10 Style Tips for the Hot and Humid Summer

Between the long days and bright sunshine, summer is arguably the best season of the year, but as with anything, it’s not completely without flaws! The heat and humidity can be draining and make dressing up for summer activities feel like a chore. Thankfully, though, there are ways to prepare for the warm weather without sacrificing your style.

Style tips for hot and humid summer

From stocking up on cute skirts in breathable fabrics to finishing your look with sparkly hair accessories, here are 10 style tips for the hot and humid summers.


When you’re planning out your outfits for the dog days of summer, fit and fabric are probably the two most important features to think about. While there are time and a place for tight leather pants, this is not it.

1. Lightweight, breathable fabrics in solid colors will help you from getting too sticky in the heat.

When you’re shopping for your summer fashion staples, be mindful of what they’re made of. Check the tags for breathable fabrics like cotton or linen, which can even help wick moisture away. Black and white disguise sweat marks rather nicely, while heather gray can be a little riskier.

2. Opt for silhouettes that graze over your body without being too form-fitting.

When the temperature’s hot, try to avoid clothing that’s so tight it causes your thighs to rub together or requires a layer or two of shapewear. Instead, pick cute skirts and tops that are looser and flowier.

3. Instant outfits like dresses and rompers make for easy (and stylish!) solutions when it’s too hot to even think.

You know those days when it’s so sticky and you’re so sweaty that you can’t focus on your TV screen, let alone what you’re planning to wear for the day? Have a few flowy dresses and cute rompers on hand for when you’re inevitably faced with a few of them this year. You can simply pull one out from the closet and walk out the door looking adorably on-trend with literally zero effort.


Your accessories can make or break an outfit, but it’s important to think about both fashion and function when it comes to your summertime choices of shoes, bags, and jewelry.

4. Choose comfortable shoes that you can stand, dance and walk home in if you have to.

No matter what your plans are, your feet can get quite sweaty in the summertime, so it’s important to choose shoes that fit properly and don’t rub against your skin. For a little extra safety, sprinkle a bit of baby powder into your shoes before heading out the door.

5. Sneakers are really trendy for the summer and can be dressy enough for date night, too.

Crisp, white sneakers look cool and fresh and are a comfortable alternative to flip flops or sandals. Wear a pair of absorbent socks underneath if you can to help avoid blisters.

6. Keep your jewelry to a minimum since too many layering pieces can feel heavy on your skin.

While layered jewelry is definitely stylish, wearing a ton of thick chains around your neck can feel really uncomfortable. Earrings are a great option to try instead.

7. If you don’t have much to carry, consider bags that keep your hands free.

The fanny pack used to be a taboo accessory, but it’s back in style in a big way. When you feel like there would be nothing worse than having a sticky leather strap weighing down on your shoulders, consider a belt bag!


There’s nothing worse than when you spend the entire afternoon straightening your hair, only to have it fluff up the minute you walk out the door! When you’re styling your hair in the summertime, especially on hot and humid days, less is usually more.

8. Work with your natural texture to avoid the dreaded humidity halo.

Fighting your natural hair texture when the humidity is high can be a recipe for disaster. The easiest way to keep your locks looking like you intentionally styled them that way is to work with what you’ve got. If you have curls, put in some curling cream for moisture, but don’t brush or straighten them. If your hair is naturally pin-straight, don’t take out the hot rollers when you know the bend won’t hold.

9. Braids, buns, and ponytails are your BFFs on days when you can’t bear to have your hair on your shoulders.

Some days, the heat is really too much to handle. If you absolutely can’t stand feeling yourself start to sweat underneath your hair, consider it time to watch some new updo tutorials on YouTube. A few bobby pins and a spritz of hairspray are all you need to create a sophisticated hairstyle, without relying on hot tools.

10. Dress up a simple hairdo with a constellation of sparkly hair accessories.

Summer is the perfect season to play with shimmery accessories for two big reasons: They help keep your hair off your face and really dazzle in the sunshine. Whether it’s some bobby pins you place along your part or a silky cushioned headband, there are so many ways to tie your look together with some trendy hair accessories.

Stay Cool While Looking Hot

If you aren’t dressed appropriately for the weather, those last few weeks of the season can end up being brutally sticky and unpleasant, but there are many ways you can stay both stylish and comfortable. With a few careful fabric choices and strategically placed hairpins, you can stay cool while looking adorable–no matter how hot and humid it gets this summer.

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