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Smile Direct Club Review: A good smile can make a great first impression. Everyone may not be blessed with the perfect set of teeth, but there is nothing that can keep you from getting perfectly aligned teeth. Satisfactory dental services are now just within reach of hand. There are many dental care processes entirely different from those used by the regular dentists which tend to be highly effective within a very short time frame. If you have been yearning for the perfectly aligned teeth and the confidence that comes with it, it is high time to go for the clear teeth aligners. So get ready for a remotely controlled dental care plan and rule the world with a contagious smile.

Smile Direct Club Reviews

What is the Smile Direct Club?

The Smile Direct Club is a dental care service wherein the customers can order for custom made teeth aligners. These aligners tend to be highly effective, and the total cost is only a fraction of what a dentist would have charged. The Club has a network of more than 225 licensed professionals which makes their services highly convenient. Customers can avail for a direct to patient service so as to have their teeth evaluated from anywhere, anytime. The Club is operated in a highly systemic manner, and they even hand out a blueprint of what their smile will look like once the process is completed. All of these added conveniences make the services of Smile Direct Club much more favorable as compared to the services of a traditional dentist.

What Do They Actually Do?

The Smile Direct Club asks their customers to send them their teeth impression mold. They then create customized dental aligners based on the mold and send it back to the customers through mail. The customers are advised to wear these braces for a period of 4 to 8 months, after which they are guaranteed to have a wonderfully aligned teeth with a perfect new smile. The aligners given out by Smile Care Club are very subtle and rather difficult to take note of, which makes them much more favorable when compared to the traditional braces.

The first step in availing the services of the Smile Direct Club includes making an appointment to visit their nearest Smile Shop location where a certified Smile Guide will take a 3D image of your smile. This will take about 30 minutes, and then you will be immediately shown what the final results will look like. If there are no Smile Shops near you, you can also ask for an at-home impression kit which can be used to the same effect. Following this, a digital scan is sent to the licensed dentist who will determine a suitable treatment option based on the available information. The specialist can also be contacted via email, phone or live chat. The entire proceedings from the initial consultation to the end of the treatment are recorded with the help of a specially designed Smile Check software to ensure that there are no casualties.

When all is set and done, the Smile Direct Club sends their customers the entire set of aligners included in the smile plan. These are to be worn during different periods in a special order. They can be worn at all times except while eating meals and drinking beverages. The average time taken until the completion of the treatment plan is six months. However, in some cases, this can also get extended up to 10 months, depending on the plan. Once, the treatment is completed, you will have the results exactly as portrayed in the beginning and you will only be required to wear a retainer during sleep so that no relapse occurs after that.

Who is it for?

The Smile Direct Club is for anyone who does not feel confident enough due to an improper alignment of the teeth. The dental care service aims at straightening and brightening the smile for all their customers. Similar services are provided by regular orthodontists as well. However, wearing the unfashionable traditional wire braces may not suit everyone’s tastes. Smile Direct Club uses only transparent molds which are very hard to notice. Furthermore, their services can also be remotely controlled and the complete treatment plan can be completed just in 6 months. Hence, they are ideal for someone looking for a quick and quality fix up. The best part, however, is that the services at Smile Direct Club are very affordable. Therefore, it can be ideal for anyone looking for quality services within a tight budget.

Here, it should be noted that Smile Direct Club is not for any extensive dental work. They only help you get your teeth back into a proper alignment so that they do not negatively affect your looks or the overall oral health anymore. Therefore, if you have not had a relapse in the past or do not have major tooth movement, you can avail for the services of Smile Direct Club just about any time you feel like.

How Does the Process Work?

Unlike the traditional braces that use brackets and wires interconnected to each other, Smile Direct Club provide their customers with invisible aligners that are a series of custom made tight fitting retainers that can be slipped onto and out of the teeth. It is more like a tight fitting tray that gradually moves your teeth to their proper position. This will leave you with straighter teeth in just a few months. The transparent aligners used in the process are made out of BPA free plastic and therefore completely safe to use. A majority of the Smile Direct Club Reviews suggest the treatment process as being highly effective and having yielded highly reliable results within a span of an average of 6 months. Following the treatment process in the correct fashion will also ensure there is no remission in the subsequent period.

Are the Changes Conspicuous?

