Well, fast forward in today’s times although the meaning of wearing silver bracelets have to change the hype certainly has not. They are worn by millions of men and women alike and come in delightful varieties, some of which are:

Silver Chain Bracelets:

Silver chain bracelets come in a variety of designs and are mostly worn and liked for their casual vibe. Sleek chain bracelets prove to be great accessories whether you are in a casual or formal setting.

Silver Leather Bracelets:

Leather bracelets are generally known to be the accessory of men, but it is not so! With the ever-changing styles, leather bracelets are now a great part of women’s wardrobe as well. They come in a variety of designs like layered leather bracelets or woven leather bracelets.

Silver Gemstone Bracelets:

Silver gemstone bracelets are usually worn for their metaphysical and health benefits but now they are also worn as fashion accessories. The colourful spark of gemstones shines in contrast to the gleam of silver.

Silver Charm Bracelets:

Silver charm bracelets are very popular among young girls. They are decorated with charms like evil eye, heart, bee, beetle etc. These charms make these bracelets more adorable and these are considered great accessories for a casual day out with your friends.

How to Take Care of Your Silver Bracelets?

Any jewellery can last you a lifetime if you take good care of them. Just like gold jewellery, silver jewellery can also become one of the precious heirloom pieces that you hold close to your heart. Here are some tips you need to follow:

  • Do not wear silver jewellery especially bracelets or rings while doing some sort of cleaning in the house. The cleaners have chemicals infused in them which will destroy your jewellery.
  • Do not go to the swimming pools wearing silver jewellery as they contain high levels of chlorine which will tarnish your jewellery.
  • Keep them in separate boxes to avoid scratching, as scratches dull out the gemstones and the jewellery.

Wear your silver jewellery often as the natural oils from your skin will prevent the tarnishing process.

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