5 Ways a Style Advisor can Help Build Your Dream Wardrobe

Unless you’re a professional stylist, you probably aren’t aware that the clothes you own can do as much for your mental outlook as they can for your appearance.

Indeed, though you might not realize it yet, clothes can be so much more than just, well, clothes.

There’s real science behind the effects of dressing in attire that is pleasing to you.

In fact, studies have shown that how you dress can directly impact how you feel, how well you interact with others, and even influence how you see the world.

So, before brushing off the idea of a styling specialist, ask yourself if you could benefit not only from a dream wardrobe but the feel-good effects of having one.

5 Ways a Style Advisor can Help Build Your Dream Wardrobe

5 Ways a Style Advisor can Help Build Your Dream Wardrobe

If you answered YES, read on to learn five ways a style advisor can help you build your dream wardrobe.

1. A Style Advisor Helps You Clarify What To Wear:

When you work with a style advisor, you start to learn more about your personal style and what it entails.

By getting a general look at the kinds of clothing items you like, your style advisor will have some direction on where to find the best clothes for your style.

Together, you will declutter your closet and give away all the clothing items that no longer serve you. What you’ll have left are the items you love.

Consider what is leftover to be your foundation or your starting point for building the rest of your dream wardrobe.

2. A Style Advisor Will Help You Gain Confidence:

By working with a style advisor, you’ll be asked to try different clothing items and styles that you may not have considered before.

You’ll start to take yourself seriously and ditch the negative self-talk that you couldn’t possibly pull a particular outfit off by seeing how seriously your stylist is considering how something will look on you.

As you gain confidence, your appetite for fashion will grow, and you’ll develop tastes for new trends and want to amplify the ones you already love.

3. A Style Advisor Knows How To Arrange Clothing:

If you have a handful of items you love, your style advisor will know how to piece them together to form dream outfits.

Your stylist will also think of any missing pieces or final touches so you can rest easy, knowing your wardrobe will leave you dressed to impress.

After learning their styling methods, you can go on to create your own outfits and add to your dream wardrobe over time.

4. A Style Advisor Finds Luxury Clothing For Cheap:

Your style advisor will know how to find the best clothes for less. Using vintage and resale stores to find luxury goods, your wardrobe will be chock-full of expensive garments, practically straight off the runway.

You’ll learn how to invest in quality pieces like suede belts and leather jackets that will last you a lifetime! Pretty soon, these go-to items will become some of your most cherished wardrobe staples.

5. A Style Advisor Encourages Accessories:

Half of the battle of creating a good wardrobe is knowing how to style your clothes with shoes and accessories.

Your style advisor will know the best accessories and footwear to go with each of your outfits so you can really play up your new clothes. If you’re lucky, you might even learn the many complex ways of folding a scarf!

You’ll also gain confidence trying out accessories that you’ve pushed aside until now. Maybe you’re a barrette person after all!

If you need more convincing on hiring a style advisor, here are some additional reasons why getting style help is such a great idea for your fashion life.

A Style Advisor Uses Fashion To Showcase Inner Beauty

The objective of a stylist is to bring out a client’s inner beauty. The art of fashion is to bring out the person behind the clothes.

Some artists paint on canvas, and others paint with fashion!

Finding ways to pair clothes that symbolize your personality, interests, and outlook is all possible with a thoughtful stylist dedicated to their craft.

A Style Advisor Includes Basic Staples

When you’re trying to create the perfect wardrobe, without the help of a stylist, it is easy to forget to include those basic wardrobe staples that most outfits desperately need.

From neutral tanks and tees to blue jeans and ballet flats, they’ll get everything covered so you can focus on the more complex items that you want to include in your dream wardrobe.

A Style Advisor Will Help Balance Your Style

Your style advisor will know how to find the happy medium between runway fashion and everyday fashion.

Some of us go overboard without professional guidance and show up to work in fur coats and oversized sunglasses.

To avoid such fashion mistakes, let your advisor guide you towards a middle ground so you can blend runway fashion with casual, everyday trends.

A Style Advisor Knows Which Colors Will Highlight You

Your style advisor can also clue you in on which colors and tones are best for your skin tone and eye color and coordinate these colors to go with the seasons.

Some style advisors take things a step further and match client wardrobes to regionally-based trends. For example, a stylist might pair skinny jeans with kitten heels in Los Angeles and winter boots in New England.

These regional trends will be considered alongside your fashion style so that the uniqueness you crave for your dream wardrobe is always incorporated into the mix.

Create Your Wardrobe With A Little Push

With the help of a professional style advisor, you can build your dream wardrobe without breaking the bank.

You’ll learn how to shop for luxury items at affordable rates, pair outfits with accessories, and develop the self-confidence you need to try different trends.

Try Something New: Work With A Style Advisor!

To get the wardrobe that you’ve always wanted, get started working with a style advisor who can point you in the right direction. Try something new!

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