This is one of those first questions that enter the mind while considering any of the dental care services. Of course, it is worthwhile to spend the money and the time only as long as you can have visible results within the suggested period. A large number of customers have posted Smile Direct Club reviews on a timely basis during their treatment process, updating about the changes during the ongoing period. These reviews show that the entire treatment process can be very safe and easy to handle. The changes seen were quite evident even at a glance. The customers are promised a guaranteed result after the completion of the entire treatment process and even provided with a 100% refund in case of the ineffectiveness of the treatment.

The professionals at Smile Direct Club go through all of your impressions, photos and past medical records. They make a careful assessment of the case and are honest enough to let you know if your case can be treated through their processes. Along with this, they also find out if the customers are qualified to go through their virtual check-ins. This can help in saving a great deal of time, frustration and disappointment. Since they only take customers who they can treat, the results are fairly conspicuous in a maximum number of the cases.

Smile Direct Club Cost Involved

The online Smile Assessment at Smile Direct Club is absolutely free. If you want to go a step further and try out the 3D scan at their Smile shop or use a home impression kit, you will be required to pay an amount of $95. However, if it turns out that your case cannot be treated, you will get a full refund of the aforementioned $95. When you go for the actual treatment process, the payment can be made using three different options.

1. One-time Payment

If you prefer to make a single, one-time payment, you will be required to pay a bulk sum of $1850. This is also one of the most cost-effective options since it does not require any extra payments.

2. Klarna Financing

If you prefer monthly financing, you can opt for a down payment with the help of Klarna which will require you to pay a sum of $87 for a period of 24 months and the gross sum will come up to $2088.

3. Smile Pay

If you opt for the Smile Pay down payment, you will be required to make a down payment of $250 and then a monthly payment of $80 for a total of 24 months. In this case, the total comes up to $2170.

When you get your aligners, you will also be provided with free whitening gel as a compliment. Apart from this basic cost, you can also pay $99 for a retainer that can be worn to preserve the alignment once the treatment has been completed. If you happen to lose or damage the trays, a fee of $50 is charged for the replacement, and additional impression kits will cost you $49. Their payment plan is also inclusive of the Confident Smile Guarantee, wherein the unsatisfied customers can return the unused aligners and get a refund of the prorated amount.

Advantages of the Smile Direct Club

As can be assessed from the Smile Direct Club Reviews across the internet, the dental care service appears to have a ton of benefits. Mentioned below are a few of the most notable advantages.

1. Affordable

Dental appointments tend to be very costly, and most of the times, the fees are not really predictable. Smile Direct Club, on the other hand, offers their service at just a fraction of the cost.

2. Safe

The treatment process requires frequent teeth evaluation and follows a special 3D plan to suit your personal requirement. Also, the aligners used are made out of high-grade BPA plastic. This makes the entire treatment process very safe.

3. Convenience

As mentioned above, the proceedings of the entire treatment can be remotely controlled, and you can provide the professionals with the info and mold using a home impression kit. This will ensure that none of your regular schedules get disrupted during the process.

4. Aesthetics

This is one of the best things about Smile Direct Club. The aligners used are so light and thin that you will barely feel like you are wearing them.  They are also entirely invisible and do not get noticed in general. Therefore, you can still walk around confidently with your aligners on.

5. Reliability

Smile Direct Club recruits only licensed professionals in their team. This ensures that the services provided are always of the best quality. Although you will be paying a very reasonable sum, the quality of service is not compromised.

Downsides of the Smile Direct Club

Smile Direct Club also has its own share of drawbacks. Listed below are a few of them.

  • No Retention Assistance

Unlike the regular orthodontists who schedule your time for checkups, in this case, you are entirely left to your own devices.

  • Communication Issues

Patients usually find it convenient to have a good working relationship with their dentists for the comfort of communicating various concerns. This part is absent in case of Smile Direct Club.

  • Customer Service

The relationship that you have with Smile Direct Club is very businesslike. They ask you to stick to the recommended treatment plan but may be hard to reach if any problem occurs in the meantime. There are quite a few Smile Direct Club reviews where clients have complained of unsatisfactory customer care service.

  • Other Potential Issues

While an orthodontist will provide prompt services in case of issues like losing or damaging a tray, in the case of Smile Direct Service, you will be required to make a reorder and wait till it gets delivered. You may be provided with an emergency tray while the new one is made. However, they may not take responsibility if results are not as desired. Also, some patients have reported pain and discomfort after the procedure, even filing Smile Direct Club lawsuits to get things resolved.

Does the Process Work?

