4 Things You Need To Know Before Getting a Spray Tan

4 Things You Need To Know Before Getting a Spray Tan: Summer means hot weather, and that means fewer clothes and more sun exposure. Some may get a good natural tan during this season, but it doesn’t work for everyone. In this modern age, no one waits for natural tanning anyway, when there are several other options out there. It’s 2019, and a lot of people have started to use spray tans, to avoid that red shade. If you have also decided to get a spray tan, do not just jump right in. Here are a few things you must know before you finally get into that spray booth.

Spray Tan

Do Not Forget To Exfoliate: Exfoliating your entire body is very important before getting a spray tan. This will help you get rid of the dead skin cells and will also smoothen the dry patches of your skin. Spray on tan can leave you with patches with an uneven tone in case you do not exfoliate. Dead cells fall off naturally from your skin, but it takes more than 15 days for that, and you need to go in fresh for the tan. After exfoliating, you will have a smooth skin that will absorb the spray properly, and you will get a beautiful one tone tan.

Wax Before the Spray Tan: Make sure that you wax or shave before your tanning appointment. Even if you have very tiny hair, you still need to wax or shave them. If you get a spray tan with even a bit of stubble, it will not last as long as it should. Because the hair will get in the way, and once you remove them, the tan will weaken. Going unwaxed can also build up a tan spray around hair follicles. That is why you should wax all the hair on the body completely using your favorite waxing product before getting the spray.

Do Not Apply Lotion before the Tan: If you are in the habit of using lotion daily, you should know that before you go for the tan, you cannot have any lotion on your body. Once you have already exfoliated, just leave your body in the same state and do not put any kind of moisturizer until after you have got the tan. Moisturizes can build a wall between the skin and the spray, and this can result in uneven tanning. The same goes for makeup as well, do not put on any makeup products if you want to get the best results.

Wear Loose Clothing: Make sure that you do not wear any tight clothes when you are going for your appointment because when you are coming back, you do not want to mess up the fresh spray with tight clothing. The clothes can rub with your skin and can take off the spray tan. Also, do not even think of wearing white clothing, it will easily catch the color, and your dress will get ruined. Do not wear boots either, as they can also mess up the tan on your feet. You can wear anything that does not rub on your skin and is very light in weight.

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