Since oral health can affect a large part of one’s life, it can be worthwhile to have a good consideration before taking up any oral health plan. It is a good thing that Smile Direct Club has a systematic process for assessing the different cases and only offers their service to cases that required moderate to mild straightening. Many Smile Direct Club reviews have pictures of the images taken before and after the treatment processes, from which, it is evident enough that the treatment can be highly effective. The results were just as expected during the beginning of the treatment processes, thereby making their services highly reliable.

Smile Direct Club Reviews from Customers


I had been seeing a lot of the Smile Direct Club reviews and wanted to try it out for myself. I am glad to say that I received all of my aligners well in time. My treatment plan took six months, and now I have a set of perfectly aligned teeth. I am highly satisfied with the services of Smile Direct Club and would also like to add that I had absolutely no problem while trying to reach the customer care service whenever I had doubt. This has been such an enriching experience for me, and it has changed my life for the better. I feel so much more confident than I had ever felt before. I would absolutely recommend this to others interested in dental alignment. (Review by Veronica)

Silvia Medina

I had been wearing braces for the better part of my life, to no great advantage. To be honest, my teeth seemed to be in the worst condition than they had ever been before. I had been instructed not to use retainers. For almost a decade, I was living with crooked teeth which greatly affected my looks and also my confidence. As I had nothing to lose, I decided to give the Smile Direct Club a shot, and I am so happy that I did. The entire experience was so smooth and effective that it just left me thanking my stars. I am also much impressed by their teeth whitener which seems to be highly effective. Have patience for six months, and you will have the smile and confidence you have been craving for years.(Review by Silvia Medina)

Sara Gray

I had been reading a lot of the Smile Direct Club Reviews and been quite excited at trying it out for myself. However, the experience was not quite so smooth for me. I should admit that the cost is very reasonable and I did not have to make many adjustments for availing the services. However, the Smile Direct Club rejected my impression molds a number of times saying they were not properly taken. Since I was getting it done all by myself, the process was rather inconvenient for me. However, I am currently in the fourth month of wearing my aligners, and some results have started to show. I am glad that my efforts and money did not go down the drain. I am excited to see the final results.(Review by Sara Gray)

Willie Curtis

My results with Smile Direct Club have been simply amazing. I had been trying out various treatment options for a very long time and never saw any remarkable improvements. I was at a point where I had completely given up on the hopes of having straight teeth and then Smile Direct can along. The prices were quite reasonable. So I made an order right away. I should say it was the best decision I ever made. Within just eight months, my teeth were perfectly aligned and dazzling white. The experience was like a dream come true, and I would recommend this to all the interested folks.(Review by Willie Curtis)

Clint Mitchell

My treatment with the Smile Direct Club is still going on, and I am currently in the fourth month. I had been given a set of 9 different trays. So far, the results have been amazing, and I just cannot wait till the treatment plan is completed. It has been a wonderful experience for me so far, especially after I was so doubtful due of the low price.(Review by Clint Mitchel)

Isaac Walsh

After seeing so many Smile Direct Club Reviews flooding the internet, I decided to try it out for myself and checked in for a 3D scan. Following that, I had to wait for a rather long time till I got my aligners. When I called up the customer care, I was told that I would receive them in a week, which didn’t happen. However, they did come later, and I have now completed the entire treatment process. I am rather pleased with the results but would like to confess that Smile Direct Club would do good with a little more sense of organization into their working system.(Review by Isaac Walsh)

Will you be Covered by Insurance?

Smile Direct Club does not take direct payments from insurance companies even though your dental insurance covers the cost. You will first be required to buy the aligners and later receive the reimbursements. However, this will not be a very big hassle as the service provider walks you through the entire process. They even provide all the necessary forms, and you will have very little to do. Since the Smile Direct Club receives payments through FSA and HSA plans, it can help offset the cost while purchasing the aligners.


The services provided by Smile Direct Club tend to be a lot cheaper as compared to other dental care services. They use a set of aligners, all of which are made from clear BPA free plastic. This can make the treatment process quite convenient for people who may not feel comfortable wearing the traditional wire braces in public. You may have to wear a retainer for a long time afterward. However, the retainer is only to be worn at night while sleeping and does not cause any inconveniences like glue on the tooth, which is bound to happen with other braces. Furthermore, the treatment process is very quick and effective and lasts for only 6 to 10 months. Taking into consideration all these factors as well as the Smile Direct Club Reviews, the services provided by the Smile Direct Club can be ideal for anyone looking to have a smooth journey to a wonderful smile.

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